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The family is the smallest unit in society but then it is considered the most important. This is because it determines the nature of society in which people will live. The family is often made up of the father, mother, and children. Traditionally, all members of a family have different roles, and that results in the smooth running of a family. While the roles might vary for different families, some are basic and apply to all families in the traditional setting.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In the traditional families, the fathers played the roles of providers and final decision makers. The mothers, on the other hand, play the role of taking care of the homes and providing emotional support to all members (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2015). The fathers were required to find jobs and help the families get all the basic needs. The mothers mainly stayed at home and were in charge of ensuring that everything in the home was fine. I have had the pleasure of being raised in both a traditional and modern family setting. As a child, my mother used to stay at homes as my dad worked to provide for the family. However, when I joined school, my mother found a job and started contributing towards the family finances.

The roles of mothers and fathers have greatly changed in the past 10-20 years, and I had the pleasure of witnessing the same. My father was required to play a bigger role in taking care of us, and that included picking me from school when my mother was busy with work. In the modern family setting, I think that both parents should contribute towards taking care of the children. This involves giving them attention in special cases such as during school events and vacations. When it comes to taking care of the house chores, people can now hire maids to keep the house clean among other daily chores. The reason why both parents have to work today is that the rising cost of living. When both parents work, it becomes easier to provide for the family and even affording luxuries such as vacations. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 1
I would also like to add that even though the world is gearing towards achieving gender equality, some of the family roles cannot be changed. For instance, when children are born, it is important that they stay with their mothers. They usually bond with the mother’s easily especially since they can also access food at the same time. However, the fathers will also need to make appearances and become familiar with the children. One could argue that the bringing up of a child can be done in phases, but then the mothers will always spend more time. It would be harder to determine the future roles of the parents as families are now taking different models. The important thing would be that all members play their role and contribute towards making the work of the others members easier.

Response 2
While people stress on the roles of the mothers and fathers, it would also be critical to look at the contribution of the children in the family. The children provide the families with a reason to stick together. I would state that families that have children tend to be happier and engage in more activities as compared to the ones without. The children should be obedient to the parents and follow the rules. However, as they grow older, they should feel free to air their views as that would enable the parents to adapt to the current roles. The children should also take care of each other whenever the parents are not around. For instance, bullying is common in schools and children tend to be victims. It would be better is the children were able to help themselves in such situations. An example would be a big brother helping the small ones by offering protection. Therefore, this shows that all members of the family have different roles to play that supplement each other. That shows why the smallest unit of a society becomes self-reliant. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

American Academy of Pediatrics. (2015, November 21). Roles Within the Family.


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Lying on a deathbed can conjure up conflicting emotions that may conflict, astound, or comfort anyone lying in that position. For some, coming face-to-face with the end of their time on earth can be met with embrace and acceptance while for others the imminent approach of death may be more like a rewind series of regrets and lost chances. In Katherine Anne Porter’s short story, “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”, the protagonist is an 80-year-old woman lying on her deathbed in her daughter Cornelia’s house. She spends her last minutes reminiscing about her late husband, her jilted lover from sixty years previous, and her child who died in infancy. Porter is able to create a connection with the readers to Granny Weatherall to illicit emotions such as sympathy, sorrow, and joy towards the protagonist. Porter uses several styles and techniques to convey the unique and lonely character of Granny Weatherall including stream-of-consciousness, metaphors, and symbolism. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Right from the beginning of the story, readers are able to follow Granny Weatherall’s thought processes through the author’s use of stream-of-consciousness, which is a literary device that allows reader’s to know what the internal monologue of a character is so that their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions are known even though in the story they are not directly speaking them aloud. This can be seen early on when Doctor Harry is checking Granny Weatherall and she is expressing her dissatisfaction with the way the Doctor dresses and his general presence near her. For example, in her stream-of-conscious, she thinks about the Doctor as “The brat ought to be in knee breeches. Doctoring around the country with spectacles on his nose” (Porter, 1930). She uses this device throughout the story including when she expresses her annoyance at Cornelia for tip-toeing around her, whispering just out of ear’s reach, and treating her like an invalid. The stream-of-consciousness allows the readers to also know that lying on her death bed, her essential last thought is of George, the man who jilted her on her wedding day sixty years ago. The readers can feel genuine pity for Granny Weatherall as her stream-of-consciousness reveal how she hardened herself and tried to move on from that very significant event in her life.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In addition to stream-of-consciousness, Porter scatters various metaphors and similes throughout her story to help paint a visual picture of who Granny Weatherall is and what she is feeling at the time of her death. One particular powerful metaphor that Porter uses is the reference of hell to the period of time when Granny Weatherall was left at the alter with her white dress, white veil, and white cake put on. “There was the day, the day, but a whirl of dark smoke rose and covered it…that was hell, she knew hell when she saw it” (Porter, 1930). There is also various similes used throughout the story to help describe events, objects, or interactions throughout the characters. When Father Connolly is attending to Granny Weatherall, Cornelia’s voice is described as “staggered and jumped like a cart in a bad road” (Porter, 1930).

Finally, in the story, Porter also uses symbolism as a literary device to represent themes and ideas. Some of the important main themes in the story include death, denial, acceptance, and regret. Porter uses colors throughout the story to symbolize emotions and themes. For instance, she describes the day Granny Weatherall is left at the alter by using the colors white to describe her happiness, green to describe the day, and then she jumps to describing the day as a smoky and fiery hell. Another example of symbolism is Porter’s use of light and dark to represent her conscious state and the blurry moments of her illness in between. Granny Weatherall describes seeing her lost child Hapsy as a “gauzy shadow” and the room she is lying in as one with “dark colors with the shadows rising towards the ceiling in long angles” (Porter, 1930). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

As such, while the short story, “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”, is an account of a woman about to die and her attempts to come to terms with it, the author uses various literary devices to help portray this character portrait of an old sick woman. She uses various literary devices such as stream-of-consciousness, metaphors, and symbolism.


