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I am curious to determine whether or not a pipeline from Alberta to the pacific coast is in the best interest of ethical reasoning. In building an ethical framework, I must balance what is needed though the company’s interest to expand (thus building the economy for the nation) and take into consideration corporate greed and detrimental effects to the environment. In order to meet the demands of an ever-changing economy, which is increasingly demanding companies become globalized to survive, it has been brought to my attention through newspaper articles that Enbridge wishes to strengthen its relations with the Asian markets in order to survive as a corporation. Enbridge is facing increasing pressure from other companies that could be first to make their move the Asian market. In developing an ethical framework, I will combine the demands of the company’s desire to grow with the negative effects of the pipeline in an effort to weigh the pros and cons of expansion to the Pacific Coast.

In building an ethical framework, it is important to consider what the greatest effect on the greatest number of people is. Utilizing utilitarianism will provide the framework in which to apply the company’s desires and thus determine if it is compatible for what is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The benefits to the company and those who would find work if the project were given the green light, need to be balanced with the need to preserve the environment for the long-term survival of mankind.

In order to win out over the companies that are ready to take over, businesses like Enbridge need to reinvent themselves, with new ideas. This could include a new line of product, or it could include finding new customers. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Enbridge needs to expand to the B.C. coast. But the question is whether a company’s desire for growth and ethics can be used in combination in the case of oil drilling.

The environment should be a top concern to any oil company. And it is on the minds of everyone who is involved with this project, whether they are concerned that environmental policy will cut into potential profits, or if it is because they are actually sympathetic towards the potential devastating results of the pipeline. In order to access the Pacific Coast via the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Enbridge is required to build an 1,100-kilometre dual pipeline from Alberta to the coast. This would accommodate the plan to transport the bitumen for shipment to Asia, while also pumping condensate into Alberta. The project could make Enbridge the most profitable oil company in the world. Many shareholders and people who would be employed by the project would benefit from the construction of the pipeline, but the long term effects to society as a whole is too much of a cost to bear and it doesn’t justify the expansion.

While the environment plays an important role in weighing the pros and cons, I must also consider the 7,000 full-time employees at the company. Enbridge has a market cap of over $31 billion, and the top executives are making over a million per year. Last year, CEO Al Monaco pulled in close to $1.5 million. He would obviously like to increase the income at the company, and increase his pay, and this is perhaps a guiding factor in considering the project. He likely has become addicted to the money that this company is making. Year-over-year from 2010 to 2011, the company increased revenue by about $4.3 billion, or around 27 per cent. This tells me that the company is doing well, despite a corporate environment that calls for growth as a means of survival.

The pressures in the current economic environment require companies to be constantly looking at reinventing themselves. Enbridge has reached near its limit of providing oil to its current North American market. It is no longer an option – if the company wants to continue to increase profits – to remain only in this continent. While the profits at the company are huge, there is a desire to expand. The company also has close friends in the government who tout the project for the tax revenue that would result and the jobs that would be created.

A desire for expansion, while it might provide a framework for companies to stay prosperous into the future, doesn’t take into consideration moral duty. Furthermore, in modern times, a business plan that doesn’t consider the impact on the environment won’t gain the approval of the public anyway. In the oil business, this isn’t much of a concern, because the company isn’t selling directly to individuals but to other companies. And that is a scary proposition for the world, because if people don’t stop buying from these companies that are blindly following corporate greed, the only thing that will be destroyed is the environment. I have determined that after this analysis, the cons of building the Northern Gateway Pipeline outweigh the benefits of jobs growth, for the simple fact that the long-term survival of mankind depends on being responsible toward the environment.

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Nike is still facing the challenges of poor child labor practices even though it has managed to turn its image around. A recent collapse of a factory in Bangladesh shows the problems that still exist with the company, and the eagerness of the public to lambast the firm. Nike’s business model is based on outsourcing manufacturing to nations that provide cheap labor. While this business model increases the firm’s return on investment, it also poses a major problem with public opinion. “Nike hasn’t been completely successful in bringing factories into line, but there’s no denying that the company has executed one of the greatest image turnarounds in recent decades” (Nisen, 2013).

