Pastoral Conversation # 1 (4 hours in length)
Participants: Martin and Tricia (names changed to protect the privacy of those involved)
Subject: Martin is sterile, and the couple is considering artificial insemination
Martin and Tricia are an old couple and have been part of the local church community for several years after they moved here from Illinois. They are your stereotypical Christian couple and met via an online dating website that specifically catered to Christians. Their greatest wish is to start a family; however, after several years of trying, their doctor has discovered that Martin is sterile.

This has created a considerable amount of friction in their marriage and has even caused Martin to feel depressed due to his apparent “inadequacy.” The couple came to me seeking advice on what they should do and have even brought up that they have considered using artificial insemination with semen coming from an anonymous donor. The following is a summary of the conversation that I had with Martin and Tricia on the issue and the advice I gave them to help resolve it.

Tricia: Due to Martin’s “problem” we thought that there might be something else we could do to have kids. I did some research online, and one of the potential ways that we could go about this would be artificial insemination. Yes, it is pricey, but the clinic’s website says that they only take sperm from the best possible candidates and that the process is pretty straightforward.

Me: I understand that your greatest wish is to start a family and that Martin’s infertility is a severe blow to this dream, but have you given much thought to choosing artificial insemination and how this process may not be the most ideal? Martin, what is your perspective on this? Do you think that artificial insemination is the best route that you and your wife should take?

Martin: I….understand that this may be an unusual approach that most couples do not go through, but we believe that this seems like the best route to take. I feel that it is my responsibility to make things right and if there is a way that it can be done, for us to start having a family, then I will choose the option that will make it a reality.

Me: Yes, starting a family is a wonderful gift, but have you considered the potential psychological effects that this would have on you? You would be, in effect, raising someone else’s child. While this may not be an issue for you early on, there is still the potential that some resentment may arise. Would an innocent child deserve to be resented for something that was out of their control?

Martin: There is no way that I would ever resent the child! I want to be a father; I want to be someone that a child can look up to, respect and consider as someone to emulate. I want to be there to help them through their first steps, their baptism, communion and all other important life events.

Me: Alright, I understand that being a father is important for you and that you feel that having a child to raise is not only an important milestone but something that you want to do. However, there is a reason that the current perspective of many Christian ministries is that artificial insemination is not the way to go. The first problem stems from the artificial nature of the practice. The use of commercial and scientific methods to create a means for conception violates the respect and dignity associated with the act of creating life. You are, in effect, putting a price tag on a human life which is an unethical and immoral thing to do. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

You also have to consider that the process creates several viable zygotes and since you are likely to only use one or two, what happens to the rest? They are destroyed which would make you complicit in the act of killing several potentially very happy children. Lastly, you need to consider that IVF procedures subvert the unity of marriage and the natural development of familial relationships. Yes, I know that you desperately want to have children but do you want your pregnancy to be tainted by the sin of murder? You may think that this is an exaggeration, but that is exactly what will happen should you choose to go through with this.

Tricia: I….just want to have a child to call my own, to raise them and love them and give them a life that would make them happy. Is that too much to ask when that is all we want?

Me: It is not but the process that you are choosing to go through is simply not the best way to go, at least from the perspective of the church. One of greatest miracles is the way in which the current generation is gifted with the capacity to usher in a new one to take over once we have passed. Through each successive generation, the grace of God is passed on and is even improved as we learn from our mistakes and strive towards a better tomorrow.

That is why it is so important to prevent the commercialization of the creation of human life. Instead of the miraculous, you are using the artificial and at significant cost, not only in a financial sense but an ethical and moral one as well. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances that you have been denied the opportunity to have a child naturally, but this does not mean that all options have been denied to you. Have you considered that adoption could be one of the paths to starting a family?

Tricia: We did think of adoption, at first, but we want a child that had, at least, one part of us with them. I know it sounds silly, but I always thought that having a family meant having children that had a biological connection to at least one of the parents.

Me: Yes, that sort of notion is understandable and is quite prevalent among many people that are looking to start a family. However, bringing an innocent young child into your home that has lost their family through one circumstance or another is one of the greatest acts of love that you can accomplish within your lifetime.

While the child may not be your true flesh and blood, they can still be the recipient of your love and support. Family is at times more than the blood that flows in your veins; it is the shared moments, memories and feelings that bind people together that truly creates a family. There are thousands of children within the foster care system who are looking for people that they can call their parents. Many of them are truly beautiful inside and out. If you give them a chance to, they can show you that they can be the child that you always wanted to have.

Tricia: Could you…..give us some time to think about this? Its just an idea that we are not used to and need some time to think about.

Me: Of course, take your time and please come back and talk to me once you have made a decision.

Pastoral Conversation # 2 (3 hours in length)
Participant: Andrew
Subject: Andrew has developed an addiction to Oxycontin, and it has slowly started to affect his life
Andrew has been a member of the local church community since he was a child and has been an active contributor to many of the church’s fundraising activities. Lately, he has been looking haggard and seems to have lost a considerable amount of weight within a short period. He came to me a few days ago and revealed that he had developed an addiction to Oxycontin, a type of painkiller, that was prescribed to him to help with this back pain after he underwent surgery to correct his scoliosis. Unfortunately, he has continued to use Oxycontin even after the pain in his back went away. It has developed into an addiction that is causing him severe distress since it has affected his behavior and interactions with people.

Andrew: I do not know what to do, it started out simple enough, I took the pills to help ease the pain in my back and everything seemed fine during the first few weeks. However, the more I took the pills, the better I felt, and it reached a point where I kept on taking them regardless of whether my back was hurting me or not.

It is not like I am taking them every hour, maybe two or three times a day, but it has already been a month since my operation was over, and my back is fully healed. I cannot seem to stop taking the pills because whenever I do, I feel awful.

Me: Andrew, I am glad that you came to me with this problem, admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. However, I have to ask, where do you think the need to take the pills is coming from?

Yes, Oxycontin can become addictive over time, but people usually start becoming dependent on them if they are experiencing events that cause the need to arise. Are you going through any personal experiences that make you feel sad, angry or particularly vexed? You may be using the pills to help deal with this situation and as long as it is not resolved the need will not disappear.