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The TED talk revolves around the concept of power. The speaker, Eric Liu, creates a link between civics and power. The topic covers ways by which American citizens can become more productive in their citizenship. Essentially, a significant portion of the American citizenship thrives in the dark with regards to power. This results in low civic engagement and low participation of citizens in the ways by which they are governed. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The speaker explores three distinct components in his talk. To begin with, the speaker describes the terms power and civics. Power is the ability of one to influence the choices of another individual. Alternatively, civics refers to the art of being an active and informed citizen in one’s country. Many people fear the term power as it is associated with evil. A large number of individuals are unaware that they can also become powerful. The few individuals, who are aware of the potentials that come with power, comprise the leaders in government and business sectors. Secondly, the speaker addresses the prevalence of ignorance on power in the society. The majority of the people in the society want nothing to do with power. They would rather be volunteers who follow the wills of the few individuals in power. This inspires feelings of resignation and curtails one’s participation in their government. Lastly, the talk addresses the manner in which power can be reinforced in the city. The city is the best place to practice power in the 21st century. This is because, in an increasingly localized citizenship structure, power tends to flow into the city. Essentially, power is becoming decentralized, and these components could be of help in the making of a better citizen.

Conclusively, before the talk, it had always been my belief that power was a gift, which was limited to only a few lucky individuals. Nonetheless, the talk indicates the possibility of an individual to develop the components of power. Through knowledge and constant introspection, one can transform from being a passive observer to an active participant in their government. Likewise, I am now aware that power begins with the small actions. It begins when one decides to change their immediate realities.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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Initial Overview of the Paper
This paper presents the view that the current methodology surrounding biofilm dispersal is an insufficient mechanism for current industrial processes given its uncontrollable nature. As such, the use of an artificial hydrogel matrix to contain the biofilm was proposed to mitigate the dispersal rate and make it more industrially applicable. The contents of the paper are well-researched and gives a thorough examination of the processes that go into biofilm creation, what are the current caveats to the approach, and what methods can be implemented to resolve the identified issues.

However, the level of detail in the paper can work against it since only a person familiar with the subject-matter would be able to immediately understand the terminologies, techniques, and processes that were mentioned. This would not be a concern if the paper were primarily intended for publication in a research journal or slated for review mainly by peers within their respective department within a university. If it was meant for members of the general public, it is unlikely they would be able to understand it without a significant rehashing of the content to make it more understandable.

Overall, the paper is an excellent example of a scientific study but could have done without the use of overly complicated terminologies which hinder rather than improve the flow of the text. While it is true that complex vocabularies enable a paper to show academic competence, they should be used sporadically for laying out the information in an easy to read fashion.

Examination of Introduction
The introduction does an excellent job introducing what biofilms are, their potential applications and the current research gap that the study is attempting to resolve. From a formatting and citation point of view, the introduction is well-done and fulfills all the requirements of an academic paper. It does a good job of transitioning readers from the background of biofilms to what the study intends to investigate and how the subsequent chapters of the paper will go about doing so.

Examining the Literature Review
The literature review of the paper is quite expansive and goes over many aspects related to biofilms, the bacteria that will be used in the study, some of the processes that will be implemented and what methods are frequently used for this type of experimentation. Ordinarily, an expansive literature review is a positive addition to paper since it helps readers to understand the process that will be utilized for scientific experimentation and the intended outcomes.

However, after going over the literature review in this paper, there seems to be a lot of superfluous content. Yes, a background on the process that you will use is necessary, but there must be a balance between structured content and elaboration. In this case, the balance is tipped towards elaboration. The literature content should have focused briefly on the history of biofilms, a background on how biofilms are naturally and scientifically induced, what are the current processes used by various industries, and why your proposed method using hydrogel is superior.

This is not to say that the literature review section does not positively contribute to the study, it does, but readers would be lost in the background of the study rather in the intended process that you want to implement. Scientific research papers typically place emphasis on the process rather than on an expansive history of the materials involved.

Examining the Process Utilized in the Study for the Hydrogel Encapsulation of the Biofilms
The next chapter of the study delved into the process of hydrogel encapsulation of the biofilms. Overall, the researchers did an excellent job when it came to portraying the methods that they utilized to obtain their desired study results. First, it is important to note that detail is everything when it comes to a scientific study since a review board can pick apart the methods that you have utilized. This is to determine whether the process was capable of producing the desired results and if the results you have match up with the methodology that you used.

To address this issue, the study extensively employed a wide variety of graphs and charts which documented the process and reaction that came about. What is nice to see in this study is the use of various illustrations which are usually eschewed in most academic papers. This is a nice change of pace since it helps readers see the processes involved and the reactions that took place.

Examining the RNA extraction methods and Quorum sensing system
In chapters four and five of the paper, the researchers presented their method of RNA extraction and the regulation of the hydrogel-based film via a quorum sensing system. The methods presented, after reading through other similar studies for clarification, seem sound and well-presented. As mentioned in the previous section, the extensive illustrations used in this study are a very helpful way for readers to visualize what the researchers did and the intended results. In fact, the researchers really should be commended since instead of simply adding pictures; a significant effort was made wherein the illustrations depicted the individual steps they took to implement the RNA extraction and quorum sensing.

Combined with the tables and graphs that they utilized, readers can see the individual outputs of each step and determine their validity. This helps in any evaluation process of their work and definitely, makes it easier to determine the veracity of their approach. The only drawback that can be taken from these chapters is that some of the tables were far too extensive. Yes, they contribute towards justifying the methods used and the accuracy of the results; however, it is likely that most readers would skip over most of them just to get the rest of the text of these chapters. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The researchers should have placed the most extensive tables in the appendix section of the paper and put the label “please see appendix for the expanded table”. This would have made this section easier to read and far less bulky. One of the problems with this part is that the researchers seem to have a habit of placing expansive definitions behind the process before stating the results. Technically, this is fine, since it helps readers understand what a particular process does and the intended effect, but this would have been better suited in the literature review section of the study.

