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Civil Rights
There are many different civil right events that occurred in America’s past that have shaped the way that the populace and government interact today. These events had the power to shift American policy and influence a sense of social responsibility in the American government, leading them to change the way they responded to social justice acts in the future. Two events in particular helped to shape the way African Americans were seen and treated in our country. The first was the admission and enrollment of James Meredith at the University of Mississippi in 1965 (University of Mississippi, 2012). James Meredith was a brave African American who was the first black student to ever enroll at this University. His admission sparked riots and violence throughout the city as more bigoted people protested, which resulted in five thousand troops being sent to the state by President Kennedy (University of Mississippi, 2012). When Meredith was admitted, the Federal Government expected a response, as the state of Mississippi had protested and refused to comply with desegregation rulings. By the government standing by Meredith on his admission to the University of Mississippi, they paved the way for other students to gain the same opportunities, essentially battling for desegregation throughout the state of Mississippi (University of Mississippi, 2012). Since then, the University has continued fighting for diversity within its schools, and recognizes the struggles diverse students went through in the 1960s and 1970s through commemorative events, such as their 50 Years of Integration Event which took place in 2012 (University of Mississippi, 2012). The second key civil rights event to shape future American policy was the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 (Nobel Prize, 2016). King was a huge social activist, and president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and throughout the 50s and 60s, spent much time appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action. He spoke for freedom and at the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the youngest man to have received the Nobel Peace Prize (Nobel Prize, 2016). His assassination sparked protests and movements across the United States, and as a tribute to him the government continues to further his causes through national holidays and memorials (Biography.com, 2016). In the present day, the contributions of activists such as James Meredith and Martin Luther King, Jr. have shaped the way Americans see public policy, and has forced the populace to remember and respect the sacrifices they made to create a better country. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The Media’s Influence on Public Opinions
The media is a powerful modern outlet of information that has a huge capability to influence the opinions of the public on matters pertaining to government agencies. While the media’s influence is largely deemed as a negative outlet, it has the capacity to produce positive ones as well. An example of the media producing a powerful positive influence was during the 1991 North Iraq Operation. During this operation, the media portrayed the Kurds as starving and freezing victims, making the public feel sympathy for them and demanding a response from the government (Guiboa, 2003). As a result of the American’s quick and effective humanitarian aid of the Kurds, potentially thousands of lives were saved, and the media portrayed the Americans and their government as heroes (Guiboa, 2003). The vividness of the television images displayed, and the effective aid of the government resulted in the media positively influencing the public’s opinion towards the American government and the military. While the media has the power to positively influence public opinions, it also has the ability to drastically influence pubic opinions negatively. An example of this is during the Somalia crisis of the 1990s. In 1992, positive support of Somalian intervention was created due to pictures of starving children within the country (Guiboa, 2003). After the American Military intervened later, the pictures of dead and wounded soldiers caused a public outcry demanding their return to the country (Guiboa, 2003). Due to the initial public outcry to intervene in the Somalian civil war, President Bush quickly sent in ground troops without carefully inspecting and evaluating the situation. As a result, the ground troops were sent in with a distinct disadvantage, resulting in injury and death (Guiboa, 2003). Once the media displayed these images and informed the public of what had occurred, there was a huge public outcry to bring all soldiers home (Guiboa, 2003). The media coverage of this incident negatively influenced the public’s opinion of the Bush Administration and the American Military, causing anger and distrust towards them. While the media has the power to strongly influence the public’s opinion of the American Government and its Agencies, this influence can go either way, resulting in drastically positive or negative outcomes. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The Republican and Democratic Parties
The political landscape of the United States is dominated by the Republican and Democratic parties. While both parties have policies that they agree on, there are many things that cause discord between them as well. The first example of the differences between the two parties are their stances on equality and gay marriage. The Republican Party tends to behave more conservative on these types of social issues, and as such, typically oppose gay marriage and instead promote marriage between a man and a woman (Enki Village, 2016). In contrast, the Democratic Party is much more progressive in its views and believe that marriage is based on love, and can be between any combination of man or woman (Enki Village, 2016). The ethical impacts of these views can negatively affect many different types of people. For instance, conservative Americans may take offense to these views, as they go against what they believe in, while liberal Americans may take offense to the views of the conservatives. Another example of the differences between the Republican and Democratic parties is their views on healthcare. The Democratic Party generally believes and prefers in government regulation and oversight of the health care system, through things such as the Affordable Care Act (Knight, 2016). Their underlying goal in healthcare policy is to make affordable healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of economic standing (Knight, 2016). Conversely, the Republican Party opposes the Affordable Care Act, as they believe that too much government intervention in the industry will drive up prices and have a negative impact on quality of care in clinical institutions (Knight, 2016). These differences in opinion between the two parties results in much ethical discord among the American populace. Both examples show instances where refuting the attempts of the Democratic Party may adversely affect many American citizens, such as the LGBTQ community, and the low-income communities. In addition to this, the acts and the opinions of the Democratic Party offends members of the Republican Party, and causes them monetary distress in terms of taxes. Overall, both parties wish to positively represent the American people and make the country the best it can be, however the ways in which each party does this can either positively or negatively affect certain communities of American citizens. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

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Electrical power plays an integral part in the daily human activities. It is the driving force behind the industrial revolution and the drive behind increased innovation. Electricity is employed in large-scale industries for the production of goods and services. Households also use electricity for basic functions such as cooking, ironing, and warming. Essentially, the 21st-century human progression is largely driven by electric power. Every gadget, equipment, and technological component is dependent on electric power. Electric power comprises the indispensable factor in all industrial activities. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

