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In the recent past, numerous developments have been made in the field of project management. These changes have been necessitated by the need to guarantee that investments do not go to waste. The changes have also been necessitated by the need to avoid delays that often lead to loss of clients within any industry. Project management is the application of methods, processes, skills and experience to achieve certain goals and objectives of a given project. In this essay, I identified a given project and applied the various project procurement processes that were mentioned in the PMBOK. These procurement processes include planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing of the project (Morris & Pinto, 2010). The project that I identified is the construction of a dual carriage between two cities in the United States.  In project management, one of the most vital aspects is project procurement. It involves purchasing and delivering the various components that are required for a given project. It involves acquiring services and products from outside sources that gradually allow the completion of a project.

Procurement Management Processes
The knowledge in this area involves four core concepts. These concepts include planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing of the procurement process. In the construction of the road, it is important that these four concepts are applied so as to ensure that the goals of the project are achieved. Some of the goals include, completion of the project in time, minimization of the costs, undertaking the project with significant quality, and meeting the needs of the respective stakeholders of the project under consideration.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In any activity that an organization undertakes, it is always important to ensure that there is a plan. The plan offers the framework of the various activities that will be implemented towards the completion of the project. The process involves development of the procurement management plan. This becomes the guide for the framework of all the processes to be undertaken. In the construction project in question, the plan will involve estimating the time frame of the project. These steps will be implemented in phases at different times within a four year period. The plan must have two types of orientations including cost orientation and schedule orientation (Lock, 2013). For the project to be finished with the four years, all stakeholders must provide the relevant. In procurement management, the plan must detail the various stages when procurement of resources must be made. These stages include the purchase of excavation machines and any other heavy machinery that will be required during the construction of the road. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The planning also involves identification of the contractors that will provide the materials and various items for the construction project. These are organizations that provide the various goods and services. Services here include identifying firms that can provide employees and grounds men who will be charged with the responsibilities and duties of constructing the road. Another process that may be undertaken in this step is comparing the various prices and costs for the relevant goods that the construction of the road will require. This is the most important step in the procurement program since it determines whether the construction program will be completed on time and whether the associated costs will be in line with the budget that was made in the first place by the local authorities. In procurement management, professionals charged with these tasks need to be tentative since it may lead to increased costs and this may make the project to lack feasibility.

Execution is the second step that is undertaken in the procurement management process. It involves conducting the procurements for the goods and services that will be required for the project. Execution needs to be undertaken in an orderly manner since it has a direct impact on the cost and the time frame towards the completion of the project (Eglin, 2013). In the construction of the road, there are several procurement processes that may be implemented in the future to ensure that the project is completed within the assigned timeline. The first step would be to write to the vendors of various goods and services that are required for the construction of the road. Writing to the vendors would require them to offer their prices and costs for the various goods and services. The next step would be to obtain the seller responses. These responses would be in the form of various price lists and quotations that would help the construction firm to understand how much the project would cost.

The procurement team should then select the seller who offers the best price for the identified goods and services. Such selection must be based on the price and the quality of the goods and services to be delivered. The selection must also be free from bias or corruption. The selection should also be in line with the ability by the vendors to deliver the selected goods and services on time. Once the sellers and vendors have been selected, the organization must go a step further and start awarding the contracts. These contracts should have legal ramification so that when the vendor fails to deliver the requested goods and services on time, the construction company may sue for damages. Such contracts also mean that the vendors are at all times under obligation to respect the terms agreed on (Project Management Institute. 2013). The contracts also play a huge role in ensuring that the project is completed within the assigned time frame.

Monitoring and Controlling
In project management, monitoring and control is an activity that is undertaken by the management. Such monitoring has two major goals that it tries to assess. The first goal is to ensure that the project is being undertaken in line with the time schedule. In the construction of the road in the case, the construction company must assess that various stages indicate that the road has been build according to the plan. The second goal is related to the cost of the project. At each stage, the management must ensure that the completion and progress of the road is in line with the projected costs. It is also an important aspect since the management can assess the quality of the road and what changes may need to be implemented in the future. Another process that may be integrated in this step is the management of procurement relationships. These relationships must at all times be healthy so as to ensure that the road is completed within the stipulated timeline. The management may also ensure that the vendors are paid appropriately as their contract suggests.