Andrew: Actually, I have been going through some personal problems lately. I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks ago; she was cheating on me. That, and the surgery, just made everything so painful that I wanted just to escape from it all. You will not believe how painful it was to realize that the woman I loved was cheating on me.

She did not even have the decency to tell me, I found out through a mutual friend and had to confront her about it before she even confessed that she did not love me anymore and was trying to find a way to break up with me. I was devastated and just felt so unhappy with everything. I guess that is when I started taking the pills a lot more than I should have. Look, I know I messed up in more ways than one, but I just felt so much pain and needed anything to help.

Me: Andrew, I am not accusing you of anything, and I realize that you were in a situation that required you to find some means of feeling happiness, no matter the source. Break ups and betrayals are some of the saddest and most painful experiences that a person can go through. They can eat away at your heart and make you feel hollow and life pointless.

However, I would like to remind you that choosing one misery over another is not the way to resolve your problem. You may feel fine now, and the pills are “working” as you say, but eventually you will develop a resistance to the dosages you are taking and will start to take larger and stronger doses. Eventually, it will come to the point that taking the pills and feeling the temporary relief that comes with them will dominate all aspects of your life. Do you honestly want that to happen to you? To become a shell of your former self, that depends on pills to feel normal?[Need an essay writing service? Find help here]

Andrew: No, of course not, that is why I came to you after all.  I need help dealing with this. I cannot keep this up and need some way of figuring out what to do. The church has always been there for me in the past and if there is some way that it can help me when I need it the most I would be incredibly grateful.

Me: There are a few church programs that I can contact to see if they have a slot available for you. Do note though that these programs only work if you actively cooperate with them and not resist what they are trying to do. Remember Andrew; addiction is a slippery slope, and if you fail to overcome it early enough, it can ruin the rest of your life.

Andrew: I understand, I will give the program a chance and keep you updated.

Me: Thank you.

Pastoral Conversation # 3 (3 hours)
Participants: Allen and Monica
Subject: Feeling of emptiness in their marriage
Allen and Monica have been married for the past five years and, on the surface, everything seemed to be fine. Unfortunately, when they came to me, they said that the “spark” in their marriage had gone out and that they are simply going through the motions and not experiencing anything that can be considered as love.

Me: I know it was not easy coming to me for this conversation and I am here to help as best as I can. Before we proceed, I would like to know a few more details regarding your current problem. When did you notice that your marriage felt empty or that your actions were forced rather than coming from love?

Monica: It started three years after we were married. Everything seemed fine, but it is just that we feel less passion, not as much excitement and marriage just seems like a job rather than a genuinely loving relationship.

Allen: It just looks like we are going through the motions of greeting each other and being together rather than loving one another. We do not know where things went wrong but that it just feels like we are two people living together rather than two people who are in love.

Me: Surprisingly enough, your problem is not that rare among Catholic couples and can happen from time to time. You see, while marriage is a blessed union supported by God, it is not something that you place on a shelf and only admire. Think of it the same way you would a sapling. It may seem small and helpless right now, but the more care and attention it receives the stronger and taller it grows until it reaches a point that it can stand on its own.

Your marriage is like that sapling; you need to work on it everyday through simple actions that contribute to the marriage as a whole. Learn what your partner’s likes, and dislikes are, try enticing them into activities that the both of you will enjoy, learn to look at your partner in a new way every day and work towards making your marriage a great one. The reason why your marriage feels empty is because you have not been actively trying to fill it up with love. You are expecting the marriage to do all the work for you when in reality it needs all the care and assistance it needs during its early years. I know that this may seem like a daunting task, but little by little you can do it.

Try small acts of love every day and build upon that. You do not need grandiose gestures or expensive holidays to make a marriage work; you can do things slowly and at your own pace. What is important is that you try to make things work instead of just expecting they would function without active effort. Know that the Lord our God loves you and would not have joined you both together in holy matrimony if you were not meant for each other.

Monica: We have been trying things like that, but they do not seem to work. Allen has been very sweet in a lot of things, and I cannot help but think that he is one of the best people I know, but nothing seems to be working out that well.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Me: These things take time, you need to understand that there is not such thing as a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to the problems people experience in a marriage. There are some things that would not work for one couple but would work for another. You and Allen need to find what works for you and focus on that. It can be anything such as a shared hobby or even the desire for community service. Whatever it is, you need to find it for yourselves since I am simply here to guide you and not work out your marriage for you.


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When looking at the content on the website, I would state that the information is not bias in any way. This is because the author provides reasons for making the strong statements (Evener n.p). The institution clearly uses scientific arguments to prove that the Holocaust was a hoax that has been used by the governments of the United States and Israel to generate more revenue while keeping other countries at bay. From a personal view, I am convinced that the institution has conducted research and published the argument based on facts. The use of statistics is always considered a way through which information can be validated. In this website, statistical information is widely provided so that the reader understands the allegations made from the Holocaust and the real situation.

Response 1
I would also like to add that the numbers provided on the website make the information valid. I state this since statistical analysis is now advanced and able to determine issues such as the rates at which diseases spread. This would explain why the use of gas chambers becomes ruled out as an event that occurred during the Holocaust. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 2
Another reason why I consider this website as legit is that it also uses real life experiences to disapprove the allegations of the Holocaust taking place. For instance, when it states that the use of gas would require the rooms to be fully sealed with distribution chambers makes people understand that the Germans would have been equally affected in the process.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 3
As a way to demonstrate the validity of the information, the author goes ahead to ask the readers’ questions at the end of the web content. This further shows that they are keen on providing all the information needed by people to make their final decisions. If it were bias, I believe it would have chosen to make a conclusion that states the Holocaust never took place. Instead, it lets the readers make the decision on their own.

Response 4
By stating the reasons why Israel would want to make the world believe that the Holocaust was real also shows why the information could be valid. This could qualify as a conspiracy theory in which people get to understand why the Holocaust is a controversial issue in Europe. In addition, it states that the Americans bear the biggest cost for this conspiracy theory. I would consider this information as vital for all persons in the world, and I included that have always viewed the Jews as victims. The fact that they continue to benefit from this lie to date makes it wrong. I intend to conduct further research and determine whether these details are valid. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Works Cited
Evener, Julie. “Criteria for evaluating the accuracy/validity of a website.” The Validity of Website (2016): 1-2. Document.