The electrical systems of Saskatchewan serve many people. The systems serve households as well companies within the Saskatchewan locality. This paper is a detailed examination of the influences of electricity systems in the Northern region. It further examines the major electrical provider in the area, the government-owned SaskPower Company. It tracks the progress of the company and the challenges it faces in generation of power for the Northern area of Saskatchewan. Generation of electricity affects the environment. Essentially, as more and more electric power is produced, the more detrimental the production process is to the environment. Therefore, the paper will review all generation capacity sources. Lastly, the paper details the Northern Saskatchewan region demographics and creates a linkage between the geographical components and the productive activities of the company SaskPower. 
Electric power is majorly a public good. Even though the production of electricity may be undertaken by a private entity, the process is often subject to government regulation. This is often intended to protect the consumer against exploitation by unscrupulous private entities. Compared to other sources of energy such as coal, the production of electricity is subject to lower capital turnover. The Saskatchewan electricity systems are a reflection of the production processes that many electrical companies execute. Through the study of SaskPower, the role of electrical companies in the society will be established. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


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My mid term action plan was based on the issue of racial discrimination of members of the Black community in the name of profiling. I have made substantial progress in enlightening members of the neighborhood on the unfair mechanisms used by the law enforcement in selecting the persons for profiling. I have managed to mobilize a team of members to help in the spread of this message. The group includes both the members of the Black and other communities. Our neighborhood has people with different racial backgrounds. In the process of creating this awareness, I chose to enlighten people on this issue without targeting specific law enforcement officers. The original plan was to use the internet to make people in the neighborhood, and all parts of the world know about this issue of racial profiling. I chose to focus on the neighborhood first as the original view would require a lot of support, which I needed to be built from the neighborhood community. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

I managed to form a group of people from different parts of the neighborhood and informed them on the objectives of the plan. Many members confessed to having been affected or witnessed cases of racial profiling in the neighborhood. I also informed them of the expected changes if the proposed changes of the plan were to be adopted by the law enforcement agency. For awareness creation, all members of the team were required to inform their immediate family members and family friends. This would a faster way of ensuring the entire neighborhood is enlightened by people they can easily trust and give their opinions on the issue. Once this was done, we formed teams and then visited all neighbors while regularly updating them on the progress. I noticed that many people from the Black community were committed towards this initiative and some openly confessed to having been harassed by the police but never filed a complaint. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

I expect the law enforcement officers to understand that the entire neighborhood disagrees with the system of racial profiling. As a team, we agree there should never be any compromise on security. However, the choice of profiling people will need to change as that could also trigger violence among community members. The Police Department will need to draft a system and share that with the public. In this case, it only concerns the neighborhood, but if we manage to change the manner in which the Police operate within this system, it would be possible for other parts of America to adopt the same. Therefore, I would consider my neighborhood as the area from which the other parts of America will find a justified system through which they can provide security to all citizens. As a community member, I will take part in suggesting some of the agreed ways through which the law enforcement officers should engage people. In addition, I will also engage the members of the community on how they can cooperate with the officers as a gesture of peace. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

I have learned the importance of community mobilization and considering the ethical procedures to follow in taking action. While the use of the internet would have been effective, the information would have been difficult to manage. As a student, I feel that it would make a difference to show the community that they can easily solve their problems by establishing a united front. This is why my first step was to mobilize the community members and ensure they understand the objectives of the situation. Leading such teams requires that one analyze all repercussions to avoid any legal and ethical issues. In this case, I had to consider both legal and ethical issues to protect both the community members and myself. The reason why it was important to consider the legal aspect is that some law enforcement would consider that an opportunity to harass the initiative.


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Hamlet is an impressively complex play with several subplots reinforcing the main themes in addition to the main plot of Hamlet attempting to discover the validity of the claims made by his father’s Ghost and exact appropriate revenge.  The plot and development of the main characters are strongly driven by the themes of death and madness.

These themes begin to establish themselves in the first act of the play when Hamlet meets his father’s ghost.  The Ghost tells him that Claudius was responsible for his murder.  This murder forms the primary drive behind the plot of the play, and helps to introduce the second theme, also quite early on.  Hamlet, in seeking revenge, decides to “put an antic disposition on” (I, v, 925), feigning insanity in order to try to find out more about Claudius’s role in his father’s death.  Over the course of the play he seems to fall deeper and deeper into actual madness, until eventually Hamlet himself dies as well. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

It’s clear that these themes lay heavy on Hamlet’s mind over the course of the play.  In his Act III, scene i soliloquy he speaks extensively about death.  “For in that sleep of death,” he muses, “what dreams may come, / When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, / Must give us pause” (III, i, 1759-1761).  He calls upon death as an end to heartache, “a consummation / Devoutly to be wished” (III, I, 1756-1757).  Although interestingly it is Ophelia, not Hamlet, who ends up committing suicide. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The sub-plot involving Ophelia’s madness and eventual suicide reinforces the main themes expressed through Hamlet’s character and related plot developments.  When Ophelia goes mad, she sings to herself about death. “He is dead and gone, lady, / He is dead and gone” (IV, v, 2889-2890).  And ultimately ends up, in a fit of madness and still singing, taking her own life.  This sub-plot serves to emphasize the importance of these themes throughout the play.

Revenge is also a strong theme, and it is related to both of the themes that I noted as important.  Because the revenge that Hamlet seeks is for his father’s death, further taking of life can be the only result of it.  And this pressing need to revenge his father’s murder by Claudius is one of the things that drives Hamlet both to feign madness in the beginning acts and to lose his reason more and more over the course of the play.

It is also a direct contributing factor in Ophelia’s suicide, as she becomes an unknowing pawn in the elaborate power struggle that is going on between the various characters.  It could be argued that had Hamlet Sr. not been murdered, his son and Ophelia could eventually have wound up happy and together instead of both tragically dead.  Although she does not play an active role in this revenge narrative, she is manipulated by those that do and this is what causes her to go mad and take her own life. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Even for a tragedy, there is a lot of death in Hamlet.  By the end of the last scene almost all of the main characters have either killed themselves or been killed, and Horatio is essentially the only one left to tell the tale.  From the very beginning one of the characters who contributes the most to driving the plot forward is already dead; the Ghost feeds Hamlet information about Claudius’s treachery and influences him to take action on his behalf.