The construction company may also monitor the performance of the contracts that have been entered into between the vendors and the construction company. Vendors ought to perform on their contracts if the project is to be completed within the planned time frame and under the relevant costs. Failure to monitor the performance of the contracts would mean that the cost of the project would escalate and this would lead to loss of resources and other investments that were made by the state authorities towards building the road. Monitoring also helps identify several loopholes that may exist in the road construction project. These may be issues that could have detrimental impacts on the completion of the project and the associated costs. Once these flaws are identified, managers can make recommendations and corrective measures that can easily ensure that the risks and uncertainties associated with the project are significantly reduced in the coming future. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This is the final stage of the project procurement process. It involves closing all the relevant procurement processes that had been started in the first place. The deliverables from the sellers and vendors also takes place in this step. The construction company and the different vendors come to a conclusion on the various types of settlements that have underlined the length of the contract. An important process that may be undertaken during this stage is assessing whether the initial goals of the project procurement process have been reached. Achievement of these goals determines the measures that may be applied by the organization in the future constructions. It also aims at assessing whether the time schedule and the cost constraints have been made during the construction of the road.

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The Advantages of Implementing a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax

The ever increasing consumption of sugar sweetened beverages has become a serious health concern in America and elsewhere.  As Roberta Friedman and Kelly Brownell note in their policy brief on sugar sweetened beverage taxes, “rigorous scientific studies have shown that consumption of SSBs contributes to poor diet, and risk for obesity, diabetes and a number of other serious health problems” (Friedman & Brownell, 2012).  It’s obvious that some form of action must be taken to reduce these negative impacts.  Many policy makers have proposed implementing a tax on soda and other similar beverages that “are inexpensive, abundant, high in calories, deliver little to no nutrition, and appeal to our taste for sweetness” (Friedman & Brownell, 2012).  Proponents note that the funds raised from proposed taxes could be used to subsidize healthy foods in addition to discouraging consumption of unhealthy beverages, increasing the appeal of this solution to policy makers. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]The increased price of sugar sweetened beverages would likely also create a demand for healthier alternatives, which could have a significant impact on the current market (Friedman & Brownell, 2012).  Not everyone agrees that imposing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages is an appropriate measure to take.  Natalie Riediger also compares it to cigarette taxes in Canada, but notes that decreased tobacco consumption was not uniform.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay] According to Riediger, many individuals of higher socioeconomic status have either quit smoking cigarettes or failed to start smoking cigarettes since the implementation of the tax; however, populations of lower socioeconomic status failed to see similar results.  This places the tax burden on the shoulders of the lower class, without offering this population similar benefits (Riediger, n.d.).  In response to this commonly made argument Friedman and Brownell point out that obesity also “disproportionately hurts poor and minority populations,” who also stand to benefit from potential programs that could be established using the tax revenue to which they would be contributing.  Buhler et al note that the implementation of a sugar sweetened beverage tax would have to occur in conjunction with other public health policy changes in order to be effective (Buhler et al, 2013).  Taking into account that currently disenfranchised populations have much to gain from nutritional health programs and other public policy changes that could be funded with the tax money, a sugar sweetened beverage tax appears to be universally beneficial rather than unfairly discriminatory.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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Without doubt, each and every day is an opportunity for us to learn. Undeniably, knowledge about what we can do better and where we need improvements can assist us in becoming admirable people (Jones & Loftus, 2009). Notably, just like any other person, I have personal strengths and weaknesses which help to define who I am and my individuality. In addition, in my life I have met threats and opportunities which have helped to shape my life in a positive manner. In other words, knowing about myself has helped me to use my strengths and opportunities to deal with my weaknesses and overcome my threats.
In particular, one of my greatest strengths is that I am not only open minded person but also very understanding. To clarify, I am a good listener and I pay attention to people problems where I try to put myself in their shoes. Consequently, this has helped to improve my relationship with my friends and fellow students because I try as much as possible to sympathize with them and be compassionate through helping them where I can. Moreover, I am an honest person and I find hard to tell lies and working in areas where there is no transparency. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

As a matter of fact, my strengths have not only helped me in my personal life but also in my careers. In other words, I have used my understanding, listening and reasonable nature to help me connect with different people while working in the human services fields. In addition, the fact that I am a processor in nature has helped me to come up with good and informed decisions during stressful times (Jones & Loftus, 2009). To illustrate, I am able to generate competent answers to the class discussion boards using my decision making and processing strengths. Equally important, I am able to perform well in my assignments through interviewing my neighbor by aid of my listening strengths, which has helped me to advance in my career.