Yes, background information is relevant, but it seems superfluous since this part should primarily deal with the outcomes of the research with the literature review primarily being intended for defining the process. It was mentioned earlier on in the evaluation that the problem with the literature review is that it was not process oriented. The sheer amount of background process definitions in chapter four and five shows why this becomes an issue later on in a paper if a researcher wants to justify why a particular method was used over another.

One possible way this could have been handled would have been to place the background of the processes in the literature review and debate their merits there instead of in this segment. However, this does not mean that it is not a good part; rather, it is more accurate to state that the section could have been improved to a greater degree if the researchers had taken this into consideration.

Examining the Regulation of Biofilm Development
The quality of the content in this section of the paper is similar to what has already been mentioned in this paper wherein the researchers were able to show the effectiveness of their process when compared to other biofilm development methods. Overall, this section was better than chapters four and five since it went straight to the point regarding the methods utilized. One rather odd thing that the researchers did was add in a very brief introduction to the history of bio-film surface associated microbial communities.

While placing the information itself may not seem odd, it was already mentioned in the literature review section and is not necessary for this section of the study. Aside from this, the researchers did extensively document and justify the use of their design for a gradient-generation flow cell and how its use helps to create the intended effect that they were going for. It would have been nice if they transferred this to the literature review instead of placing it here. They could have mentioned that this was the design they were going for and justified it there instead of having to justify it in this section.

This particular argument was referred to in the previous part of this review and shows why delving into the process instead of just details in the literature review is a preferred approach in many studies. If they had done this, they could have gone directly into the results instead of having to justify the process used. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Examining the Conclusion
Overall, the study showed the effectiveness of a hydrogel mix as a platform to analyze the impact of particular chemicals on biofilms. The conclusion is short, details exactly what was done and helped to showcase the potential implications of the study on this type of research approach.

The recommendation section also helps point future researchers on the right path when it comes to future studies and contributes to explaining gaps in the research approach that other studies could take advantage of.

Overall Impression of the Study
This was an excellent study to read since it delved into the creation of a new way in which research can be done to examine the impact of chemicals on particular biofilms. This can help environmental analysts consider how man-made chemicals can interact with natural environments and the potential adverse implications this would have. Do note though that the study did have some undesirable aspects such as the way in which the literature review section was made and the impact this had on the subsequent chapters of the paper. However, this is a relatively minor issue since the paper is still quite good and an excellent contribution to current scientific studies on biofilms.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

What The Researchers Should Have Done
The main caveats that prevent this paper from being great are the way in which they presented information on the processes used in the study. They should have focused on processes in the literature review and justified their use there. Aside from this, some of the tables were far too expansive to be placed in the central part of the paper. They should have been mentioned in passing, and if the readers were interested in more details, they could have referred them to the Appendix of the paper. All in all, though, the paper is good but could have been much better.


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The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing Book Review

The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing is a book written by Bryan A. Garner and is based on the different aspects of business writing. It focuses on how to help people come up with different business writing styles. It summarizes the quality of work based on the manner in which the readers are likely to respond. It uses examples such as unanswered emails and business writing that makes people ask more questions than the information they are expected to acquire from the business materials. This book was published by the Harvard Business Review Press in 2012. This book was dedicated to J.P. Allen, who was the author’s longtime friend. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

This book is well written and understands the different persons involved in the reading of business writing. For instance, in business, people can write with the target audience being the clients or the stakeholders. It would be a good thing for whatever is written to answer all the questions likely to be asked by the respondents. Some of the topics included in this book include Guides on making all meetings matter, managing stress, project management, persuasive presentations, giving effective feedback, better business writing, finance basics for Managers, getting the needed mentoring, getting the right work done, and getting the right job (Garner, 2012, p. 5). While it focuses on all these business aspects, the key focus is on writing in the best way. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

All people have challenges in writing and need to be pointed in the right direction. According to Garner, this can be achieved when people choose to sharpen their writing skills. This requires that people understand the content of their writing. For instance, if one needs to convince the clients to buy the products, they should know what they can use and what to avoid. For instance, writing to a Muslim population with the aim of selling pork would make people have poor business writing skills. He states that people would often assume that good business writing is not a big deal, but it could cost companies a lot of money. Joan also argues that poor business writing could easily cost people their careers and businesses (Killeen, 2013, p. n.p). In addition, it links business writing to the impressions people are likely to have whenever they have interviews. During interviews, people should consider the use of professional Business writing skills as this would make the interviewers have faith in their ability to help achieve the company objectives.

It also stresses that redundant writing makes people create a poor impression, especially in the first instances. He argues that a good content should be precise and have all the information that one needs. This way, the readers will spend a shorter time in accessing the main information. This applies to different forms of business writing such as Emails, Memos, Reports, Business Letters, and Performance Appraisals among many others (Garner, 2012). The use of examples shows how the same message, initially made using redundant words can be made precise to pass the same meaning. Even as a reader, I find it simpler to understand the shorter and precise examples rather than the redundant ones. It helps in saving time for both the reader and the writer. Garner also uses the situation of a blind beggar with a sign that states, “I am blind” to show the impact that content in a message can portray (Garner, 2012). The sign is later changed to “It is spring, and I am blind.” The difference between these two cases is that the latter made the beggar get his cup full of coins.

In the business context, content is also important. When people choose a poor choice of words, it becomes easier for businesses to make poor decisions. For instance, a Memo could easily be misinterpreted by people in an organization and in the process, the objectives of such a meeting are not achieved. The same could also happen to a company looking to convince an investor could also loose in the process by either overstating or understating the required amount. In addition to the content, he also argues that one can choose the right set of words to trigger the desired reaction from the reader. The reactions triggered from the three examples include friendly, hostility, and urgent tones (Garner, 2012, p. 27). It is a reality that people should understand the right instances to use such different tones. From a personal perspective, I think the second example serves as the best as it maintains both a professional and friendly tone between the tenant and landlord. It is obvious that good relationships are key to successful businesses. Therefore, a friendly and professional relationship would suit both the tenant and landlord for future experiences.