This research is intended to find a solution to the problem of using cheap labor from overseas. The report is important in establishing the firm’s focus, and ensuring it is able to continue to improve its image, which was tarnished in the 1990s due to the company’s mistreatment of overseas workers. Much of Nike’s net profit depends on limited expenses associates with paying for labor. Since 2005, the firm has posted that it is committed to high standards of labor practices, and it posts audit data in corporate social responsibility reports (Nice, 2013). Nike has committed itself to improving its level of social corporate responsibility and this has improved the firm’s public image. However, Nike needs to make a bigger effort than most other companies due to its history of human rights abuses. As long as Nike is not abusing cheap labor policies, and it continues to disclose audits, the firm will be able to limit expenses associated with labor.

Nisen, M. (2013). How Nike solved its sweatshop problemBusiness Insider. 


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Dear …

For the past 15 years, I have been a volunteer who has helped address many issues with the homeless in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside. Homelessness is a major issue in nearly every municipality in the North America. This is often because of factors such as mental illness, unemployment, a lack of affordable housing and most often, addiction. Nearly every day, I see people on the streets begging for change or for food. I’d like to do whatever I can to help them, but I know the leading cause of homelessness is drug addiction. Giving money won’t help address the problem, because it is only through social work that we can generate change for these people who are often the victims of addiction. I’d like to represent these people and try to encourage the formation of laws that punish those less fortunate for their wrongs, but tries to help them overcome their adversity.

I grew up with a family who is extremely caring of those around them, and who want to do whatever they can to make a difference in the society they live. Perhaps this is why the law profession has been so engrained in to the hearts of each member of my family, and into mine. My family is the reason I have come to share in their passion for the legal field, in trying to represent people in a fair manner. I spent many hours in my father’s office and then realized that, like my father, I love to help people. But it was my grandfather who was my biggest influence. He would stop for nothing in order to represent those that no one would listen to, and to try to find a way to help them recover from their troubles

The challenges I have faced in life allow me to sympathize for those who are less fortunate. I believe that while my family is relatively affluent, I have always wanted to share my good fortune and I have been able to communicate with the needy in an effective way.

Sure enough, after spending several years volunteering with the homeless, I realized I had chosen the right path, but by becoming a lawyer to represent this needy demographic, I will be able to help them more than by just providing them with food and shelter when they are in need. After taking a social working course, training in the Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and after assisting the vast knowledge of my grandfather, who was an attorney for people who couldn’t afford much, I learned how happy I become when I make a difference in a person’s life. I learned how small talk could bring such a smile to the faces of the individuals. I eventually became close to those I was helping, and I saw how appreciative they were of my support. What a fulfilling feeling.

I should also note that I worked in community shelters throughout Vancouver, while also working as a youth at various call centers. This experience is so valuable, because I’ve gained such an immense understanding of the rules, and the relationships with people who are going through challenging times. After volunteering, I knew that I chose the right path. I have so much enthusiasm for helping the less fortunate.

Starting fresh at the ground level is the exact same path my grandfather chose, and he is the catalyst for my adventure. I feel that while my mission has been a struggle, it doesn’t compare to what he experienced during his time in a country that is not as diplomatic as our, and I think about this whenever I feel that I can’t go on. You see, my grandfather lived in a village in Europe, where people suffered immense grief. Like me, he moved from his family and took on a daunting challenge for the greater good of society.

That little girl who looked at her father working hard to represent those in need is now grown up. While social work, in general, is an intriguing career choice, the legal system is where I feel I can make the most difference in these unfortunate people’s lives, and it is a way I can speak for them and help others understand their grief. This is what inspires me the most. I believe that the experience I have already attained in this field makes me a top candidate. A large portion of my life has already been dedicated to learning about the those I want to help, and now I am ready to take the next step to making a difference.