On the contrary, the fact that I have several strengths does not mean I do not have weaknesses. As a matter of fact, people are different and each individual has a certain uniqueness about him or/ herself and hence it is of rational importance to not only focus on our strengths but also on our weaknesses (Rampersad, 2009). Of course, this helps to know the areas where we need improvements and strengthening. Precisely, I need to improve on my decision making speed because most of the time I take too much time before making a final decisions on my personal and professional issues. Indeed, this slows me down and it may have a negative effect on my career. With this in mind, I intend to focus more on managing my time to help me not to take too much time on a specific thing than necessary. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Furthermore, I have a weakness of not turning a blind eye to a person who needs my help. In some cases, where I can’t help a person I usually take the issue with me which is not good for my school work because it affects my concentration. To tackle this weakness, I intend to try as much as possible to help those I can and pray for those I can’t because it is not possible to help everyone in this diverse world (Rampersad, 2009). Moreover, I have noted that I blend in with the crowd instead of standing out and I can be impulsive at times. In this line, I need to focus more on what I believe in rather than following the crowd as well as think decision through rather than using my instinct to make them.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Nevertheless, I have had several opportunities in life which include a chance to be in a team at work that I collaborate with to make decisions. Indeed, being in a team has helped me to improve on personal qualities such as problem solving techniques and also my leadership skills. Moreover, continuing my education has enabled me to acquire more knowledge to advance in my career. Most importantly, my life experiences have shaped me and I have become a more understanding as well as a caring person.
Despite these opportunities, I face several threats in life. For example, I have faced a lot of competition from my fellow human service workers who also want to advance in their career. In addition, I fear that my impulsive nature might force me to make a drastic decision which I may live to regret. Furthermore, the fact that there are other people similar to me out there means that I have to be careful not to blend with the crowd.

In conclusion, it is important for everyone to conduct his or her own personal SWOT analysis. This has rational importance in someone’s life because it gives insights on the strengths and opportunities in a person’s life (Rampersad, 2009). Equally important, this helps one to build on his or her strengths and opportunities to deal with weaknesses and threats in his or her life, which has a positive impact not only on one’s life but also on lives of others who are close to him or her.

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Research Review
Social media plays a vital role in marketing and businesses have mastered the art of using digital marketing. Technology offers all businesses, regardless of size the chance to reach their target customers and even expand to newer locations. Currently, social media presence is not just important for businesses to reach their target customers but also remain competitive in the market. Some of the common platforms through which companies can maintain their social media presence include Facebook and Twitter among many others (Morton, 2016). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]Companies now have the chance to explore foreign markets with the advances made in technology.

A strong media presence ensures that a company has a strong brand presence. Studies show that 64 percent of businesses have found the establishment of brand presence to have an effect on boosting their fan base. In addition to making businesses have a strong presence, it also guarantees exposure. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]The exposure applies to both the company and its target population. For instance, a company could keep up with current trends by constantly monitoring the social presence of its clients. The strong social media presence of a company enables it to provide customer care services (Morton, 2016). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.] Many clients or customers might have queries on the provided products and services. With a strong social media presence, such persons should be able to get feedback in the most convenient time. Traffic and marketing are equally important for sales in any company. With social media, companies will find it simpler to market provided they find the platforms with the highest traffic. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are ranked as the most popular social media sites. This means that companies could find a huge potential of clients through such platforms. This means that the social media presence would make it easier for companies to market their services and products.

Morton, L. (2016, April 24). Why is a social media presence important for business? Retrieved October 29, 2016, from Place North West:


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Market segmentation is a business concept that entails the division of the general market of a product into consumer subsets, which are made up of individuals who share similar preferences. Segmentation demands the diversification of the marketing strategy to succinctly address the various needs of the different clients in the market. Companies that engage the market segmentation framework respond to the knowledge that two different individuals cannot a-priori share similar preferences.