Without these driving forces the plot would be unable to develop as it does.  Hamlet is more or less doomed to death from the moment he meets his father’s ghost, and this is foreshadowed throughout the play both directly through his musings on the subject and indirectly through events like his choice to catch Claudius in his treachery by comparing his situation to a play in which both the father and the son are killed.


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Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman is a play that examines the themes of aging, honesty, and the concept of the American Dream. One version that has gotten considerable praise for its depictions of Willy Loman and his family was the 1985 depiction of the play which starred Dustin Hoffman in the title role of Willy. This was a taped performance rather than a live one, so there is no theatre that can be listed for the area in which it was performed. Examining this particular rendition of the play shows that the director, Volker Schlöndorff, was successful at using scene design, specific acting methods, and specific elements of lighting in order to create a successful rendition of the play. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

The first element of the play that is important to examine is the particular script that was utilized for this play. The major conflicts that were driving the plot of the play forward came with Wily Loman and the fact that the American Dream, a prominent theme of the play, proved to be non-existent. Willy had worked for his sales company for decades and instead of being celebrated and rewarded for his hard work, Willy was being forced to accept few hours and worsening conditions. This leads to Willy not having money, which he considers to be the ultimate measure of success. This concept carries over to the relationships that Willy has with his sons, Biff and Happy. Ultimately, Biff is a man in his mid-thirties that is still directionless in life because he was always encouraged to make people like him rather than learning an important skill. Moreover, his relationship is complicated with his father after he learns of the fact that his father was cheating on his mother, completing the sense of disillusionment that Biff has with his father. The other son, Happy, is only marginally more successfully than Biff and makes the same mistake as his father in believing that he can find success in being a travelling salesman. These conflicts drive Willy to the realization that he is futilely struggling against fate, and he kills himself to give insurance money to his family. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The primary aspect of the directing that facilitated the success of the film was the means through which the director provided a view into the lives of the characters in the play. The very first scene features Willy and his wife Linda, where Willy is disparaging their sons for coming home and being directionless. The direction of this part of the play allows the viewer to see the couple through the window of their home as an individual who is on the outside and looking in. However, as the scene draws to a conclusion, it is revealed that the two sons have a window into the room from above, showing that they are even looking down into the room where their parents are speaking. The multiple layers of visual fields are important throughout the play because the viewer is always able to see the action that is taking place from different perspectives. This becomes more important later in the play when Willy’s breaks with reality have his dead brother Ben appears along with past times. This is ultimately tied into the scenery, but demonstrates a high degree of success on Schlöndorff’s part. The multiple fields of vision allow the viewer to see and accept this altered reality as a part of the story.

Dustin Hoffman and John Malkovich as Willy and Biff are individuals who were well-cast and contribute to the success of the story. Hoffman’s ability to speak in a neurotic and distressed manner while maintaining a warm exterior makes his character sympathetic yet frustrating for the audience. Malkovich’s Biff is played as an upbeat but directionless man whose anger and frustration comes boiling forth when he finds that Willy is engaged in an affair. While physically successful, Malkovich has difficulty portraying the casual and confident Biff, and may not be the best individual for this position. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The costumes that were used for the production were historical in the sense that they tied to the 1940s when the play took place. However, in Act I, Scene 3 there is a flashback that takes place with Willy living in the present but still seeing the past. During this period of time the cast changes to football uniforms and fall-oriented items. This concept is important because there are several instances, especially with Willy and Ben, where the costume design shows the breaks in reality that are plaguing Willy.

The lighting and sound in this particular version of the play are significant to the production because they are used to illustrate the decay of Willy’s life. The first flashback to Ben’s arrival is bright and filled with cheerful music, with the family and Willy case in equally bright light. However, the final flashback and break with reality of the play in Act 2 shows Willy cast completely in darkness while his brother, who is not even truly present, is cast in light. There is no music playing and it is obvious that this was purposeful to show how the happiness and lightheartedness of Willy’s life had come to an end. Overall, the light and sound in the play was utilized to great effect in foreshadowing the encroaching darkness for the Lomans.

Overall, the play was most successful due to the directorial work, the actors, and the lights and sound. The play was ultimately a successful rendition that was stylized to show the decline of the American Dream. The experience of viewing this production was important because it showed that reading the text of the play is important but that it is only a single dimension of the entire story. A performance of the play renders the ideas and gives new life and meaning to the words in the work.

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YouTube is a website that is used by millions of people to share a variety of unique videos in an effort to entertain the masses and monetize their efforts. While the videos tend to range in their overall purpose, one recent genre that has emerged is known as unboxing. These videos involve an individual opening a package that contains a recent purchase such as electronics or other collectibles. As a whole, unboxing has exploded in popularity due to the novelty offered by the unboxing process, and it has gained the attention of advertisers and professional video makers who have monetized the process. This paper will examine the complexities that are inherent in the unboxing process such as the financial components of unboxing, the demographics involved, the ethics of such a form of video, and the future evolution of unboxing. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