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SWOT Matrix
In analyzing the SWOT, it is important to look at the marketplace conditions, (Duncan, 2005). Because there are more people with less cash, since the onslaught of the global recession several years ago, Netflix has reduced its price to address the customers who don’t have as much money. The ability of the company to add a line of products is limited because of the nature of the business, but it can offer different packages that are more affordable is a definite strength, and a reaction of a weakness in the economy, though that weakness is out of the company’s control and considered a threat. The company has learned to adjust to the demands of its product due to the weak economy.

Netflix has reached the public, which is a strength. It has done considerable marketing to put this product into the minds of the public. The price is another factor that is a strength of the company, as it gives Netflix a competitive advantage over many of the other companies that perhaps can’t afford to create a product at a price as low as Netflix. The brand’s image is also very strong, which is another strength, as well as the financial strength of Netflix and its services. Netflix is weaker than in previous years for the number of sales. However, the brand has a wide range of vehicles compared to the offerings of other companies.

Grand Strategy Matrix
Rapid Market Growth
Netflix is currently overpriced. While it has been dominating over its competitors, there is still too much uncertainty about its expansion to Europe. While the company is enticing, due to its popularity in North America, there is currently too much downside for anyone thinking of investing. The amount of video streaming devices that are free are taking away many potential customers, as these customers are gradually becoming more technologically savvy and they are learning new, free ways of finding content to watch. Despite the lure of many of these free bittorrent sites, Netflix is attracting a healthy chunk of viewers, and they are accounting for more than one billion hours of streams to about 30 million streaming accounts worldwide. While the competition against Netflix isn’t close to these numbers, there is still too much risk in buying a stock in the video streaming market, as this information could die out just like CDs once did.

Slow Market Growth
In the first quarter of 2011, rentals and sales of packaged Blu-rays and DVDs plummeted by about 20 per cent. The packaged disc sales also fell by about 20 per cent. The ex-CMO Leslie Kilgore left the company in January 2012, and the position was vacant until filled by Kelly Bennett, who is the former vice-president of interactive, worldwide marketing at Warner Bros. This long wait between CMOs is a cause of concern for many of the company’s shareholders, and people are wondering whether the company will be able to continue.

I believe Netflix isn’t doing as well because there is a growing number of locations where a person can stream a video, and quite often these locations are for free. Several major competitors have also come on board to offer services that are comparable to those offered at Netflix. To battle this, Netflix increased its price by 60 per cent in June 2011 and customers have left since the change, (Tomko, 2011).

Netflix was at its prime 7 years ago when it was distributing one million DVDs per day, but now many people are going online for video streaming and this is an area where Netflix has come across more competition.

Strong Competitive Position 
While Amazon.com does pose a bit of a worry for investors thinking about buying Netflix, it shouldn’t be enough to deter people from buying the stock. Amazon does have a growing catalog of content, but it is still no match for the volume that is being produced by Netflix. The company is so far ahead of Amazon, that is producing about 20 times the traffic during the peak viewing time than Amazon is. So while Amazon isn’t a reason to not buy Netflix, investors should be wary of a potential loss of a market for the streaming. The stock would become much more attractive if illegal streaming laws were tightened up, (Godet, 2012).

Weak Competitive Position
While the company aims to be a leader in price, it is viewed as being the more expensive alternative to uploading content for free online. This became evident when the company’s profits fell in the third quarter of 2011, after the company increased its price by about 60 per cent. In July, 2011, the company learned that customer loyalty is a fragile thing. When it was known for its convenience and price up until the increase in price, the band had a loyal customer base. But that all changed with the price hike. While the increases in price were in order for the company to keep its mail-order and streaming service alive, the company claimed, many of the customers gathered on social networking sites to complain about the increase. This generated conversation among people about what alternatives there are for the service. Many customers either reduced their use of Netflix or they cancelled the service altogether. In a San Francisco Chronicle article, around 33 to 50 per cent of the subscribers said they would cancel the service, but the company wouldn’t say how many actually had cancelled, (Glagowski, 2011).