McDonald’s comprises one of the major global companies in the world today. The company engages market segmentation in the extension of its services to its large client base. The market segmentation metric engaged by the McDonald’s corporation is age. Essentially, the company extends different advertisements at different times with the intent of capturing the curiosity of individuals who project different ages in the society. McDonald’s company has the Ronald McDonald’s advertisements which majorly target the children. The company also has the quick breakfast advertisements which are intended for the adult customers of the corporation. Therefore, the company engages the psychographic approach to appeal to its diverse customer base.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Despite the efficiency of the strategy, there is a need to assess four factors before engaging market segmentation. Firstly, there is a need for the clear identification of the segment to be engaged (Recklies, 2015). Likewise, there is a need for the determination and measurement of the effective size. Accessibility comprises the next factor. The last factor is addressed by the appropriateness of the strategy to the company’s resources and policies. McDonald’s company, through the different advertisements, responds to the diverse nature its customers. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]Essentially, one advert clearly targets children while the other targets adult. This is reflective of the clear identification factor. Alternatively, McDonald’s adverts can reach multiple households at once which was inspired by the successful measurement of the effective size. Likewise, the adverts, given that they are projected over the television, embody accessibility. The advertisements are appropriate given that they are family oriented. Furthermore, given its large revenue reserve, McDonald’s can financially support the initiative.

Recklies, D. (2015, February 8). Market Segmentation – Why is it Important? Retrieved October 12, 2016, from The Manager.Org


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Podcast Assignment #1: “On Being: Astonished by the Human Comedy”

This episode of the podcast On Being, features writer Mary Karr discussing her conversion to Catholicism late in life. This conversion was prompted by her choice to become sober. Karr largely credits her faith for her ability to remain sober. This prompted my consideration regarding the spiritual nature of many recovery programs popular in the United States. The most well-known of these programs is Alcoholics’ Anonymous. The founders of AA were concerned that the Biblical roots of their program would minimize its popularity. However, Christianity is ubiquitous in the United States and doesn’t appear to be a barrier for many recovering addicts. Rather, the concept of spiritual awakening and rebirth inherent in religion-based recovery programs has a strong appeal to those working to attain and maintain their sobriety.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


The co-founders of Alcoholics’ Anonymous, Bob Smith and Bill Wilson were members of a Christian sect that originally called itself the Oxford Group. In the 1930s, this revivalist group was considered by many akin to a cult and its founder was accused of targeting the wealthy when attempting to acquire converts (Szalavitz, 2010). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]Smith and Wilson based their recovery program around a 12-step program that had a clearly Biblical foundation. However, even in the beginning, they worked to separate Alcoholics’ Anonymous from its Christian roots. Complete separation was not possible and AA is still considered a religion-based program whose success relies heavily on spiritual awakening.

The co-founders’ feared that a religious recovery program would lack wide enough appeal. In the United States, it is illegal to mandate treatment that is religious in any way and the law often encompasses spirituality as well. For this reason, courts cannot mandate treatment programs involving or revolving around Alcoholics’ Anonymous. Despite the co-founders’ efforts, AA remains inextricably linked to its Christian roots. While the religious components of the program may turn some people away from it, the foundation in Biblical beliefs and the very concept of spiritual awakening are often exactly what attract those seeking to attain and retain their sobriety. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Karr, M. (2016, October 13). Astonished by the human comedyOn Being.

Szalavitz, M. (2010, September 23). How religion was edited out of AA’s Bible: Early ‘Big Book’ manuscript soon to be published. Time.com.