How Unboxing Started
Given the immense numbers of views that have been garnered by the various YouTube channels that feature unboxing, it is important to consider how this genre of video first started and how it gained such popularity. According to Brozio (2009) the concept of unboxing was not as united as it is in the present day; people referred to each form of unboxing by subgenre such as gadget unpacking. The earliest colloquial definition for unboxing was listed on a website called UrbanDictionary.com in 2008 and reads as follows: “The Internet trend of showing photos or video from the unpacking of a retail box of some desirable product, such as the latest laptop or portable music player” (Brozio, 2009). While several videos claim to be the original unboxing video, one of the first popular videos featured a then-new PlayStation 3 being unboxed by an individual and then reviewed by the person in the video. Many of the hallmarks of modern unboxing such as the entire unpacking process and personal yet objective review are present in the video. The trend became immensely popular due to the fact that people were able to open packages vicariously through the reviewers and also because they could see exactly what they were getting in the box (Brozio, 2009). From 2008 onwards, the genre of unboxing became incredibly popular using the medium of YouTube, where hundreds of millions of views have be occurred for a variety of unboxing videos. Even though the videos were highly entertaining for many people, the fact remains that there is a monetary incentive for individuals to take part in this form of video-making. For this reason, it is necessary to examine the monetization process that has been undertaken for YouTube unboxers. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Monetizing YouTube Videos
Unboxing videos have been monetized by YouTube personas as well as advertisers who utilize people’s various interests as a means of making money. The first element that is important to explore is the monetization from the perspective of YouTube. YouTube videos are typically able to make money when there are enough people viewing the video for enough time that an advertisement is played (Li, 2015). This is a difficult process for many individuals since their content is not able to hold interest for the amount of time for an advertisement to be considered worth the time investment from the viewer. Money can also be made from YouTube when the individual who owns a YouTube page partners with the website and splits their income with the site so that they can receive favorable view rankings. These elements of success are achieved completely within the realm of unboxing videos in the sense that it meets a perfect combination of interesting and lengthy materials, consistent unboxers, and the capability to share revenuewith YouTube.  The majority of unboxing videos are lengthy enough that an individual will watch at least a single ad to see the final product or the final unboxing. This facilitates the ad revenue for the YouTube unboxer.

While it may seem as though the market for unboxing would be small enough to limit the amount of money that a person can make, the fact of the matter is that unboxing videos can be incredibly lucrative. According to Wile (2015) the highest-paid YouTube unboxer was able to earn almost $5 million in a single year by unboxing and constructing toys from the Disney Company.  This individual, who remains unidentified to this day and goes by the alias DC Toys Collector, performs the unboxing, gives a brief review of the object, and then simply moves onto another toy. There are many different theories about why this individual is the most successful, ranging from her voice to intricate fingernail painting, but it is clear that there is something that is capable of drawing people into unboxing videos. Overall, it is clear that the payments for unboxing videos have the potential to be staggering in their amounts.

First Mover Advantage
Although the payments for unboxing are very high for some individual unboxers, the fact remains that the first mover advantage plays a large role in determining which unboxers were most successful and which ones only make marginal income.  The concept of the first mover advantage is predicated on the idea that the individuals who are the first ones to break into a new niche or to put forth a new product tend to be the same ones that have the best outcomes if that new item or niche proves to be worthy. According to Vendeville (2016) the first individuals who started as unboxers did so years before there was any actual desire for people to view the videos. They would unbox their products as a demonstration and then show the capabilities of the product. Lewis Hilsentenger is regarded as one of the individuals who helped to start the unboxing phenomenon by being a part of the community of unboxers long before he was able to become wealthy by doing this job. His technical demonstrations of unboxing phones is what eventually allowed him to achieve high numbers of viewers on his YouTube page, enough that he would go on to make tens of thousands of dollars. His most famous video, and one of the videos that is credited with bringing unboxing to a new and larger audience was a video of him bending a recently-released phone, showing one of the largest flaws in phones on the market (Vendeville, 2016). Being that Hilsentenger was one of the original individuals to be present in the market of the unboxers, he received the first move advantage in that he already had several videos with views that were flooded with views after his initial success. Yet, there are other elements of the first mover advantage that have appeared as a direct result of the fact that unboxing is steadily gaining viewers throughout the world.

Unboxing as a genre has been coopted by some of the most powerful and famous companies in the world to reveal their products online and to have a built-in audience ready to view their videos. Some companies, such as Disney, have hired some of the most famous first movers in unboxing to be a part of their official companies. The most successful marriage between a major company and a first mover unboxer was Disney and “DC” as they decided to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Li, 2015). The result of the partnership was known as Force Friday, a time when a full 18 hours leading up to the release of the movie was live streamed with unboxing new toys and Star Wars products (Li, 2015). The massive amount of fan support that was received throughout this time helped to drive toy sales and excitement regarding the new movie line. While this is demonstrative of the sheer potency of the unboxing genre in YouTube, it is necessary to examine the effects that unboxing is having upon toy and technology industries as a whole.

The unboxing videos genre has created a great deal of excitement for certain products and has led to major companies seeking to find ways to take advantage of the massive audiences that are tuned in and waiting for product information. Samsung, a technology company that is based in South Korea, has integrated the unboxing videos in to their new advertising models. They have hired unboxers and provided them with the phones that they would like to have reviewed so that they are able to directly reach millions of active subscribers on YouTube (Maurice, 2015, p. 28). This partnership signals that unboxing videos have started an entirely new form of advertisement in the online community. Not only are unboxing videos cheap, but they have unique personalities that can be added into the advertisement. This is a far departure from the days of copy writing and television advertisements that had to subscribe to certain standards in order to be aired on television. It is now clear that unboxing has changed the advertisement paradigm and will play a significant role in the future of media that is geared towards selling products. Still, it is important to understand the individuals who are behind the unboxing movement by exploring their demographics data. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Unboxing Demographics: Toys
When thinking of toys being unboxed, one might conjure a picture of a young child who had gotten hold of their parent’s phone and made a video. However, that is rarely the case in terms of toy unboxing. The most successful individuals who typically reveal the toys in unboxing videos are known to be primarily women who are middle-aged (Wile, 2015). While it is difficult to gain an accurate measure of whether it is males or females that are primarily performing the unboxing for toys, it seems as though the majority of individuals who unbox toys for their audience are adults and female. However, the audience for these unboxing videos are varied in their demographics. After all, there are generally two groups of people that would like to watch toys being unboxed. The first group is children, who will sit and watch toys being unboxed because they obtain a sense of satisfaction from watching other people open toys (Prince, 2014). Children make up a large demographic of the toy unboxing videos so that they are able to see new toys even if they are not able to buy them. This is a form of relational happiness, where the person watching is able to feel happiness despite the fact that others are actually obtaining the toys. In fact, it has been found that children will often watch the same video several times as they remain mesmerized by the action of the toy being introduced (Prince, 2014). This contributes to increased views, ad revenue, and even sales as a result of the children watching the videos. However, there are some negative connotations attached to having children watch these videos. Most notably, many individuals believe that there is a growing sense of consumerism that is directed at children and will cause them unhappiness at the prospect of watching others play with toys that they cannot have. Overall, children make up a very large portion of the demographic for toy unboxing, but they are not the only individuals that watch such videos.