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Grant Proposal on the Use of Technology in Improving Education in the Language and Arts

Recent advancements in modern technology have continually led to the progression of various industries and propelled them to heights that would be otherwise impossible. In similar fashion, the education sector has taken various steps in making accessibility to information much faster and better.Executive Summary
With a focus on languages and arts, research by various scholars has indicated that accessibility to cutting edge information in learning is expected to boost the teaching and learning process. As such, we intend to propel a pilot program that infuses technology in the learning process. A parallel study will be conducted as a benchmark to measure the improvements in students’ excellence in core subjects. It will be used as a comparison to the theory presented.

The key purpose of the proposed program is to enable the provision of innovative technology in the classroom as a means of improving learning. The core measure of success of the project will be the change in performance of the students in core subjects – which in this project are the language and arts. A secondary objective of the program is to conduct a synchronous study to determine the impacts of technology in the excellence of students in their core subjects.
Work Schedule

Implementation Plan
The program is to be implemented in a series of steps beginning with the acquisition of hardware resources. It will be followed by the installation of required software and services from a selected provider. A sample class will be chosen to pilot the program for a given period, which will then pave the way for the rest of the population to access the services. Also, there will be the recruitment of data collection officers to help in the gathering and analysis of data.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]
Owing to the stipulated budget, development of an independent and wholly owned system solution is impossible. As such, we approached Google Inc. for the provision of software and support services. The program will be based on Google’s Classroom project, together with their Chrome OS. However, the OS will not be installed on Google’s Chromebooks as is the norm, but rather on lighter tablet computers. The use of tablets enables better mobility in comparison to notebooks, which is a primary concern of the main objective.Instruction Methods
Initial instruction will be performed in collaboration with Google Classroom experts to guide the process. Once the project has gained the sought after level of stability, the teachers will be left to continue the program. However, the traditional instructional methods will still be used as a hand in hand method.
Interdisciplinary Experiences
While the focus group is concentrated on language and arts, the program is an opportunity for both the instructors and students to gain information in the field of technology and computing.
Projected Impact
The estimated project impact is intended to an initial 50 students in the pilot program. These are those taking courses related to Language and Arts. However, once this is deemed successful, the program will be extended to cover other departments and therefore include about 200 learners. Among the intended participants of the project, the initial tests are set to be conducted on the first class of 25 students.
Long Term Applicability
The successful application of this proposed program is expected to have far-reaching advantages. The successful integration of the program should not only enable better access to information on the subjects taught in the school’s curriculum but also have access to widespread courses and tutelage and student resources from Google’s Classroom platform. In addition to being able to carry them and use them anywhere, the students will learn the skills of self-teaching which will allow them to acquire new skills in the future on their own without reliance on teachers in a classroom setup.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

 Evaluation Plan
The program will have a two-fold assessment process. The first, which will be used to test the success of the core objective, will be based on the improved skills of the students. Since the introduction of the technology is intended to improve learning and teaching, it is only imperative to find a means to gauge the success. This could be achieved through aptitude tests and exams on the usage of technology. Also, there is a need to measure whether or not there is an improvement in the excellence and performance in the core subjects. To achieve this, data on the exams done at the institution after the introduction of this program is collected. An analysis of the same is conducted to determine whether there exists a correlation and whether there is an improvement or slack in the learners’ performance.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Budgetary Items
For the successful implementation of the project, various purchases are needed as well as several costs for services rendered. Among these is the cost of buying the required tablet computers, and purchasing of server hardware. The tablet computer of choice is the BTC Flame UK Quad Core 7? Tablet PC (Best Tablet Company, 2015). The server is required to hold data locally. Such includes tutorial information, grading schemes and results, and exams. However, there is an option to use Google’s servers to keep such data in the cloud. In addition to these purchases, there are costs related to a systems administrator who will be paid to set up the systems and networks required. A data scientist will also be hired to help with the collection and analysis of data about the past and current performance. It should help to determine trend analysis that should help visualize the impact of the new system. The rates for the data scientist are $38.51 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2015) and for the systems admins are $37.41 per hour (U.S. Department of Labor, 2015). These are tabulated below.

Budgetary Items
PURCHASES: Price Units needed Totals
Tablets  $   45.26 50  $ 2,263.00
Server and related utilities  $ 729.00 1
FEES: Wage per hour Hours projected Totals
Systems Administrator  $ 37.41 40  $ 1,496.40
Data Analyst  $ 38.51 24  $    924.24
 $ 4,683.64

Best Tablet Company. (2015). BTC Flame UK quad core 7? tablet PC. Retrieved from U. S

Department of Labor. (2015). Occupational outlook handbook, 2016-2017. New York, NY: Skyhorse Publishing.


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The Hindus have a unique way of worshipping their gods. Unlike in other religious where they have every element done unanimously, the Hindus participate in the worship session at a personal level. They are involved in various activities and conclude with sharing food with their gods. All these constitute bhakti, which they interpret as what gives them their history regarding spirituality doctrines. It offers them the real connection with God and therefore, require unconditional devotion (Frazier, p.102). The paper would describe the practices that constitute bhakti and their significance in the believers. Then, there would be a personal reflection on the visitation experience and offers a concluding paragraph.

The Hindu Devotional Practices
The Hindu architects design and build the temple, also called Mandirs in line with the ancient scriptures that must conform to the Indian traditional styles. The architects must be highly skilled regarding the Indian cultures. Normally, the temple has features such as the central sanctum, which enshrines the main Deity (Pati, p.194). The Murtis that houses the secondary sanctums contain the Deities in the pantheon. Almost all temples do not have a basement. There are separate facilities where the devotees conduct cultural and social rituals that cannot be conducted at the central area meant for worshiping. The ordained priest after undergoing a thorough training officiate the puja’s daily regimen. The minor differences noted in the way of designing the temple explains the various denominations of Hinduism, distinct teaching lineage, and liturgy.

The Hindus believe that the temple itself is an object of worship. The believers circle exterior of the temple in a prescribed manner while worshiping the various gods strategically positioned on the walls. It constitutes part of the main prayers. The images serve to guide a believer towards the way spiritual release (Molloy 16). It is why the worship is individual-based (manasa puja) rather than congregational. These images constitute the objects of worship.