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Having vanished bout of the football scene since the 90`s the idea of return of the Rams was a foregone conclusion. However, Southern California residents and Rams fans had a reason to cheer after the announcement of the LA Rams’ return to their home base. According to Booker (2016), this was marked by the sale of 63,000 out of 70,000 at the beginning of this years’ season (2016). The need to advance their marketing is evident since LA is the largest entertainment city that holds four other NFL teams. The challenge lies in the fact that all the teams hold matches during the same fall and winter seasons, thus getting fans to change their passion and loyalty will require the Rams to devise unique marketing techniques by targeting a younger fan base that may still be neutral regarding sports teams.  Los Angeles has a very competitive market in regards to entertainment. It holds four football teams not to mention the musical concert and cultural events. The Rams should be consistent with their performance as a fail would see them experience a dip in attendance and overall fan base. Besides the NFL games are not cheap and the fans want to spend money on solid products. The purpose of this paper is to identify marketing methods that will assist the LA Rams to improve their sales and overall fan base. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Marketing Strategy
The Rams marketing executives should employ the four ‘Ps’:  pricing, promotion, product and placement/ distribution to reach a larger fan base while improving their ticket sales (Chen, 2016). However, for the ‘four Ps’ to work the marketing team should first perform an analysis on the Consumer, LA Rams as a company and the current competition. They should identify the target consumer and, ways to market to them while determining what the RAMs vision and mission are. Finally, they should perform SWOT analysis on their competitors. Through this, they can come up with concrete strategies of maintaining their fan base while acquiring new ones.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Promotion goes hand in hand with the advertisement process, and in this case, the marketing team should mix traditional (TV, print), Guerilla (street marketing) and, modern forms of promotion such as social media. More so they should develop strategies on where to promote as LA is a large ‘basin’ consisting of several counties while also reaching out to external markets such as San Diego and San Bernardino. In addition, LA Rams marketers should make use of the geographic information system (ArcGIS) in defining and reaching customers in their geographic domains (Chen, 2016). The LA Rams have collaborated with several organizations in a bid to promote their service. For instance, Uber does delivery of ordered Rams merchandise: jerseys, T-shirts, and helmets to LA resident (Abrams, 2016).

Going to an NFL game is not a walk in the park. The ticket price starts at $80 for cheap seats while factoring other expenses such as parking and drinks. Thus, for the young people who lack finances to attend, the marketing team should focus on their parents for the family package. The Rams should make the fans feel that they are getting their money’s worth by performing tours throughout the southwestern parts of the United States. While at this, they should include some away games such as “Rams Family Day” at the Los Angeles Memorial Museum, and non-football events such as sponsorship with local brands, community fairs, charities, and education and health programs. In addition, collaboration with athletic gear and shoe companies, which would, in turn, benefit the consumers.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

For centuries now, football is viewed as a masculine sport. However, recent studies show that it has an increasing popularity among the female fans. This presents an excellent opportunity where the marketers could structure a football education program paired with wine tasting to reach the female fan base in a bid to provide them with information on the game such as plays, equipment, and penalties (Lenstrom, 2002). This action goes a long ways in cementing their trust and loyalty to the Rams.

In order to generate additional revenues, construction of the new NFL stadium should include other entertainment options such as music concerts, business seminars, conferences, office spaces, hotel rooms while providing ample public and private parking spaces for all types of audience and groups. This maximizes return on investment in the building.

LA being an entirely new market, LA Rams management should remain consistent in their marketing campaign, as the bulk of millennial consumers have zero attachment to the team since it comprises of members who are unknown to them because the team moved away before they were born. Thus, special management must be employed for the RAMs to overcome the odd of being back in L.A. To conquer the market that is flooded by many competitors; musical concerts to the teams that have a solid base In L.A is important.

Reaching the youth is the key to forming a large fan base. Therefore, the RAMs through management’s instruction should pay a visit to schools while hosting youth camps for the school’s football teams. In addition, the RAMs management should come up with a mentorship program that selects the most promising students in the schools to play for them.

In conclusion, concentrating on the four ‘Cs,’ Consumer, company, and competitor, LA Rams management should structure sound marketing strategy based on the four P’s’ price, product, promotion, and placement. Through the implementation of these strategies, LA Rams are bound to shine amidst the Kings, Lakers, Chargers, and Clippers not forgetting cultural events and music concerts. Over time, the management ought to provide consumers with incentives to attend their games or buy products. Thus, they should put emphasis on promotion and location analytics as they have the most impact.

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Corning Inc. Company Profile Case Study
Portfolio Management
Corning is committed to making sound investment decisions by keenly matching investment opportunities to the objectives of the company. The company balances the market risks against its performance in order to ensure maximum results. In this regard, portfolio management at Corning is about outlining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with a focus of maximizing returns for the company. The company has greatly invested in display technologies serving the fast-growing consumer electronics industry. Through research and development (R&D), the company has differentiated itself in the production of thin, high resolution display panels.