Recap is also an important feature in communication. Even the three letter examples in which tones are discussed have the main message included in the first paragraph. This way, it becomes simpler for the reader to understand what the body entails. Given the fact that business letters are professional, it makes sense to focus on the agenda and less on the social obligations associated with greetings. Recap and tones are a critical combination for any business writing. For instance, when people understand the amount of time on the hands of the readers, they can know the best tones to use. However, when such information is uncertain, it would be considerable for the writer to use a professional tone. Garner also states that if one has the chance, then he/she should choose the most intelligent person as the audience (Garner, 2012, p. 32). [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Therefore, The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing is a well-written book that enlightens people on being the best writers. It relies on many examples to show some of the suggested changes people ought to make, and that makes it very professional. In addition, people can use the examples to understand the best instances to use the different writing styles. All people venture into the business world with the aim to make profits, and that relies on how they express themselves. This makes Garner’s book important to all people looking to create the best impression with whatever Business writing in which they involve themselves.


Garner, B. A. (2012). The HBR Guide to Better Business WritingGuide to better Business Writing, 1-241. Retrieved September 8, 2016

Killeen, J. (2013, March 25). Poor Writing Skills Lead to Lost Business and Career Paralysis. Executive Education, 1. Retrieved September 8, 2016, from Executive Education.


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Tolstoy’s short story “The Death of Ivan Ilych” focuses primarily on terminal illness of the main character Ivan Ilych.  It begins by discussing the effects of his passing on his co-workers and his family, who are primarily concerned with the ways in which they stand to individually benefit from his death.  This sets the scene for the rest of the story, which elucidates the details of Ivan’s personal and professional life and the prolonged period of suffering leading up to his death.  During this period he confronts his own mortality and the nature of suffering more generally, in the process attempting to furnish answers to the question of why he has been doomed to this fate.  Over the course of his downward spiral he is forced to confront both the shame of being incapacitated and in failing health, and ultimately the shame of having lived a life that was based on lies and deception.  The other characters in the story push his suffering to the side in order to avoid confronting their own feelings of guilt and shame, but Ivan finds himself unable to continue ignoring these major themes due to the isolation induced by his illness.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The motif of shame and how it colors social interactions first comes up when Ivan begins to experience difficulty performing his normal professional and social functions.  At first his colleagues and supposed friends continue to visit him at his home and he is able to maintain the facade of continuing a normal social life.  However after they leave he is “left alone with the consciousness that his life was poisoned and was poisoning the lives of others” (Tolstoy, P31).  Although he has not yet accepted that his illness is terminal, he does recognize that it is dramatically affecting his state of mind in addition to his body and that his previously lighthearted and frivolous mental state is deteriorating along with his internal organs.  This impacts both his social and professional life by instilling in him feelings of inferiority and shame at his own deteriorating state.  Before he withdraws from his judicial work he finds that he is unable to concentrate on the professional tasks that had formerly distracted him from other serious deficits in his life, leaving his work “with the sorrowful consciousness that his judicial labours could not as formerly hide from him what he wanted them to hide” (Tolstoy, P37).  Not only is he ashamed of his diminishing professional and social capacities, but he is also becoming unable to continue using them as a means of distracting himself from the unfulfilling nature of the rest of his life.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Ivan is able to put off any confrontation with the underlying problems his lifestyle has posed for most of the duration of his illness.  The sources of his shame up until the very end are more immediate and tangible.  When he first becomes incontinent and requires the help of his servants even to relieve himself he “look[s] with horror at his bare, enfeebled thighs with the muscles so sharply marked on them” (Tolstoy, P39) and feels embarrassed by the need for help engaging in “that disgusting task” (Tolstoy, P39).  He comes to terms relatively quickly with the effects on his mental institution of his physical deterioration and is primarily bothered by how those around him are responding to it.  He sees how “The awful, terrible act of his dying was…reduced by those about him to the level of a casual, unpleasant, and almost indecorous incident” (Tolstoy, P41).  He notes that the mechanism for other people’s denial of his suffering is “that very decorum which he had served all his life long” (Tolstoy, P41), implying that he is beginning to understand that his life may not have been as perfect as he had thought it to be.  At this point in his illness he is still able to ignore the true nature of the life he had built for himself, shifting the blame for his feelings of guilt and inadequacy onto his physical deterioration and the responses of those around him to seeing his suffering.

It is not until he realizes that he will not be recovering that he must come to terms with the meaninglessness of the life that he had lived.  As he begins to evaluate his past, “all that had then seemed joys now melted before his sight and turned into something trivial and often nasty” (Tolstoy, P50).  In fact what he had interpreted as his life’s greatest accomplishments and joyous occasions seem nasty to him now because they were so trivial.  Ivan still has not accepted full responsibility for the path his life has taken, but he is beginning to question at least whether or not he has reason to believe that the decisions he made in alienating friends and relatives that were not of his social position and fixating on portraying himself and his family as being more affluent than they were should be cause for feelings of guilt.  Even his illness itself can be attributed to his frivolous materialism.  When he realizes that his pain began when he injured himself hanging a fancy curtain rod that he could not actually afford, he admits to himself, “I lost my life over that curtain as I might have done when storming a fort…How terrible and how stupid. It can’t be true! It can’t, but it is” (Tolstoy, P38).  Like his life, the circumstances of his death are nasty in their triviality.  Along with the recognition that those around him are denying the validity of his suffering due to the sense of decorum that is the driving force behind all of their lives, this realization helps to propel Ivan toward his ultimately being forced to take responsibility for the path his life has taken.  In so doing he rejects the initial sources of his shame and discomfort, which he had identified as his physical infirmity and the discomfort it elicits in those around him, and acknowledges its underlying source: that he has not lived as he ought to have lived.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This is an extremely difficult and hard won realization for Ivan, who had spent his entire life creating the elaborate illusion of affluence and satisfaction.  He repeatedly comes to the conclusion that the only possible reason for someone to be suffering as he is would be that they had not lived life as they should have, and repeatedly rejects it.  He asks himself, “how could that be when I did everything so properly?” (Tolstoy, P51) and “recalled the correctness of his whole life” (Tolstoy, P51).  It is important to note that as he convinces himself that he has lived a good life his qualifiers for deserving not to suffer are “correctness” and “proper” living, rather than being a good person, caring about or trying to help others, or even seeking out personal satisfaction.  He recalls “all the legality, correctitude, and propriety of his life” (53) and uses these ideas to support his refusal of the possibility that the true source of his suffering and his shame is, in fact, the prioritizing of these supposed virtues over what really matters.  The same sense of decorum that causes all of Ivan’s friends, family, and even doctors to refuse to acknowledge that he is dying is what led him to make life choices that precluded true satisfaction in favor of appearance.