The puja takes the center of worshiping and is officiated by the priest. It has a particular pattern that it must follow. For instance, the priest purifies the objects of worship as well as engaging in chants. The devotees offer donations such foods and fruits to their deities, which they share as a sign of equality. The concluding part of the service involves communal eating. The devotees share meals with their gods as a sign of equality. Bhakti ideals require that believers express their personal love to God. Despite eating leftovers viewed dogmatic, the Hindus show their in-depth love by sharing the meals.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Relevance of Devotional Practices to the Ideals of Bhakti
According to Jayasinghe and Teerooven (p. 1006) the central religious ritual in the Hinduism faith is the puja, which follows a prescribed pattern. Firstly, the pujari takes a moment of purification, which constitutes the sacred place and implements of worship. The pujari makes several chants in the Sanskrit the place, time and nature regarding a particular puja. Then, the pujari, through gestures (mudras and mantras), he calls upon the Deity’s presence in the image. Then, there comes a time of ringing the bell and beseeching the mantras and hymns for intoning from the ancient Agamas and Vedas. Then, the pujari gives precious offerings to the Deity. These include uncooked rice, water, holy ash, kumkum, and sandalwood paste. Another rite is a ritual bath (abhishekam), whereby the devotees pour over the Deity water, panchamritam (a blend of five fruits) rosewater, and coconut water among others. It is important in that it portrays the love the Hindus have to their God.

After abhishekam, the believers dress the Deity in new and beautifully decorated clothes. At this point, the believers are allowed to sing the songs of devotion as part of worshipping that help them express their emotions of love to God or self-surrender. According to Nye (p. 207), bhajans (devotional songs) helps in training believers’ mind and cooling their heart due to their encouragement words.  The devotees can also obtain virtues and qualities from the songs they sing.

After Deity decoration, the pujari offers incense, food and oil lamps. The pujari offers flowers while he chants the hundred and eight names of the God. Then, the pujari, at the climax of the puja, he waves a large lamp in front of the Deity. He rings the bell loudly calling God to send His holy power through His image as Babb (p. 396) narrates. Upon lowering the fire, all the devotees prostrates to the Divine. He then carries out the lamp to bless the congregation, who at this time can offer their donations on the tray. Then, the pujari (priest) passes out the sacraments such as blessed water and sandalwood paste among others to bless the present congregation (Prasad). It involves calling the deities into human realms where they feed them with the food (given out as offerings). The remaining food (leftovers), the congregation, eats it. The Hindus call this ‘communal eating’ and understand it as a gift from God. The partaking is highly significant in the Hindu faith. By eating the same food with gods symbolizes equality. It constitutes a path of love.

As far as the Hindu pantheon is concerned, there exist millions of Gods. Nevertheless, they believe in the existence a supreme being (God), who pervades the world. They view these Gods as divine creations that revere that one Being. They consider these Gods (Mahadevas) as being real creations that are affected by thoughts and emotions. It accounts the reason of preparing a conducive environment to appease them as a way of calling for blessings from God through them. Vishnu Siva Shakti Ganesha and Subramaniam are the most common Deities in Hinduism. As Eck (p.44) notes, all devotees have an obligation of worshiping all the deities installed in the temple for blessings. It is a devotional requirement.

The importance of these practices to the Hindu believers is to attract the presence of the Mahadevas and devas in the inner worlds. According to Klostermaier (p. 7), they consider it as a form of communion that facilitates the communication between them and God through the Deity. These rituals magnetize their thoughts and feelings that play a central role in their devotions. As a whole, this radiates out, affecting the surrounding environment in preparation for devotions.

My Experience after Visiting the Hindu Temple
I attended my first Hindu Temple service at St. Anne’s Road on Sunday, October 2, 2016. My aspirations to attend the service stemmed from the fact that Hindu was one of the religions that I have never had an opportunity to visit. That means I knew nothing regarding the composition of the service. It gave a chance to learn more concerning the religion regarding what entails the worshipping service and the rituals accompanying it. Of course, the first thing amazed me was the architectural designs of the Temple. It seemed to be a result of the steadfast dedication to both skills and resources for it have that look. Since I was a layperson, I just watched the devotees do their stuff maybe as a way of learning. One thing I saw them do and nagged me was bathing. It is one thing I wished to know as I wondered why one would wash at home and do it while in the temple. After the service, one believer explained to me that that was a Vedic ritual, which the veterans called the Abhishek. As Malloy asserts, it serves to honor the murthi (their God) (p.78). I felt challenged to fully immerse in the religion to understand every other but skepticism could not allow me.

I respected the fact that the Hindu devotees can give that much attention, passion, and energy throughout the worship session, considering that it takes long. I learned that Hinduism has many denominations for the first time. All the entire time I had known Hinduism to constitute one big denomination unlike the other experience I had concerning other religions with so many of them. One thing I did not understand is why they would decide to offer fruit offerings to their gods. Additionally, it did not take me time to realize the much respect they owed their sanctuary. Wearing shoes into the Temple was offensive. It was not strange to me since I belong to the sikh religion and this is part of what we do. In the Christian sanctuaries, believers have no problem enjoying our drinks, some foods among other things (Dougherty et al. 490). Moreover, throughout the worshipping session, the liturgy, symbols and the manner the leaders conducted the service struck out to me.