The company has a vice president in charge of innovations. The vice president is in charge of seeking new business opportunities for the company. In addition to display technologies, Corning also engages in the research and production of environmental technologies. In this sector, the company develops and manufactures emission control products such as filters and ceramic substrates. Corning is also known globally in enhancing optical technologies through connectivity solutions that offer superior quality broadband capabilities. In enhancing its operations, the company highly considers both financial and information technology (IT) portfolio management. In order to meet the investment goals of its investors the company constantly seeks opportunities for diversification in order to spread risk and capture the return from various sectors. Through this process, the company has managed to operate for over 100 years while gaining many investors who provide the capital necessary for expansion and growth. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Company Strategy
Corning is highly committed to R&D as a way of providing the innovations that create a competitive advantage for the company. R&D also provides the basis for the company’s continued production of highly intelligent products and processes. The company has a Strategy and Capital Allocation Framework which guides its investment programs. Corning’s operational strategy is focused on three core areas: Manufacturing and Engineering, Core technologies and Market-Access Platforms. The company has adopted a strategy of investing on what it considers future technologies. Corning invests 4% of its sales in new technologies. While many of these initiatives are riskier the company only invests when the potential payoff is good.

In addition, Corning greatly values organizational growth and this is achieved by continuous innovation across the lifecycle of its products. The company also operates on the strategy of expanding its markets by producing glasses for both the automotive and the architecture industries. In the past, the company has earned BMW’s award on supplier innovation. Innovation at Corning is modeled under disruptive opportunities, valuable relationships and proper market insights. These strategies have helped the company to navigate through various challenges over 100 years and operate successfully. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Scope of Work
Corning engages in the research, development and manufacturing of various cutting edge solutions for a number of industries. The company engages is a number of product options on its display technologies segment. Its Iris glass is very popular in the market as it offers thin display panels which are very popular with many manufacturers. The third generation display glass is supplied to many LCD, LED, OLED, Oxide and LTPS television manufacturers. The production of telecommunication networks has been a very successful venture for Corning as evidenced from the growing market share of the company. For instance, in 2015 Samsung Display announced that it would use Corning’s Lotus NXT display panels for its new OLED televisions.

In Optical Communications, Corning manufactures broadband options for Enterprise, Wireless and carrier markets. In this regard, the company is a major player in the telecommunications industry by producing high quality optical fibers. The Edge8 optical cable system is the most popular product in this segment and is used by many companies. The fiber optic sales have been a major market boost for Corning over the years even though sales have slumped in the recent past.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The Life Sciences department at the company engages in the research and manufacturing of tools and instruments used in bioprocessing, cell culture and genomics. The labware enables scientists and other researchers to work efficiently within cost and time constraints. Similarly, the company develops technologies used in the pharmaceutical industry. Corning has a vibrant R&D department where innovation into new technologies takes center stage. Much of the research is clearly evident from the cutting edge solutions constantly emerging from the company.

Corning. (n.d.) Our strategy.


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Hosted by Melvyn Bragg, this podcast discusses how the Salem Witch Trials began and features guests Susan Castillo-Street, Simon Middleton and Marion Gibson. The Puritans immigrated to America in an attempt to obtain religious freedom. They were a group of people that had fought hard and come through great hardship in order to practice their religious beliefs. Puritan beliefs centered on the concept of predestination, the idea that God’s elect are chosen by him at birth. This belief that only a few are chosen, as well as the precarious physical and political position of the Salem settlement, created an atmosphere of unrest and fear that allowed baseless accusations to be seriously considered.

Puritans lived in a constant state of unease, not knowing who may or may not be chose by God. They were constantly unsure of their spiritual fate. Along with their individual concern, the Puritan sect believed that salvation depended upon the faith of the community. Salvation was not based on actions, but instead relied on belief as an individual and as a community. The Puritan’s core Calvinist beliefs allowed for the existence of curses and spirits. Often, the accused admitted to practicing witchcraft even if they were innocent. They believed that they may have committed a sin that allowed Satan to practice witchcraft through them. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Along with spiritual unrest, the Puritans were constantly afraid for their safety in the American wilds. Attacks by Native Americans were common and the pilgrims lived in a continuous state of physical insecurity. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here].Some of those who accused their neighbors of practicing witchcraft has in fact been victims of violence and even kidnapping by neighboring Native American tribes. Invasion by the British was also a threat, making their political future unsure.