Finally, after weeks of extreme suffering, Ivan is able to come to terms with the question that he has been so carefully avoiding: “What if my whole life has been wrong?” (Tolstoy, P54).  It is looking at the “sleepy, good-natured face” (Tolstoy, P54) of his servant Gerasim, who is the only person willing to acknowledge Ivan’s suffering and impending death, that prompts him to sincerely evaluate this question.  In comparison with his family and colleagues of much higher social status, Gerasim is sincere and selfless, going out of his way not only to help Ivan but to make him feel less ashamed of his condition.  When he compares this to his own personality and accomplishments, he is able to see more clearly that his priorities had been wrong from the beginning.  Tolstoy points out that “It occurred to him that his scarcely perceptible attempts to struggle against what was considered good by the most highly placed people, those scarcely noticeable impulses which he had immediately suppressed, might have been the real thing and the rest false” (Tolstoy, P55).  He realizes finally that retreating into his professional duties instead of spending time with his family, always seeking more money and prestige in his work rather than work that was satisfying in its own right, and placing his own frivolous desires above the needs of others has caused him to live a life that was built on deception and keeping up appearances rather than genuine interaction and personal satisfaction.  Although he tries to defend these priorities to himself, he realizes in the end that “There was nothing to defend” (Tolstoy, P55).  It had seemed to him that he should feel ashamed of his inability to perform professional functions and keep up appearances for those around him, when in the end his shame is more rightfully rooted in the very desire to do perform those actions.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Possibly the most depressing aspect of Ivan’s changing relationship with pride and shame in “The Death of Ivan Ilych” is his inability to share his revelations with the many other characters living the same lifestyle and guilty of keeping the same priorities.  By the time he has come to an accurate understanding of his own life and what is really important, he doesn’t even have the strength to speak.  As is evidenced throughout the story from his funeral in the opening scene through his interactions with his doctors and his family and avoidant friends, all of the aristocratic characters in the story prioritize appearance and decorum over genuine relationships and personal satisfaction.  Perhaps in coming to terms with the deeply flawed way of viewing life that he and everyone around him had created, Ivan as a character has helped readers of Tolstoy’s story to recognize similarities in their own lives and that is what provides redemption.


Tolstoy, Lev Nikolayevich. (2013). “The Death of Ivan Ilych.” (Maude, Louise & Aylmer,
Trans.). Electronic Classics Series. (Original work published 1886)


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The 21st century has marked growth in technology use, and it promises to see an additional step towards the same. People have become so reliant on technology, and that shows why this millennium is known as the Technology Era. Many people have argued that technology has had its boons and banes, and this is true based on the facts presented by both sides. This technological phase is marked with more than just the use of machines. People now have equipment used in different sectors. Governments, schools, hospitals, industries and even businesses now rely on businesses to deliver goods and services to their target populations. This documentary was produced by Rachel Dretzin studies the effects of the internet on different people and the current level of this predicament. It would be significant to note that the internet marks one of the greatest leaps in technology and people have embraced this in different parts of the world. This raises the question as to whether internet addiction has managed to affect people unknowingly and the effectiveness of the Internet Free Centers in South Korea.

According to Rachel, South Korea is one of the most affected nations. The most affected categories of persons in South Korea are children. The ages of these children vary but then they are all addicted to the online gaming. The South Korean government has come up with Free Internet Rescue camps in which people are rehabilitated. What makes the situation even worse is the presence of gaming cybers. These business places are booming with all computer rows parked with mainly Korean teenagers and younger working population. Many studies have been carried out on the ability of people to use the internet for different options. Some people argue that the internet has enabled them to perform different activities within a shorter time. Even the older people admit that they can now accomplish more tasks with the use of the internet than they could have done in the past. This is seen when a couple in the video admits that they can now go on vacations and know everything that takes place back at home. In the past, people were unable to do so, and that meant the leaving of a person (family friend) to ensure everything is kept safe. Now, people can just install security systems in their houses and monitor everything while away.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This documentary shares many interesting parts that would make any person raise multiple questions. When a study is conducted on the ability of people to multitask while using the internet, the results are unexpected. It shows that the involved persons were slower when it came to switching and took a relatively longer time adjusting to the new activities. Some of the examples provided to show such an example is when someone is writing a script on their Personal Computer and then switches to use Google to satisfy a risen curiosity on a different subject. Another instance is where students use the internet in class to help them understand new concepts instead of asking the same from the lecturer. In this case, the student is likely to stop listening to the lecture and concentrate on the new information from Google. The lecturer’s statements confirm this by confirming that the questions set on the student’s exam were basic questions that any student would have easily passed. However, the average score was 75%, which is very low for the Stanford University.