All in all, by visiting the Hindu Temple service, I would say it was an excellent experience for me. I enjoyed the opportunity to attend the service as I knew many things that had wished to witness in my entire life. Notably, I learned that Religion coins a lot from devotion. I now understand that it requires an in-depth commitment to remaining in religion as it involves a personal dedication. Indeed, from the first time I walked into the Temple I experienced how determined the Hindus were in preserving their faith. It was evident right from the service rituals to the end.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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Managerialism has not contributed to the forecasted improvements in the healthcare sector. A number of practical experiences have indicated that nurses are working harder than ever since they are under immense pressure to sustain the acceptable standards.  This has been achieved by the radical upheaval of ancient power structures and traditional hierarchies within the healthcare organizations. This essay explores the two principal ways through which managerialism has impacted the healthcare sector.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

First, managerialism has brought about the aspects of competing values, such that managerialism values have replaced the service ideas for professionals.  The ideas like professional responsibilities, patient-centered care and moral purposes highly regarded by the nursing profession and sanctioned in the nursing code of conduct have been replaced by rationalization of resources, cost-cutting which are in direct conflict with the service ideas for healthcare professionals (Brophy, 2008).  The rationalization, for instance, has brought about cost containment strategies since the cost of health care must be within the means which a country can be able to afford and hence subsequently restrict citizen access to HealthCare. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Secondly, control over workers brought about by Managerialism has decreased the autonomy in work by the health care professional.  The ideological principle of Managerialism is characterized by the drive to monitor and control workers, which differs with the professional model of practice. It, therefore, denies the health workers the chance to manage resources and quality in healthcare while being accountable to outcomes (Brophy, 2008).  Grave implications for patients safety is therefore expected because patients are more likely to receive poorer care from overburdened nurses who lack independence and responsibility of the patient’s outcome.  Third, with the redefinition of roles to suit the management, there is the possibility of nurses being rendered redundancy subject to changing patterns in the division of labor as the nurse is pressurized by the Directorate to redefine their roles to suit the management.

It’s the professional responsibility of a nurse to articulate the need to maintain patient safety outcome and to protect patients through renewed engagement with nursing ideals of service.  The nurse should also have renewed commitment to patient-centered quality care as well as continuing to assert the ideals and the standards that nurses value and resist as well as challenge the values of Managerialism currently being used to manage the healthcare service. These are necessary to overturn the situation presently where nurses are managed to care. Nurses can use leadership to counter these discourses and contribute positively to patient care and the organization of the health care system by using their position to influence the policies that guide health care in the country.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Brophy, S. (2008). Resisting the Forces of Economic Rationalism and Managerialism: Nurses
Have a Professional and Moral Duty to Resist the Ongoing Forces of Managerialism. Their Own Futures May Depend on It. Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand, 14(3): 22-36.


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What is the main purpose of Smith’s narrative? In what way does this story shape her understanding of herself and her family?
The main purpose of this narrative by Smith is to highlight that her family had greatly contributed to the civil rights of the Black community significantly in various events. During some of these events, she goes on to highlight that her family faced various dangers, the greatest one being getting shot at by angry white supremacists. This story deeply shapes her understanding of herself and her family in that it lets her know that she came from a people who were hard working and were actively involved in protests, a people who were brave and passionate about their believes. This gave her a great sense of pride and also gave her determination to pursue and accomplish great things for herself.

  1. How does Smith create a mental picture of the scene in the roller rink? Which sensory details are particularly effective in helping the reader feel present at the “standoff” between O.L Underwood and Auntie Jean?

To create a mental picture of the scene in the roller rink, Smith makes use of vivid description to capture the whole scene. She describes the crowd that was present, a bunch of children and teenager led by her grandfather and the Reverent. She goes on to vividly describe how big and looming Underwood was and how he was foaming at the mouth (Wyrick, 2016). Such a vivid description creates an adequate mental picture. To make the reader feel present, Smith uses comparison through which she is able to paint Underwood as being exceptionally big and intimidating against small boys and girls and still had the nerve to pull out a gun on them.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

  1. Why does Smith begin the essay with a series of humorous anecdotes about her Auntie Jean before beginning the core of the narrative? What effect does this introduction have on the narrative’s impact?

The humorous anecdotes about her Auntie Jean are meant to make the reader warm up to Aunt Jean. From the Onset, she builds Aunt Jean to be a well-rounded character, a character that many readers can identify with and therefore the reader develops a liking towards her. This introduction has a great impact on the narrative because when Underwood intimidates Aunt Jean and makes her shake and pulls a gun on them, suddenly, the message is very close home and personal.

  1. The author includes dialogue between her and her relatives. What does this use of dialogue add to the story? What does the dialogue reveal to the reader?

The dialogue adds “life” to the story and also introduces herself as a very reliable narrator. The dialogue also validates the narrator’s arguments because instead of claiming that so and so did this and that; the characters are seen to speak for themselves thereby adding credibility to the story. The dialogue reveals to the reader that indeed; characters are the vehicles through which the author brings the story to the audience. Since this is a story that is meant to appeal to the emotions of the reader, the author creates characters that are full of life. Even the narrator herself becomes one of the characters in the story as she interacts with everyone else. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

  1. How does Smith react when she finds when she discovers the old newspaper article in the scrapbook? What realization prompts her dramatic response?

Smith is Enraged and shattered by the newspaper article that she discovers in the scrapbook. Her dramatic response is prompted by the realization that the journalist who had carried the story had misrepresented the facts of that day. Just like the system, he had lied to the rest of the world about the chronology of events on that day. For example, the article just said that Underwood had refused the teenagers to enter the rink, but omitted the fact that he had shot at the teenager and had sent them terrified and didn’t even mention the standoff between Underwood and Auntie Jean (Wyrick, 2016).

  1. What impact does the inclusion of the picture create? How does the contrast between the printed article and the handwritten comment influence the reader’s understanding of the narrative?

The inclusion of the picture creates a sense of reliability on narration. It creates a sense of contrast between Smith’s narrative and the narrative by the biased journalist who had written about the standoff years ago. This is important because Smith wants the readers to know that there is truth in her story and she achieves that by given evidence by use of a picture. The contrast between the printed article and the comments influences the understanding of the narrative in that while the printed narrative feels more machine-like, the handwritten comments feel more human and therefore more convincing and hence most trustworthy.

  1. Smith writes, “History is written by the victors.” What does she mean by this? How can this old adage be applied to the story of her Auntie Jean confrontation in the roller rink?

Smith means that often, if not always, people only get to know the version of an event that is told by the more powerful party to a conflict. Often, this version of the truth is biased towards the person giving it. This adage can be applied in the story of her Auntie Jean confrontation in the roller rink in that while the reality of the event was that her aunt was involved in a terrifying confrontation with Underwood and a gun was involved in intimidating the teenagers, the report that was printed in the newspapers was biased (Wyrick, 2016). It lied that Underwood had merely turned the Negroes away. It even omits that these Negroes were mere preteens and teenagers.

  1. Throughout the story, Smith uses occasional simple sentence constructions for dramatic effect: “my heart stopped,” “I was shattered” and “I was shocked” how do these simple, declarative sentences impact the reader? How do they impact the flow of the narrative?

