A Step-by-Step Guide on How to write The Perfect Research Paper

Given below are some steps and suggestions to help you write the ultimate research paper:

Step 1: Pick a topic

When selecting a topic, search for something that meets these criteria:

  • Is the subject appealing to me?
  • If you are not interested in your topic, you will likely bore your reader too. Choose a new and exciting topic, something that isn’t overworked.
  • Is there adequate information available on this subject?
  • Is the knowledge on this subject accessible in different formats (i.e. the internet, newspapers, reference books, pamphlets, etc.)? Note: if the information is in an abundant amount, you will have to narrow it down or restrict your topic.
  • Is it refined and relevant enough to meet my teacher’s expectations?

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Research Papers Online

Academic papers are quintessential for students at every level. They are used as assessments of students’ understanding of subjects taught during class and also to examine them in other different areas. Oftentimes your paper research writing assignments will contribute to the final score at the end of the year. Therefore, it is in your best interest to ace all your papers, and the following do’s and don’ts can help you achieve that.

When you write your paper, some of the most important things that you should consider to improve the quality include:

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Writing Service Tips – Ways to Choose a Good Writer

Every content writer is not the right pick for your business. Content writing is such a broad domain of writing that contains multiple areas. It can be produced for magazines, websites, newsletters, company brochures, emails, and profiles. Choosing good writers for your writing service complicates things even more as it can be for majorly distinct industries like finance, hospitality, or medical industries.

For this purpose, it is essential to know a little more about the writer you want to employ before you hire them so you can have the best paper writing service possible. This article will shine a light on some ways to choose the suitable writer for your business.

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Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions Essay Example

Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions

Tambu holds a lot of bitterness towards her brother Nhamo. Her resentment is so high to the extent that when he died in 1968, she did not feel sorry. Moreover, her anger can be attributed to not only the family she was born in but also the Shona social traditions. She has grown jealous of her brother due to the way his father treats him. When an opportunity came by for either of them to go and study in a mission school, her father chose Nhamo instead of her (Moyana 28). Besides, her father not setting aside money to take her to school makes her even bitterer about not only her brother but also the father.

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Rideshare Companies Such As Uber in Vancouver, BC Essay Example

Introduction of Rideshare Companies Such As Uber in Vancouver, BC

In the period between May and November 2012, residents of Vancouver were treated to a special taxi experience by Uber. For the first time, the Vancouver residents got a taste of ride-sharing during these five months. However, their joy was short-lived because the company that had brought this service to Vancouver (Uber), halted its operations citing conflicts with authorities about ride prices. Since then, there has been a heated debate about the introduction of rideshare cab services in the wider province of British Columbia that also covers Vancouver. The main areas of contention being customer safety and unfair competition. Rideshare companies should be authorized to operate in Vancouver, BC, with a unique set of legislation because this service comes with many benefits including making transport more affordable and accessible for city residents.+

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It May Not Work In Politics Essay Example

It May Not Work In Politics

Congressional ethics:

In November 2010, Representative Charles Rangel was found guilty by the Congressional committee on ethics of 11 ethics violations. The violations were related to his fundraising efforts for a college in New York and his personal finances (Kane, 2010). In one of the 11 violations, he is said to have improperly used his congressional staff and official letterhead to raise money from corporate chief executives and charities for a wing in his honor in a New York College (Newman, 2010).

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‘As Good As It Gets’ Psychological Review Essay Example

‘As Good As It Gets’ Psychological Review

Psychological conditions can detrimentally affect the life of an individual. Such conditions influence how a person interacts with others as well as the quality of life. There are numerous different movie depictions of psychological disorder. However, Oscar winner Jack Nicholson provides one of the greatest performances in the 1997 psychological drama, ‘As Good as It Gets.” Thus, based on this backdrop, this paper provides a psychological review of the movie’s protagonist Melvin Udall.

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Transnational Crime in Taiwan

Transnational Crime in Taiwan


Globalization promoted the movement of people, goods, services, and images across borders. However, it also created new opportunities for the occurrence of crime. Globalization is touted to have made crime a transnational problem unlike how it previously was as a local challenge. The United Nations lists 18 types of transnational organized crimes. The crimes include money laundering, terrorist activities, cultural goods, and art theft, theft of intellectual property rights, illegal arms smuggling, hijacking, piracy, insurance fraud, cybercrime, environmental crime, Human organ trade, illicit drug trafficking, bankruptcy fraud, infiltration of legitimate business organizations, corruption and bribery of public or political party officials, and other crimes committed by organized criminal groups. The effects of transnational organized crimes involve more than one country. A few persons perpetrate transnational crimes. However, the activities related to “transnational organized crime” are the emphasis of transnational crime.

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Importance of Ethics in a Public Administration Setting Essay Example

Importance of Ethics in a Public Administration Setting

Public administration is directly responsible for the welfare of a country’s citizens. While the administration may be vested by a lot of autonomy to work on the best interests of the people, its bureaucratic behavior is guided by values. These are usually referred to as administrative service ethics or the principles and standards of conduct for public servants. The administrative service principles ensure that there is accountability between the administration and the people through adherence to a code of ethics that ensures these people are treated fairly and accorded the resources they need. Hence, the principles create a situation where people trust the administration since it is already established to work with integrity. Understanding this trust ensures the public believes that the public administration has its interests in mind. In order to demonstrate the important role played by the public administration ethics, this paper will critique the articles “Servant Leadership and Public Administration” and “Ethical Choice Making” to determine the role that ethics plays to solve financial problems in the public sector and how it affects the process of ethical decision making.

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Personal Leadership Plan Essay Example

Personal Leadership Plan

1.0 Introduction

Personal leadership plans are innovative tools that can help an individual to refine and direct his or her actions to achieve specific career goals. The tool allows individuals to shape their professional future by allowing them to develop certain traits that they deem essential for leaders in their careers. Such goals need to adhere to the SMART goal approach by utilizing the character traits of the individual. This paper provides a personal leadership plan that highlights my goal to be an effective leader using integrity and empowerment as I seek to become a leader who leads by example.

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