Another interesting part is the fact that the human brain is more active when using Google than when using books for research. One would assume that when reading books, one has to concentrate more on all pages and chapters to find the specified content while this is not the case. The researcher argues that the brain is more active while using Google because the brain has not fully understood the manner in which it operates. This does not make sense especially given the fact that many people assume that the use of Google and Wikipedia gives students a shallow depth of reading. Even many students could easily use the findings of this study to prove to a majority of the critic lecturers that the use of the internet for study purposes is actually good for their mental health.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The oddest part of the different studies in this documentary is when people fail to understand how the digital platform took over their lives. The example of a woman whose finds all her family members using different electronic gadgets. It makes very little sense for people to claim that they never noticed the digital platforms taking over their homes. Even while considering their lives, the takeover has been progressive. For instance, when trains were discovered, people were happy that they could traverse a large part of America. This shows people accepting technology in the transport sector. Later on, the electric trains were introduced, and people marked this as an accomplishment. The fact that people always accept the new inventions then later claim that technology has taken over their lives is odd. Even in the case of the woman in the documentary that her husband and older son using laptops and other children using her iPhone shows that she has been ignorant. It is obvious that she once used the landline telephones for communication and later upgraded to her current iPhone. Many people upgrade to smartphones due to the added features such as cameras and internet access. For the case of laptops, people used Macintosh in the past but have changed to use laptops because of better performance.

Another odd instance, when a researcher conducts a study to test the ability of people to multitask and how effective they would be in engaging in the provided tasks. The irony of this study is that it relies on technology while attempting to prove that internet and use of digital gadgets is actually harmful and limits people’s potential in doing different things. The mere aspect that the results have been digitized shows that the digital era cannot be eradicated since even the persons engaged in enlightening people on its effects still rely on it for research purposes. Even the lecturer that states that the digital era negatively affects students also contradicts himself by using the same platforms to lecture the students. One would ask whether there are any negative effects that the same digital platforms affect his lecturing skills. This creates much room for controversy in as far as his statement is concerned.

The Effectiveness of South Korea’s Internet Free Centers
While the South Korean government admits that Internet addiction is a problem in South Korea, one would wonder the effectiveness of the Internet Free Center camps. The use of therapeutic approach towards solving the internet addiction issue is South Korea appears to be effective. According to Montag (2015), states that the use of Neuroscientific and Therapeutical approaches would best suit the affected persons of South Korea (Montag & Reuter, 2015). It is argued that Internet Addiction is purely psychological, and such people have to be approached in a manner that provides them with an ideal environment. In this case, the Internet Free Centers usually provide people with a room in which they have no access to cell phones or any other gadget that would help them gain access to online gaming.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Once people have been subjected to such an environment, they will then be engaged in talks. All persons are supposed to contribute towards the talks by sharing their personal experiences. The main factor is for people with a common issue to help each other find a solution to their online gaming addiction. The reason behind the sharing of experiences is to help people understand and admit their situation. Some people always argue that they are not addicts and go ahead to compare themselves with some who show extreme signs of addiction (DRETZIN & RUSHKOFF, 2010).

Therefore, South Korea is most affected, and this shows why the documentary chose to use it for most examples. The introduction of Internet Free Centers is likely to help to change the situation and make people productive once again. For instance, the documentary shows a mother that is losing her son to online gaming addiction. Even after being enrolled to the Center, he shows no signs of interest but this is likely to change once he admits that he is an addict. The good thing is that he has accepted to attend the center sessions. On the case of how people claim that the Digital Era has crept up on them is not logical since all development tends to be progressive. By constantly upgrading our systems, we accept the use of different digital platforms, and this includes in our homes too. This documentary relates to the previous MCBS courses in it shows the value of internet usage in different classes. This is reflected in the fact that it dominates different school aspects such as student online portals. In addition, it also shows the effects of multitasking when it comes to classwork. From a personal perspective, I expect the digital era to keep growing and we as the users have to understand the limits to which we can rely on the different digital platforms.


DRETZIN, R., & RUSHKOFF, D. (Directors). (2010). Digital Nation [Motion Picture].

Montag, C., & Reuter, M. (2015). Internet AddictionNeuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Interventions, 1-242.


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 The War on Terror

The response of the U.S. Government after the 9/11 attacks resulted in various measures aimed at increasing public confidence in government, curtailing operations of terrorist cells worldwide, and reducing possibilities of such attacks. Some of these steps may be deemed excessive or limiting the freedoms of citizens and infringing on human rights in foreign nations, but are arguably necessary to protect the country from terrorism. As much as some legislations resulting from the September 11 events may seem to cause an emergence of fear, its contribution towards curtailing terror attacks and the sponsors of such warfare is the most significant. The term ‘War on Terror’ in itself, can, therefore, be argued as a justifiable effort by government arms in the prevention of terror activities worldwide. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The administration of the time declared war on the Al Qaeda, which has resulted in the changing of the worldview on combating terrorist attacks. These attempts included the instillation military sanctions of nations in the Middle East, resulting in wars that led to significant costs to both sides. However, the benefits of these attempts are observable when one considers the overthrow of terrorist organizations such as the Taliban and the Al Qaeda (Mythen, 2016). The interest of the US in these regions also motivated the contribution of other nations to which the war on terror was scaled globally. For the benefit of warfare on the global level, the initial response in carrying out investigations and securing the rest of the nation was limited in size, with the response of non-governmental organizations being more significant. In this regard, the limited capacity of the federal government necessitated the contributions of state resources and the involvement of the lower tiers of government. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Mythen (2016) goes on to write that the ability of the government of the time to such calamities was limited by the lack of experience with attacks of such magnitude. Mobilization of resources was done much later on after the effects of the assault had set in, and with the increasing of confusion, racially instigated protests and violence had erupted. The contribution of politicians in addressing the issue, for example, was delayed long enough to permit the growth or hate and resentment against communities. As Mythen (2016) asserts, the measures in curbing the travel and interaction of persons of Middle Eastern descent with other Americans fuelled the increase of hate and fear on religious and racial grounds. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

According to Prieto (2009), The Patriot Act solely facilitated the increase in national security through the active detection and prosecution of persons involved in terror-related crimes. Its abilities, as per its provisions, empower the American government and its arms to gather intelligence and carry out operations with minimal consultations or permissions. Such access and freedoms allow functioning of security arms without consultation of other units of the government, and in this way, rapid response and handling of terrorism-related incidents. As much as these provisions may allow the formation of rogue units and agents, its contribution towards national security is larger than the social impact it may have on the American society (Prieto, 2009). The comparison of the social consequences of these measures in increasing the confidence of Americans in government and patriotic acts against terrorism also shows an increase, following the enactment. This action cannot be argued as being excessive, as its justification lies in the ability of the government to secure the country against terrorism.