One of the biggest questions about the trials is why these accusations were believed in the first place. By studying the Puritan’s religious beliefs as well as their political and physical positions at the time, one can see how things got out of control. A sort of mass paranoia was created by the combination of these elements, allowing for inconceivable, baseless suspicions to be taken seriously. Religious fervor, combined with fear and confusion, created an atmosphere where these accusations were able to run wild.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Tillotson, S. (Producer). (2015, November 21). The Salem Witch Trials. In Our Time.


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In the process of language acquisition, individual differences and affective factors play various roles. Personalities, childhood experiences, positive outlook and cultural empathy are some examples of individual differences that have tremendous effects in the process of a person’s language acquisition. Affective factors in the process of language acquisition are factors that touch on the emotions and feelings of individuals. They refer to the emotional aspects of human behaviors. In order to understand this process fully, it is vital to analyze the influences that affective factors have in the process of language acquisition.

Self esteem
Self-esteem refers to the social phenomenon where a person evaluates his/ her competence in various fields against a set of values. In the process of language acquisition, the learner evaluates his/ her performance against some pre-set benchmarks of success like class performance and fluency in speaking a new language. If the learner realizes that the performance is good, this realization helps to boost the learner’s self-esteem and he/she becomes more enthusiastic towards the entire language acquisition process. There are three types of self-esteem: Global self-esteem, task self-esteem and situational self-esteem. Situational self-esteem refers to the appraisals a person gives to himself/ herself in various life situations and relates to language acquisition in general. To handle the issue of self-esteem, teachers should seek to raise learner’s confidence and self-esteem so that they do not discourage them from pursuing their dreams.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Attribution Theory and Self-efficacy
This affect focuses on how people try to explain their failures or success. In the case of language acquisition, it refers to how the learner tries to explain his reasons for success or failure in the process of learning the new language. According to the theory, there are four explanations that learners use to explain their success at tasks for example language acquisition. The first two explanations (ability and effort) are internal to the learner while the other two (luck and task difficulty) are attributed to external factors around the learner. For example, difficulty of the task is an explanation that many learners use to explain their failures in language acquisition. My personal thought about this theory is that learners should be able to overcome all barriers and challenges to success whether internal or external. They should not seek to justify their reasons for failure but rather overcome them. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Risk Taking
In language acquisition, risk taking is the learner’s ability to make guesses without fear. Learners should have healthy levels of risk taking and be willing to take hunches and risks in the process of learning without the fear of being wrong or ridiculed. This means that students are always willing to try out new sentence structures, vocabulary and expressions without fear of being wrong. After taking the risks, the students may realize it was worth the risk either because they find out that they were right, boosting their confidence levels or if they find that they were wrong, they get corrected and this improves the entire process of language acquisition. Students should always have high and healthy levels of risk taking to succeed in the process of language acquisition [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Ambiguity Tolerance
Ambiguity tolerance refers to a person’s ability to tolerate and accept ideas, teachings and systems that are contrary to and not in line with the person’s knowledge structure and belief system. People with high ambiguity tolerance levels do not stand unnecessarily oppose new knowledge, teachings and cultures such as those that may be encountered in the process of new language acquisition. People with ambiguity intolerance are always opposed to new ideas cultures and knowledge that may be introduced to them in their lives for example in learning a new language .It is however worthy noting that a stable state of balance should be reached by a student or learner in the process of second language acquisition. A learner who has a high ambiguity tolerance level should be careful not to accept anything that comes his/ her way. The learner should wisely choose what to accept and what to reject. Acceptance of wrong information and knowledge can negatively affect the language acquisition process. Although ambiguity intolerance is not desirable in the process of language acquisition, a managed level of intolerance protects a learner from contradictory material and knowledge that can negatively affect the process of language acquisition. Intolerance enables a learner to concentrate on what is necessary in the process of language acquisition. To achieve good results in the process of language acquisition, teachers and learners should seek to establish workable and manageable levels of ambiguity tolerance and ambiguity intolerance.

I do agree with the analysis that has been given by the authors in chapters five and six. The affects that have been outlined as having effects in the process of language acquisition are correct and are observable even in the classroom set up as explained in the examples that I have given. The knowledge acquired from the reading will go a long way in helping me understand my future students in the process of teaching new languages. I have sufficient knowledge to understand all the factors that affect learners in the process of learning new languages. This will help me teach the students from a position that is friendly to them to achieve optimal results.