The other major demographic of individuals who watch the toy unboxing videos throughout the world are the toy collectors. These individuals are professional toy collectors or toy aficionados who watch the videos of people collecting prize toys (Marsh, 2016). Unlike children, these individuals are not likely to enjoy unboxing because other people are opening toys, but they want to see what they could be getting if they were to collect the item. Moreover, these adults are looking to see where they could find the toys or what other items were located on a particular website or at a particular store. Overall, the toy collectors are not as large of a demographic as the children who view unboxing, but they are still a significant demographic to consider. While toy unboxing is a large subgenre, the fact remains that there are other large subgenres that are worthy of exploration as well.

Unboxing Demographics: Electronics
Unboxing electronics is another subgenre of the unboxing process that has gathered a very significant following on YouTube. According to Michael Strangeglove (2010), the concept behind unboxing electronics is similar in some respects to that of unboxing toys. After all, the process of unboxing electronics often reveals new consumer items or even older videogames that have been found at shops. In essence, it is a way to showcase what others have been able to find throughout their time searching for interesting electronics. However, there is also the “showcase” element of unboxing that is similar because people wish to see the capabilities of new electronics. Many electronics unboxers will take time to boot up new computers, phones, and tablets to showcase their abilities, offering reviews from a trusted third-party resource. However, there are some elements of electronics unboxing that represent a large departure from the toy unboxing scheme.

The individuals who perform the unboxing and who watch the unboxing are different demographics than the toy unboxers. According to Strangeglove (2010) the individuals who are most likely to develop videos for the electronics unboxing are young males between the ages of 18 and 30 (p. 134). These are young people who are on the cutting edge of technology and have the willingness to consistently purchase and review electronics while keeping in mind the previous iterations of the items. One interesting facet of this demographic is that the producers and the consumers of the information are very similar to one another. Strangeglove (2010) found that the same age group of 18-30 and the same gender, male, was the most likely to examine the technology that exists in the unboxing videos. Overall, it is clear that there is a great number of people who continue to view the videos on technology even though they have a tendency to come from a rather narrow demographic.

Even though toys and electronics are the two most popular subgenres that are presently in place for the unboxing videos, there are several other genres. For example, another genre that has emerged in recent years are haul videos in which people go to bargain stores and purchase rare items for views on the internet. While the name is different, the unboxing element is similar and it has the same potential draws in terms of bringing in viewers. Altogether, videos which feature individuals enjoying the process of revealing and reviewing items has vast potential and many different people involved in their demographics.

Brand-Specific YouTubers
One of the most unique elements that has emerged in recent years is that there are certain companies that are attaching themselves to unboxers so as to utilize their built-in audience. This has created a sense of branding on the unboxers that is similar to sponsorships. According to Schweizer (2015) the most successful unboxers are often approached by large companies that offer the individuals access to products early and for free if they are willing to include the items in their unboxing videos. This amounts to free products and the advantage of providing first reviews, and the company receives inexpensive and positive reviews of their products from the unboxer. In this way, the company is able to have a direct audience that is already focused on the YouTube channel. This is a beneficial partnership that has been effectively used by Samsung, Disney, and many other companies that want to increase their products’ visibility.

The result of the partnership between businesses and YouTube personalities is known as branded YouTubers. There are several famous YouTube personalities that already fit this criteria such as Jenna Marbles, who has over 16 million viewers and a combined 2 billion views on her videos. Yet, the branded unboxers are more complicated by the fact that they must represent themselves as a brand as well as the products that they own as a brand. Rather than have an unboxer that is intrinsically tied to a single product line, such as Disney, the sponsors allow the unboxers to grow organically and then offer them sponsorships. One of the most famous unboxer branded YouTubers is Ryan’s Toys Review, a family enterprise that features a preschooler being given toys to unbox in unique ways and then offer his opinion on them while a parent films (Dredge, 2016). The family created the brand, Ryan’s Toys Reviews, and then they were able to obtain sponsors that began to provide them with toys so that the unboxing would remain organic but still directed towards the Disney-Pixar toy series. The benefit of this form of partnership is that it prevents YouTubers from simply spending all of their earnings attempting to make new videos. However, there are some drawbacks to these partnerships that must be examined from a standpoint of ethical behavior. After all, connections between people who are reviewing and unboxing toys for enjoyment and those who are unboxing for money are beholden to ethics concerning how they approach children in marketing.

An Impenetrable Market
The seemingly overnight success of unboxing since 2008 prompted a change in the way that companies have approached their advertising. Companies began to see the way that individuals were unboxing their products and saw that the advertising was highly effective at showcasing their wares. In fact, this led to some companies taking the risk of promoting their own unboxing videos on their official channels. According to Kelly (2014) Microsoft was a company that made its own YouTube channel and promoted their Xbox One product using an unboxing format. While this was a successful foray into the world of unboxing, it was met with immediate concerns that the company could have doctored images or otherwise changed the product at any point to make it seem better than it would be for an average person opening the product. This desire to promote objective reviews has create a barrier that few large companies have been able to penetrate with their own unboxing videos. This has led to companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Disney allowing unboxers to receive sponsored products so that reviews can be developed for the benefit of the company. This shows that one of the most important elements of the unboxing genre of videos and the community is objectivity in their reviews of the products. This fact necessitates a more complete exploration of the ethics that guides the unboxing videos and community as a whole.