Since the Act was intended to enhance investigations by the federal government into terror activities, each provision allows information sharing and undetected surveillance. Since the interaction between agencies such as the FBI and the CIA are direct contributors to the enhancement of intelligence, its contribution to the efficiency of government bodies is significant (Prieto, 2009). Also, the facilitation of foreign intelligence through several provisions and justified warrants is noteworthy in dealing with sensitive investigations. Since the agencies in questions are empowered with the ability to search and seize evidence, the capacity to deal with illegal trade (drugs and weapons) is enhanced. These illegal activities are commonly linked with the funding to terrorism and an increase in criminal threats in internal security; the ability of each body in the execution of the law is thus enabled in the war on terror (Mythen, 2016). These capabilities can be better appreciated when considering the relationship between internal security and organized crime with its impact on terrorism on an international level.

Information sharing and installation of wiretaps are amongst the most controversial provisions of the act, but also the most critical in the war on terror. The application of these intelligence capacities of the federal government cannot be underplayed when discussing terrorism in the United States. Since these activities fall under the cooperation of the justice and security agencies, the provision of support between these departments is also necessary as defined by provisions of the Act (Prieto, 2009). Through the criminalization of activities that facilitate terrorism by the judicial system, it is possible for agencies to execute the laws and survey investigate and curtail possible terrorist activities that would have otherwise resulted in terror threats to the country. All these efforts, as facilitated by the departments of the federal government, are imperative in the application of the Patriot Act.

On the other hand, the expansion of intelligence and surveillance on a domestic level has contributed towards monitoring and preventing terrorism on a national scale since the 9/11. The participation of intelligence bodies and investigation bureaus in the assessment of threats on a national level is imperative for the increase of internal security and aversion of possible terrorist attacks. These expansions have facilitated the formation of dedicated units to investigate threats deemed significant, and in this way, potential attacks can be investigated by dedicated agents in different agencies (Prieto, 2009). Since the Patriot Act facilitates these agencies, their surveillance programs can operate with minimal approval from the judicial system, which may consume valuable time in investigations of this matter. Therefore, the potential for terrorism can be restrained by the increased activity of dedicated commissions and organizations of the government.

In sum, the models that surround the ability of the United States to deal with internal threats to security necessitate extreme measures. As much as these measures may have socio-cultural influences of fear and interrupt privacy or discretion of citizens, the benefits to such persons are obligatory. It is possible to engage the resources as provided by the federal government by each of these agencies and arms of the government.

QN2: The Role of Population Growth in Water Supply Problems
Population growth strains the available water supply systems, increasing demand for water at various levels of consumption, industrial use, and auxiliary functions that relate to human consumption. The ability of a water supply system to efficiently serve a populace’s needs includes the chemical properties, physical state, and location in the hydrological cycle (Cook & Bakker, 2016). Consumptive use alters the physical and chemical state of water and reduces the usability of such water in successive stages of recycling. Increasing population, therefore, results in the creation of demand and reduction of usability of water resources, either from natural resources or recycling. These effects result from consumptive use, agricultural output (which also increases with population), industrial processes, and their relation to the number of people in a catchment area (Cook & Bakker, 2016). The water cycle is affected by the populace in a number ways. The most significant of these ways relate to consumption, pollution of resources, and non-consumptive use. Since consumptive use reduces the sizes of water resources, especially with increasing populations, there is a reducing volume of freshwater bodies. As an effect of the reduction of such water resources, there is a decrease of the volumes in the cycle, especially within plants, in the atmosphere and solid water reserves. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Consumption alters the location of water in the cycle and reduces sizes, through which instability may set in. Commercial uses of water that are non-consumptive reroute water, with examples of dams and irrigation resulting in similarly oriented disruptions (Cook & Bakker, 2016). Such disruptions stall movement at certain stages and speed up progress at other sections of the cycle. Irrigation, for example, increases evapotranspiration and reduces infiltration and deep percolation. It reallocates water, disrupts movements, and change in state. Water pollution, on the other hand, changes the composition and chemical setup, interrupting interactions between water and the environment. The addition of chemicals through pollution alters the ability to absorb latent heat during evapotranspiration, vaporization, and condensation. ETo, for example, depends on the chemical presence of salts, which may originate from agricultural pollution (Cook & Bakker, 2016). Solutes and contaminants also limit the ability of plants in the uptake of water, and thus stalls the cycle at this stage. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Public Health Concerns Related to Fresh Drinking Water Worldwide
Among the most significant concerns, include the processes of disinfection, water security and availability of freshwater resources. The limitations of technology and resources contribute to the lack of consumption water in developing nations. The concerns of the chlorination of water and its effects in environments where technology may be insufficient (especially in developing countries) surrounds the ability to assess the quality of water (Cook & Bakker, 2016). In this regard, developing countries may not have sufficient technology to carry out a qualitative assessment of water treated for consumption.

Also, water security in dry environments is a concern where the desertification of such regions results in the limited availability of water. Security cannot be assured where the environment does not facilitate underground storage or storage in ice sheets. The availability of resources, therefore, is a concern for regions where water is of low quality or unobtainable for consumption (Cook & Bakker, 2016). Water, in such environments, is limited to obtaining in small volumes, and use is limited. This results in a shortage of clean water for use by an increasing populace.