These simple declarative sentences take the reader deep into the mind and soul of the rollercoaster of emotions that the narrator has about the subject matter. In other words, the narrator can say that racial discrimination is shocking and shattering. These declarative sentences create a certain kind of a regular rhythm through which the story is told. This kind of rhythm adds power and intensity to the narrative in that it’s like watching a movie through its trailer as the highlights of various scenes are brought together.

  1. How would you describe the author’s style in this narrative? What factors lead you to that characterization? How does the author’s conversational style impact the reader’s understanding and appreciation of the narrative?

The author uses a first-person narration technique to bring the story to the reader. The story is also narrated through a flashback because most of the events, especially the climax of the story, took place long before the narrator was born.  The story is also told within another story. The conversational style has a strong impact on the reader in that it introduces credibility to the story in that the characters in the story are there to clarify the events carried out in the story. For example, by shaking her head, Auntie Jean is able to tell Smith and the reader, that the story in the newspaper is biased.

  1. Overall, how effective is Smith’s story about her Auntie Jean and her subsequent discovery of the newspaper article? How do her concluding lines (the story would live on. And it would be the Auntie Jean version) impact the reader’s empathy towards the narrator?

Overall, Smith’s story about her Auntie Jean is very effective in both demonstrating how her Auntie was in the center of the standoff and also the discovery of the newspaper article. Auntie Jean plays a very important part in the standoff and even by the time that the story comes to an end, the reader cannot forget that image. Her discovery of the newspaper article adds to the biasness of the white supremacist system. The ending deeply impacts on the empathy towards the narrator because by uploading it to Instagram, Smith comes out as someone who not only preserves the history of her family and race, but also preserves it is a non-biased manner.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Wyrick, . (2016). Steps to writing well w/additional readings mla 2016 update. S.l.: Cengage Learning Custom P.


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From the assessment of the case, it is clear that Bruce is undergoing a difficult time that could require the intervention of a professional counselor. Being depressed can at times lead to a feeling of helplessness that could gradually lead to poor health. It can also lead to other more advanced mental complications. Bruce seems to be headed in that direction since it is clear that the loss of her grandmother who was the only individual within the family who agreed about his ideas is something that he could find difficult to come in terms with. If there was a time in the lives of his family needs to support him, then it should be now. Failure to show such support could slowly lead to a helpless feeling that could affect his career and health in the future. As earlier mentioned, children are at a higher risk to develop depression if there has been a history of depression on the parent in the past.

Bruce’s mother seems to have suffered from the same in the past and this increases the likelihood of depression on Bruce’s side. This is a risk factor that must be considered by the family in conjunction with the counselor before developing an appropriate routine that can lead to curing of the ailment or condition on Bruce and the entire family tree. As a counselor it is important to ensure the amount of sleep that Bruce gets is enough. Lack of enough sleep can be instrumental in leading to the aggravation of the stress that he already suffers from at the moment. Having enough sleep could allow Bruce to be more relaxed and in the process decrease the depression levels considerably.  Avoiding naps and ensuring constant sleep could also be a pivotal step towards increasing the quality of sleep and relaxation that he gets. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Another recommendation that could come in handy is the development of routine and daily goals for Bruce. Depression tends to deprive an individual of his/her daily the routine structure that he/she observes in his/her various activities that one undertakes. The same could also be seen in Bruce if he fails to observe a routine of the daily duties and responsibilities. This will greatly affect his performance; be it career-wise, personal or academic. Sitting down with Bruce and developing such a routine may take time and may involve having a conversation with him on the daily goals he wants to achieve on a daily basis. He should also enter into a program for exercising so as to increase his fitness. When an individual is going through depression, exercising may lead to the creation of feel-good hormones, thus elevating the well-being of the patient. These hormones are known as endorphins and offer long-term benefits that can boost the health well-being of the individual[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

It also encourages the brain to rewire itself so that one can return to the positive ways that lead to the end of depression. Dieting and nutrition could also be an important aspect that Bruce may turn to so as to develop a healthy lifestyle. This would provide the required nourishment and energy to the affected neurons and starving body cells in general. Overall, this will work towards decreasing the stress and starvation levels that might lead to more complicated mental illness like psychosis and anxiety-related disorders.   If the depression tends to make Bruce to overeat in terms of the diet he practices, it may be important to check on what he eats so as to boost the future health of the individual in question. The last recommendation that I could offer Bruce is to challenge the negative thoughts that he has towards life after the passing on of his grandmother. So as to tackle depression, it is always important when an individual changes the way they think about other people and their perspective towards life. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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It is often projected that an increase in minimum wage would result in reduced employment rates. These assertions are drawn from the assumptions that employers would be aligned towards the mitigation of operating costs. Therefore, they would be discouraged from hiring more employees who would comprise extra costs. The article Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania examines the impact of a wage increase on employment rates in fast food restaurant within the two States.

Likewise, the article explores the changes in employment rates in stores that had initially been paying higher wages to the rates in stores that were paying lower wages. The topic of wage change on employment rates comprises an important topic. This is because it serves to indicate the response that employers extend to an increase in the minimum wage (Card and Krueger 1). The research further allows for the determination of factors that influence employment rates in establishment-level businesses. Initial researches on impacts of increased minimum wage on employment rates in the previous years indicated that the was indeed an inverse relationship between the two factors. The article examines whether such a trend exists in the 21st-century business environment.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In determining the influences of minimum wage rates on employment rates, Card & Krueger (1993) instituted a comparison of employment wages and prices at the stores located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These components were assessed before and after the introduction of the policy in New Jersey, which increased the minimum wage. This method is known as a comparative analysis. (Card and Krueger 1)The authors established a control group in the form of fast-food restaurants which were located in eastern Pennsylvania and had been unaffected by the change in the minimum wage policy. The authors use the labor supply theory in the research. The labor supply states that increased wage costs reduce employment rates. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The authors obtained data from 410 restaurants in the first survey. Based on the study, 63 out of the 473 interviewees that had been identified in the initial survey, and failed to show up, and there was no completion of interviews with them. The 410 complete responses projected an 87% overall success. New Jersey projected a 91% response success while the response rate in New Jersey attained 72.5% success rate. In the second survey, which was conducted eight months after the introduction of the minimum wage increase in Pennsylvania, only 410 stores were interviewed. Out of the 90% of the population sample, 371 stores were successfully interviewed (Card & Krueger, 1993). It would be significant to consider that all of these interviews were conducted over the phone. A subsequent inquiry determined that out of the 39 restaurants that did not participate in the second survey, six of the stores had been closed, while two were temporarily closed. In addition, two were subject to renovation and thus could not participate in the interview.