The Ethical Challenges of Unboxing
Like any other business model, unboxing using sponsors and ads on YouTube requires a developed series of ethical guidelines that prevent people from being subjected to ads without knowing it. The problem that has emerged in the case of unboxing is that the sponsors for unboxers are not always transparent about their partnerships with YouTubers. James Vincent wrote an article about one of the most profound ethical issues that is connected with unboxing: YouTube channels that are geared towards children. YouTube has a “kids channel” that is material that is deemed appropriate for children and does not have the same ad format as the regular site. However, the problem is that the most popular videos using this filter are unboxing videos which still have regular interruptions for advertisements (Vincent, 2015). The children are watching videos that feature unboxing and are then seeing advertisements for toys and other products that are not connected with the channel in any way. While this does not lead to suggestive or questionable content, the fact remains that the children are watching videos and are being led to believe that the same toys in the commercials are being supported by the sponsored YouTube channels. Still, this is only one facet of the overall problem that exists in terms of the unboxers and ethics.

Another major ethical problem that emerges in this case is that there are unattributed videos that appear on popular applications that children use to view unboxing videos. Vincent (2015) found that Google several videos that appear on the YouTube Kids channel, but there is no information about where the videos come from. While it is an increasingly common practice for individuals to have sponsored content in their videos for unboxing, the Google channel has no transparency (Vincent, 2015). Thus, the children could be watching videos and assuming that they are coming from an unboxer when they are actually watching a video that amounts to a ten minute advertisement from a company. This is an unethical action that is considered detrimental in the unboxer community. It takes advantage of children by subjecting them to advertisements rather than the entertainment that they believe they are experiencing. Poor experiences such as the aforementioned have led to the unboxing community developing their own community ethics.

The unboxers who are sponsored tend to have a greater deal of transparency when it comes to working with their sponsors, and often tell which packages they have been provided. In addition, there is clear breaks between advertisements and sponsored content, with actual deviations in the set-up of the videos so that the viewer is able to tell when they are being sold an item and when they are receiving an honest review or unboxing of the item. Another element of the overall concept of ethics that is pervasive in the unboxing community is to remain absolutely honest about the product that     is being introduced. With so many sponsored and branded YouTube accounts for unboxing, the first review that is given about the product via an unboxing could greatly impact the sales on the item (Pierni, 2016). According to Pierni (2016) the individuals who receive items early are supposed to identify that they received the product from the company in the video and offer a completely objective description or review of the item to prevent favoritism. However, it is also noted that the items can be shopped around to various sponsored posters to find one that is highly interested or motivated to be thorough with the review as well (Pierni, 2016). It is clear that there are certain guidelines that are in place for individuals who want to be a part of the unboxing community, and the most important rule seems to be keeping people informed about the nature of the products that are being reviewed. Still, as the community continues to grow, more stringent regulations from the community or from YouTube could be put into place to protect the consumers.

Unboxing in the Future: Changing Mediums
There is a potential shift of the unboxing genre from the medium of YouTube to the burgeoning Snapchat. The unboxing phenomenon has been mainly rooted in the YouTube community. After all, the individuals have been able to utilize the website’s filming capabilities to easily develop content that allows them to make their videos. Moreover, there are favorable agreements in place with YouTube that allows the unboxers to receive money as a result of their efforts. However, the first signs of competition have been appearing for years, and it seems as though SnapChat, a video application, is ready to add unboxing to its arsenal. According to Chen (2016) there are already some videos that are appearing on SnapChat that have to do with unboxing. However, SnapChat shows that the genre is evolving so as to capture the market of individuals in their teenage years. SnapChat is a video service that is known as Ephemeral Messaging, meaning that it disappears shortly after the video is received by an individual. According to Chen (2016) this could lead to a new sense of urgency to see the latest unboxing, especially involving new and sponsored clothes or technology that typical consumers are not able to get ahold of at that time. The fast-paced iteration of unboxing would ensure that the young crowd is engaged while working on a platform that is seen as newer and more accessible than YouTube.
The evolution of unboxing videos and the change in platform would ultimately create a radically different form of unboxing. Most of the videos that appear on YouTube are created with commentary from the individual making the video being the most important element. However, the fact remains that the SnapChat application’s unboxing videos feature more content that is visual such as writing superimposed on the screen as well as a greater emphasis on colors and design (Chen, 2016). This requires the person making the videos to place more focus on the artistic elements of making the video memorable so that it stands out and will be considered after the video disappears. This could bring about the rise of a new type of unboxer, a person that has personality, art skills, and salesmanship that will make people watch their videos. Still, as Chen (2016) wrote, SnapChat unboxing videos are still in their infancy and will require far more diversification before they are able to displace the money-making familiarity that is offered by the present YouTube unboxing regimes.

Many other firms are attempting to integrate video functions so that they are able to capture elements of unboxing on their own website. Twitter is a social media website that has developed video sharing functionality that has been utilized for unboxing videos and ensuring that they reach a large audience. The share features from YouTube has facilitated the growth of unboxing links on Twitter and resulted in unique extra growth as far as the number of viewers for a given video. However, social media giant Facebook has also been increasingly utilized for a very specific function within the genre of unboxing: live streaming. Facebook has a live-streaming option on their website that allows an individual to simultaneously create and post anunboxing as it is happening. This has taken the accessibility of unboxing to an entirely new level, and shows a new shift towards immediacy. One of the most specific iterations of this occurring is with the company LootCrate using Facebook Live videos as a means of unboxing. This company releases a mystery box to its subscribers each month, giving them random merchandise, toys, and video games (Young, 2016). Mysterious gifts combined with instantaneous unboxing videos has been a recipe for success, with hundreds of thousands of viewers each month (Young, 2016). All of these new websites and technologies that have emerged in recent years have been coopted in some form to advance the unboxing genre of videos. It is clear that this form of presentation will continually evolve so as to provide content that will entice all members of the various demographics who watch unboxing.