Why a Source-Separation Recycling Program is More Sustainable than a Centralized Program
The law facilitates the accompaniment of an action by a similarly oriented entropy, which, in such setting is significant towards the molecular disintegration of material within recycling. The Source-Separation approach is based on the application of energy in the disintegration of materials on an elemental level of the materials source as compared to a centralized program (Cook & Bakker, 2016). The comparison, therefore, based on levels of energy needed and the amount of material released in solid form creates a basis to compare sustainability in pollution and energy sustainability (Li, He, & Zeng, 2016). Since a centralized program consumes transportation energy, processing labor and fuel and massive pollution amounts at the central point, it is deemed unsuitable on a large scale, and therefore unsuitable. On the other hand, handling of waste at its origin cuts down energy consumed in the transport and haul processes and increases efficiently of the entire process (Ludwig, Hellweg, & Stucki, 2012). Waste management can be made to produce fewer pollutants from burning by handling it in small portions at its source where materials are separated, reused, and minimal amounts destroyed.

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Prieto, D. (2009). War about terror: Civil liberties and national security after 9/11 (Working Paper). New York, NY: Council on Foreign Relations.


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Brief Summary
The Appiah reading delves into how perspectives can differ from person to person through differences in their cultural and societal background. This means that even if a group of individuals belongs to the same society, how they were raised and the culture they are a part of can result in radically different views. For example, even if two people are American citizens, if one were an Orthodox Jew and the other a Catholic, their opinion regarding the consumption of bacon would differ considerably. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

As such, the reading infers that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” perspective. People will have different opinions which are an immutable and inalienable aspect of the diverse cultures and backgrounds that are inherent in most societies. However, Appiah explains that this does not mean that there can be no middle ground between the different points of view.  There is an inherent willingness to cooperate based on the “social contract” that all individuals who are part of a society enter into. In essence, people find a middle ground with their differing perspectives so that they receive the benefits of being part of society.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Appiah even explains this by stating that there is a willingness to be governed; however, this does not mean that someone has to agree with all the claims and values. People desire to be part of society, so they accept the views of other individuals but have no desire to express it themselves.

Question 2
One of the best examples that captures this moral disagreement is when Appiahmentioned how people perceive family life. In the example, he pointed out how one father regularly ate with his favorite sister, gave money to his nieces and nephews and seemly adopted the role of a second father to them. To most people, this would seem incredibly strange since the man has his own family.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

However, Appiah resolves this by pointing out that what makes sense to a person is inherently influenced by the concepts that they grew up with. This actually makes a lot of sense since values, morality, ethics and what people consider as “normal” are affected by the patterns of behavior that they internalized when they were younger which then solidify as they grow older. For example, many people find it strange that orthodox Jews only eat food that is kosher; many non-Jewish individuals find this behavior very limiting due to the diverse plethora of food that they would be missing out on.

However, on the part of the Orthodox Jew, this behavior is not strange at all since it is an aspect of their cultural heritage and has become so ingrained into their way of thinking that it is not considered unusual at all and is even an essential aspect of their daily life. This shows that while there are shared valued within a society, there are other issues at work which influence how people live their lives.


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Describing the Theories

The Civilizing Process – this is based on the notion that the behaviors and level of self-control needed to abstain from murder is the result of a process wherein the power of the state to enforce the law, prevent civilians from bearing arms and monopolize the use of force creates a situation where they are less inclined to commit murder or other violent crimes.

This theory utilizes examples such as the decline of murders within many Western European countries due to the imposed limitations on gun ownership as well as the implementation of a justice system that seeks to educate rather than incarcerate. As a result, the “Civilizing Process” of Elias transforms a society from one that is oriented towards individuals seeking justice through their own actions, to one where the belief in the current system to do it for them takes precedent.

Losing Legitimacy – this theory is connected to the faith of the public in their government. Crimes rates increase in cases where there is a decline in public faith while they subsequently decrease when there is a belief in the government. This was noted in during the Vietnam war wherein public dissatisfaction over the government’ involvement in the Vietnam conflict resulted in a rising crime rate. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

This theory concludes that for murder rates to drop, there must be public trust in the officials they elected, in the capacity of the government to enforce laws and the presence of a level of solidarity among members of a community.

2. In a sense, yes it can be stated that the U.S. is a violent society based on its history. As seen in the video “Violence: An American Tradition,” concepts such as dehumanization, the influence of the connection between masculinity and violence on children and glamorization of violence as a way to gain fame has impacted the way in which the country perceives it. Its influence has become so endemic in American society that violence has even become a popular form of entertainment for the masses as seen in the sheer popularity of violent movies and shows like the UFC.

However, it should be noted that violence is not necessarily what people want to happen to them. While the media may glamorize it, few people want to commit acts of violence on their neighbors. This is why external influences, such as alcohol, are needed to lower a person’s inhibitions to make them more susceptible towards committing violent acts. People are not born inherently violent; it is often the case that the external influences they are exposed to impacts how they perceive particular actions and behaviors and the resulting emulation that occurs because of it.

3. The past affecting the present can be seen in the current gun violence plaguing American and how this is connected to the American Revolution. In “Violence: An American Tradition” it was noted that the proliferation of arms in the U.S. was connected to American Revolution wherein the citizens of the colonies used their own weapons to liberate themselves from British rule. It is due to this that the right to bear arms has become an intrinsic aspect of American law and its culture.

However, as seen in the Aurora Theater massacre, the Sandy Hook shooting, and the recent Texas sniper incident, guns are increasingly making their way into the hands of people of dubious mental capabilities. This is not a recent trend; rather, it has continued unabated since American citizens were allowed to bear firearms. Considering the fact that other first world countries that have implemented strict gun ownership laws do not have the same amount of shooting related deaths shows the impact of American Revolution on current government policies and how it is likely to result in even more deaths in the future if nothing is done to resolve this issue.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]