The results indicate that employment rates reduced in the fast food restaurants that had been unaffected by the rise in minimum wage. Essentially, these are made up of the New Jersey restaurants that had been over 5% per hour and the Pennsylvania fast-food stores that had been paying above the minimum wage limits established by law (Card & Krueger, 1993). In addition, the New Jersey restaurants rose to the size of the Pennsylvania restaurants after the introduction of the lower minimum wage. The employment rates increased significantly in the restaurants that had been affected by the minimum wage policies. The 5.05% minimum wage limit served to increase employment rates in New Jersey (Card & Krueger, 1993). The control group projected average employment rates since the restaurants in Pennsylvania had been unaffected by the policy changes.

The results indicate that changes in minimum wage rates do not affect the employment rates negatively (Card & Krueger, 1993). Minimum wage rate policies influence employment rates positively. The results further allude to the positive responses of employers to minimum wage increases. The employers are willing to hire a bigger labor force when the minimum wage rate is high. While considering employment, the study found minimum wage increase to have no effect on the choice of employers. Instead, such inclinations are a culmination of other factors such as profitability and prevailing market forces.

Therefore, minimum wage increase in businesses or organizations does not lead to increased unemployment. Given the results derived upon in this article, it is evident that unemployment rates are not affected by changes in minimum wage policies. Contrary to these assertions, increased minimum wage has shown to result in increased employment. This may be because of increased employee productivity, which results in expanded businesses. Businesses are likely to grow faster with increased minimum wage. These assertions are an extension of the evidence drawn from New Jersey stores, which grew significantly after the introduction of the minimum wage laws.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Works Cited
Card, David and Alan B. Krueger. “Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast-Food Industry in in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.” NBER Working Paper (1993): 1-43.


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There is quite a number of excellent Armenian writers, and many are easily identifiable due to their work that helped shape the Armenian culture/ literature in various ways. This helped change the Armenians’ ways of thinking and conduct. It set out the acceptable standards in both private and public lives of Armenians. Thus, it is paramount to discuss some of the works of these great and influential writers and how it helped shape the Armenian culture/literature. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Chis Bohjalian authored The Sandcastle Girls which is a historical fiction that catalogs the atrocities of the genocide of the Armenian without making the narrative overbearingly depressing. Bohjalian manages to write and narrate a riveting tale that spans several generations while at the same time examining the mayhems conducted by the Ottoman Empire. In this piece of writing, Bohjalian brings out the Armenian cultural misconceptions and stereotypes as well as discusses the genocide that faced the Armenians under the Ottomans. This literature induces on the reader’s horrifying experiences as well as light hearted jokes about the Armenian stereotypes and misconceptions (Bohjalian Para 5).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Peter Balakian memoir entitled Black Dog of Fate gives an account of his youth while developing as an Armenian between the 1950’s and 60’s. Balakian hits upon the bizarre onus felt by Armenian Americans that are a generation apart from the genocide. The feeling by the Armenian American makes for fascinating anecdotes about growing in an unrestrained era but balances it with the astute historical examination. Through his works, we can see Balakian go through youthful, adolescence, and young adulthood as he tries to understand his heritage in a new setting. Balakan not only highlights to us to his personal growth, but also the changing ways in which he relates with culture( Balakian Para 3).[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Work cited
Balakian, Peter. Black Dog of Fate. Goodreads.

Bohjalian, Chi. The Sandcastle Girls. Vintage Books,


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Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is a day of much importance to the United States of America.  This is because this is the day that all the citizens of the world’s most powerful nation will have the opportunity to freely exercise their democratic right of voting in their leaders of choice. It is on this day that these people will have to choose the person who is to be their head of state for a period of four years, and so good decisions have to be made. In the minds of most citizens, they need a great leader who is to address most of their problems by coming up with new ways of doing things or improving those already in existence. Some of the basic questions in the citizen’s’ mind would include basic things such as, would the candidate and their government provide; long-term care, fund for senior programs, champion Medicare for low-income projects, champion social security and their plans for senior hunger. Advocacy involves an activity carried out by a person or group of people that is aimed towards influencing decisions within institutions; it might be in social, economic or political systems. Election advocacy would thus involve those activities that are aimed at influencing people’s stand towards a given candidate, coalition or even government. This paper, thus, explores election advocacy for the upcoming US 2016 presidential elections.

For my case I chose to advocate for Hillary Clinton as one of the presidential candidate in these elections. This decision has been informed by various reasons as discussed herein. Hillary Clinton is an American politician and a presidential candidate under the Democratic Party. She has also served as the United States Secretary of State, junior senator for New York and as the first lady during her husband’s reign. I advocate for her presidency due to the following reasons.

Claim Number One
To start with, Hillary Clinton has championed a number of beneficial initiatives. During her time as the secretary of state she put her focus on strategies that were aimed towards improving medical facilities, reducing the spread of HIV/AID and of most importantly to lower infant and maternal death rates, through some state agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (Burris, 2014). Other initiatives include Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and Global Health Initiative (GHI).  She was involved in fighting for equal pay, women’s rights and a fight on domestic violence.

Through these initiatives Hillary Clinton made access to quality health care by women and children her priority, not only in the United States but in other countries across the globe. Through the Global Health Initiative, which was introduced in 2010, she has helped partner countries in improving provision of infant and maternal health care, improved medical facilities (in terms of cleanliness and facilities) and reduced the spread of HIV/AIDS. Research shows that the Global Health Initiative has helped underdeveloped countries in creating comprehensive plans for; lowering infant and maternal mortality rates, cleaner health facilities and lowering transmission and spread of HIV (The US Government, 2014).