Unboxing is a video form that has become incredibly popular on YouTube and several other web media sources. Although many people are unaware of this form of video, its pervasiveness in the YouTube channels shows that there are millions of unique viewers. However, aside from the entertainment aspects of the unboxing genre, it is important to consider that these videos are an immense source of advertisement that many people do not consider to be as invasive as other forms of advertisement. Ultimately, it seems as though the legacy of unboxing videos is still unfolding and that this concept will be adopted and implemented in much more noticeable areas of the web in the future.

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This ad is about people’s tendency to drink and drive on roads. The issue of drunken driving has become common and different authorities have come to find better ways of campaigning against the tendency of people. People come up with different ads to demonstrate specific messages. This paper will look at the “Stop the Violence: Don’t Drink and Drive” and analyze its intention towards society. This ad is intended for all people who use roads. Driving is no longer something that concerns drivers but the passengers as well. This ad appeals to all people who use vehicles either directly or indirectly [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The most appealing part of this ad is the choice of art. The use of pictures within a person’s fist and face shows the violence. The fact that it combines such violence based on one person against the other with the use of vehicles shows the manner in which people interact in different roads. Other appealing parts of the ad are the use of two texts to deliver the same meaning. When one mentions, “Stop the Violence,” it shows the actions of people towards each other. On the other hand, the “Don’t Drink and Drive” parts shows the reason why many vehicles collide. An example includes a scenario in which people drink before they drive and when they get behind the wheels, they often cause accidents on the road. This clearly shows that people demonstrate an act of violence towards each other just because they are under the influence of alcohol. The image could also mean that when people get involved in accidents, it is not only the vehicles that suffer but the drivers and passengers as well. While looking at the vehicles, it is evident that one (Truck) is more powerful than the other (saloon). Even the human face shows the truck being on the aggressive part and that shows an abuse of power while people are on the road. The ad associates this abuse of power with the use of alcohol by the persons involved.
As part of the audience, this ad is very effective in demonstrating the violence that takes place on roads. This analysis is based on the layout, image, and text. The text begins with a general perception and then narrows down to the main point. Therefore, this is an excellent choice of title for an ad as it introduces the audience while making the point of the ad clearer along the process. The image shows two parties with unequal strengths demonstrating an act of violence. Based on the image, it is evident that one party is likely to suffer more from the violence than the other is. The different uses of color in the vehicles shows the differences people are likely to encounter on the road. Even while looking at the impact of the punch on the victim’s face, one can notice the splash of sweat. This could also be used to demonstrate the likely impact of the accident in real life. As someone who uses the roads often, this ad has clearly shown me that I should be humble while using the roads. Even when I have a powerful vehicle, it should still practice humility and observe all traffic rules. All traffic laws involving driving should be observed at all times. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Therefore, this ad clearly shows the use of art in a creative way. Many people are likely to relate to this ad as compared to using longer ads. Even the choice of words relies on little words and images that demonstrate a lot of information. People often state that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, people can learn a lot by relating their actions on the road with how they affect people in the process. Even the choice of color is bright enough to ensure that people view both the message and image. I would confess that I have seen many messages and ads that discourage people from drunken driving, but this has demonstrated a lot of creativity. In conclusion, this is the best ad that one could use an example to show the creative combination of layout, text, and image to create a better meaning.

Lina. (2014). 40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think.Retrieved August 6, 2016, from Bored Panda


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People have been known to own guns and other weapons in Canada, and this applies to other countries as well. American is close to Canada and shares the same factor of citizens owning firearms. While these countries are adjacent to each other, one can note some differences in the gun policies of both countries. It is significant to note that the differences and similarities in the gun laws determine the effects of the firearm usage in society. This paper will compare and contrast the gun policies in Canada and America and consider the effects of such differences on the society. . [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Canada has strict gun policies, and that shows why it is considered different from the United States. In Canada, very few people are in the possession of firearms, and this greatly shows why the statistics of gun related incidents are different while compared with that of America. America, on the hand, has more flexible gun policies, and that enables many citizens to be in ownership of firearms. An example of an incident that shows the sharp contrast in gun policies between these two countries is the mass shooting that took place in San Bernardino, America that left 16 persons dead (Dinshaw, 2015). Many other incidents have been reported in American, but then Canada features very few incidents. This clearly shows that there are differences in policies that govern the ownership, usage, and acquisition of guns. It would also be significant to note that despite different policies existing in these two countries, many changes have been made to dictate their current state. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In both countries, one needs to have a permit in order to own a firearm. For the case of Canada, people are required to have a valid license under the Firearms Act. This process requires that the applicants go through a thorough screening process to determine whether they are qualified to carry with them firearms. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Dinshaw, F. (2015, December 4). How American gun deaths and gun laws compare to Canada’s. Retrieved August 6, 2016, from National Observer:


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The perspective from which people view life influences how they make decisions and choices in life, whether right or wrong. In life, there are fundamental questions that remain unanswered thus making people live with anxiety and worry. A Latin philosopher, Rene Descartes, doubted his existence but later concluded with the phrase “I think, therefore I am.” This essay, therefore, describes how Biblical Paul in Romans 1:8 encourages Christians to develop a positive worldview by firmly keeping their faith in Jesus. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The Natural World
The immediate environment that man lives in consists of the natural world. According to Sire (2009), the word natural refers to existing in or derived from nature. Paul wrote a letter to the Christians during a moment of separation. He knew that they had kept their faith in Jesus and so wrote a letter to commend them. Paul is quoted saying “I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you” (Romans 1:8, NIV). Here, Paul suggests that Christians should view the world from a Godly perspective and give thanks to God for the achievements they make in life. He brings forth the idea that God is the author of faith, and therefore, he thanks God for helping the Christians in Rome to maintain their faith in Jesus regardless of their separation with him and the hostile environment they were facing in Rome. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Viewing the world from a Godly perspective as suggested by Paul is also evident when Paul tells the Christians to rejoice always, pray tirelessly, give thanks in all conditions because that is what God wants from them (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV). Paul sees the natural world and everything in it as God’s creation and therefore people should focus their faith in God for providence and pray so that God may help them when making decisions in life. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Sire, J. (2009). The universe next door: A basic worldview catalog (5th ed.). Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press.


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This Literature Review discusses the linguistic, social, and cultural obstacles that immigrants face when attempting to integrate into the United States. It identifies the current processes and procedures in place to streamline integration, the issues those processes attempt to resolve, and the places where they do not quite hit the mark. Through providing an overview of barriers that immigrants face, including education, cultural nuances, language, and job placement, the Literature Review critiques the currently available procedures, and attempts to make recommendations in how to assist organizations in providing efficient services for their potential citizens. The Literature Review concludes that in order to create an effective integration program for immigrants of the United States, these governmental and non-governmental programs must collaborate to provide gapless services to the immigrants of the country. Through this, immigrants will become more productive and integrated citizens with the ability to retain jobs, create relationships, and further their education. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Lessons Learned
In completing the Literature Review I was able to reflect upon the experiences of others, as well as the experiences of individuals I know, in terms of the difficulty in integrating into new cultures. I learned that the challenges that immigrants experience in terms of language barriers, culture shock, and social issues, is not uncommon, and that there is often not a lot of help provided to potential citizens to help them succeed. While permanent residents of the United States may have access to some limited government services, the other three types of immigrants: temporary, discretionary, and undocumented, do not have access to these programs. While the lack of government programs for these groups of people is due to their status, this causes temporary, discretionary, and undocumented immigrants to seek non-governmental help in making the transition to permanent residency, creating a mistrust between themselves and the United States government. This mistrust can lead to greater social and cultural problems within the country, where new immigrants do not have the tools to successfully integrate, creating a social gap between themselves and local American citizens. Finally, I learned about the difficulty in translating education between cultures. While an immigrant may have obtained a doctorate in their own country, this educational level may not effectively translate to American education, due to lack of standards and knowledge. This, in particular, has created large problems within our country, where immigrants with a lot of valuable education are working in low-level jobs, rather than more effectively contributing to the communities they live in. Through analyzing the problems faced by immigrants, I have obtained a greater understanding of the programs currently provided. Further, I obtained a greater understanding of the issues that these programs, as well as the immigrants participating in them, continue to face within the United States. In addition to this, I gained an understanding of the different statuses of immigrant within the United States, and how this effects their ability to integrate into the country, due to the lack of programs for non-permanent residents.

While the completed research was able thoroughly analyze the obstacles faced by immigrants to the United States in terms of language, cultural, social, and educational concerns, it did not provide a thorough overview of how these obstacles could be overcome. Currently, governmental organizations provide effective services to only permanent residents of the United States, and non-governmental organizations work to provide the services that the government does not provide. However, the research did not grant a thorough understanding of how immigrants without permanent residency status can move from temporary, discretionary, and undocumented statuses, to higher levels of residency or citizenship. If more time was granted to complete this research I would continue to document how immigrants with temporary, discretionary, and undocumented statuses can move into a permanent residency status. Further, I would investigate as to how these processes could be completed more quickly and efficiently, such that it becomes more valuable to be a documented resident, rather than an undocumented one. I believe that it would be useful to learn and understand the process of applying to move into the United States legally, and how this could be better implemented to create a greater understanding of what immigrants should understand upon moving to the country, in terms of language, cultural, social, and educational requirements. In particular, it would be useful to understand how education is currently transferred between countries, and how these processes could be improved to minimize the amount of educated people working lower-level positions. If an individual were to pick up my research from where I had left off, I would recommend looking into educational transfer, and the potential and current processes for foreign qualification exams and mentorship programs. I believe that through better understanding these processes, we could provide better recommendations on how to help immigrants integrate into the country such that they can benefit the communities they move into.

In completing my research, I recommend that the government work more effectively with non-governmental and non-profit organizations to create a gapless transition period for new residents of the United States. To create this gapless transition, I would recommend that the government takeover essential integration services, such as language, and key social and cultural training, and then work with non-governmental and non-profit services to create training for cultural nuances, interview and job skills, and social skills to benefit them within their communities. To implement this, I suggest that leaders redesign the current system around the above recommendations. The government could fund the essential services, while the non-governmental and non-profit organizations could work with paid organizers, in addition to dedicated volunteers, to implement the transitional ones. Through doing this, it will increase the quality of care provided to new and existing immigrants, without increasing the costs, and help to ensure that the documentation processes remain valuable enough that people prefer it. With the increased and integrated involvement of non-governmental organizations with the governmental ones, it will help to ensure that immigrants that are not permanent residents, will still have access to key services to help them further their residency status within the country.

The research provided in depth knowledge of what obstacles immigrants face on coming to the United States, and how they currently attempt to overcome them. It provided a detailed overview of the presently provided services, as well as their pitfalls, and gave comprehensive recommendations on how minor alterations and further research into these programs could help to make them more efficient and effective. Through applying the recommendations given throughout this research, immigrants could more easily become contributing members to the community, and face less social and economic hardships in their transition period. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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