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which is among the United States agencies, mandated with the administration of civilian foreign aid, also showed an improvement in its functioning during her tenure as the secretary of state. Under her leadership, through USAID, more support was given to midwives; cell phones were also offered to improve the spread of information. USAID was also involved in forming alliances in order to improve donor donations. It also partnered with countries such as Norway in supporting innovative interventions that were aimed at improving healthcare for women and newborns.

Being a fighter for women’s rights, Hillary Clinton introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2005 and 2007 while being the senator for New York. She argued on the fact that pay discrimination had led to women getting paid less as compared to men for same jobs. She also went a step further by bypassing the congress and working directly with young women who were new or entering the workforce to fight for pay equity. Hilary also worked on Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and had it signed by the president in January the same year (Burris, 2014).
[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Hillary Clinton has had the opportunity to work in the government of the United States for a couple of times during which she did so many good things makes American citizens to have a strong urge to vote for her presidency. As the secretary to the state, 2009-2013, she was in charge of American States Agencies. She came up with better ideas that were fundamental in achieving the agencies’ set goals. Infant and maternal health care was greatly improved, not only within the United States of America, but also in other partner member countries. She was on the forefront fighting for pay equity. This happened during her tenure as the senator of New York from 2001-2009. If she could achieve all that yet she was not the president, what will happen when elected? Then we expect America to move from where it is to levels unimaginable. This is because she is a leader who loves development and innovations, not only for America, but also for the entire world.

Claim Number Two
Hillary Clinton’s stand and views on vital issues in the United States lines up well with the majority of other people’s views, mine inclusive. Her support on gun control, the opinion that criminal justice in the United States is broken, her support towards American workers, her support for marriage, her rejection of religious freedom in justifying ill motives of cutting health care access, her support for women’s rights and equality, clears projects her as the better placed candidate to take America to the next levels of governance. Besides, she is also pretty aware that there is economic inequality and she is focused towards fixing it among many other things.

Hillary Clinton has the dream of restoring the American Dream; a set of ideals which includes freedom and opportunity for success and prosperity. She is keen and has observed the inequalities in the United States economy and she is out to fix them. She notes that some communities have more chances and ladders for opportunity as compared to other communities, which makes the American Dream unreachable to some segments of the American population. Basing on the Harvard research project which was conducted by Raj Chetty in 2013, she pointed out clear differences between some communities, for instance Seattle and Atlanta. These differences could be attributed to income inequalities, which she is out to address (BNR Contributor, 2015).

From 2014 onwards, ownership of guns by members of the society has increased and the murder rate dropped by approximately 19%. However, this is not convincing enough based on the recent catastrophic incidences that happened in the United States, for instance when a gunman killed twenty first-grade pupils and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. Thus, there is need for the National Rifle Association to curb this rise in gun ownership through the amendment of the current law on gun control. Hillary Clinton fully supports the move to make changes in gun control to reduce the ownership of guns. This will consequently prevent reoccurrence of such incidents (On the Issues, 2016). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The United States has about twenty-five percent of its population in prisons. Many of those incarcerated being nonviolent offenders. There exists also discrimination in passing sentences with African Americans receiving longer prison terms as compared to their white counterparts under the same kinds of mistakes. Hillary Clinton is strictly against this.  She understands the pain family members of those incarcerated feel. She is against racial segregation in the criminal justice system. She wants reforms that will bring law enforcement and communities towards coming up with better guidelines and developmental strategies. This can only be realized if she is voted in as the president.

The United States of America is known for its many labor unions. These labor unions were started with the main aim of uplifting the United States middle class. However, of recent years, the American workforce has been experiencing a lot of problems. Hillary has ready solutions for this. She is prepared to invest in good paying jobs during her first days in office by investing in infrastructure, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. She also plans to prevent countries which break global trade rules for instance China. Last but not least, she has an agenda of increasing the minimum wage rates. Besides, she strongly emphasis overtime rules among many other plans (BNR Contributor, 2015).

Hillary Clinton’s stance on some of the above issues proves she is the best and what America really needs. Her belief in restoring the American Dream could see most of the US citizens actualize their dreams and visions. She believes in the rights of women, equality in pay, rights of workers and their trade unions; basically what a nation needs to develop. A strong and willing protected workforce is what America needs to fulfill its basic bargain. A nation with an unfair criminal justice system would be an equivalent of a nation that still has some of its citizens in slavery. Hillary wishes to address this problem; she wishes that the people of the United States receive equal treatment by bodies charged with justice. When all the citizens of a nation are treated equally, it is easier for them to achieve their dreams, set goals and development structures. Hillary Clinton is, thus, a leader who loves fairness. She wishes fairness to prevail in the criminal justice, economic sector and labor force.

Hillary has been an advocate of many rights and issues in the United States for a long time, since 2001. However she is a politician and politicians are known for trying all ways possible to win the hearts of their voters. She promises very many things, which other candidates had previously promised, either in the United States or some other places in the world, but never fulfilled them once in office. She also has achieved many things during different times she was in office. She had advocated and still is advocating for the rights of women. This, however, can be seen as a mere trick or plan to get the ticket of most women to white house. This could be evidenced by the following (Hawkins, 2016).

In 1975, while she was a lawyer, she defended the man who had raped a little girl till the rapist received a light sentence, only to laugh with a reporter later about the case (LaCapria, 2016). While serving as the state secretary, the State Department was also involved in many scandals as evidenced by her recent email scandal. This can be attributed to the fact that the State Department was involved in favoring those nations that gave large donations towards the Clinton Foundation. Clinton had also spent all of her time advocating for gun control but on getting into office as secretary of state she had to support Obama’s stand on gun control, yet now she is seen fighting again and accusing the National Rifles Association (On the Issues, 2016). It, thus, sends out questions on whether Clinton will deliver while in office or are this just promises or ways of reaching white house. It is, thus, the sole discretion of of voters to decide during voting time that their leader will be. Promises and what the candidate has done in the past play a key role in the voter’s choices. This however could be misleading based on the fact that we are human and people change.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Election time is nearing, only some few days left. Each voter has the ability to ensure good governance by electing the leader best suited for the job. Each candidate has aired out his or her views and their manifestos have been given to the public in detail. Some segments of the public have some history of these candidates if not all. Some see a given voter as the best, other don’t see what other people see in them. The bottom line is that the decision is theirs; they could elect the candidate they believe is the best.

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