Some customers, however, have stayed with Netflix, saying the brand’s actions are in the best interest of the customers, and they feel that the product Netflix produces is of outstanding quality, which gives them good value for their money. The company’s decision to raise prices could have been necessary for survival, like the company said, but it is yet to be seen whether the brand will actually survive. While there are still those who value the company, customer loyalty is fragile, and it could take a while before the company is able to build its brand back up, (Glagowski, 2011).

Quantitative strategic Planning Matrix
Financial Component  Guideline         Company         Competition    Sector  Comments
CURRENT PRICE                                              $82.23             $46.56
MOVING AVERAGE     200 DAYS         $80.07             $46.56
QUICK RATIO              >1:1                 0.56                 0.68                 0.50
CURRENT RATIO         >2:1                 1.40                 0.9                   1.50
usually better
compared with
Industry          1.0                   10.5                 2.70

ACCOUNT PAYABLE    Lower is usually
better              $1,010,000,000             $144,064,000

ROE                             13-15%
considered healthy     7.17%    28.42%

ROA                             >5%                             1.41%    10.96%
PROFITABILITY                        At least 5%,
are usually 1-2%         0.85%      6.84%

GROSS MARGIN                      Higher is better,
vary widely by
industry                       26.79%      34.60%       51.00

OPERATING MARGIN  Same                           2.9%         13.7%
DEBT/EQUITY              <2:1                             0.5888       0.6399
EPS                              50 better than 20        0.78           4.91
PE RATIO                     < 35; 20:1                    105.2           9.4
PEG RATIO                  <1:2                             97.60           0.60
P/S                               <3:1                             1.30             0.64
BETA                            .7:1.0                                0.69            0.77

This shows the company is underpriced for its shareholders, but it should be noted that the future of the business is largely unknown which makes this analysis not as useful as the aforementioned strategies.

A space matrix would suggest that the company should pursue an aggressive growth strategy in order to enter the world market. The downside to this is that many people could be instead utilizing the Internet for all of their streaming needs. In order to achieve aggressive growth in a positive way, Netflix needs to provide new TV shows a lot quicker than what it is currently doing. There are many online streaming services that offer TV shows the next day, or even hours after it is broadcast. However, with Netflix, there are TV shows and movies from as much as two years prior that still aren’t available on the service. The company has attempted over the last 13 years to learn about what the viewers want, but it has been largely unsuccessful in appealing to many of the crowds. The service essentially offers the most popular movies and many TV shows, but the TV shows aren’t always the ones that are most popular.

Once Netflix is able to uploaded more quickly, the company will appeal to a wider audience. At that point, it can begin to win back subscribers and then lower the heightened price that lost a large percentage of its audience. Netflix should create a survey for its customers to see what the company is lacking, and what it can give people so that they will keep coming back. This needs to be augmented by rapidly expanding throughout the world. The company is actually doing both of these things and are moving forward with plans at a relatively rapid pace, though it is having some problems in Europe with getting licensed. For this reason and others the expansion throughout Europe will have significant costs. There is a lot of legal attention that goes into this expansion and the company will need to spend a lot of time in this area. But several additional countries in Europe should come on board each year, and those within the European Union should be targeted first because they have similar laws for this type of activity. The idea of proving content faster will take significant upgrades and require high licensing costs.

However, the reward could be substantial, as people will be more willing to go with Netflix if they are meeting demand. The licensing process of using new videos should happen immediately for a successful outcome.

In reviewing the success of these strategies it will be important to see which shows are coming onto Netflix and how rapidly they are. The European expansion will become visible as each country comes on board, and this will increase the capital that Netflix has to add to its library and at a more rapid pace.

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The newspaper business is taking on a whole new way of doing business. It is becoming increasingly important for newspapers to make themselves available to the growing number of people who want to read the newspapers on the Internet. These newspapers also have a problem with the number of news TV shows that are broadcasting into many living rooms. The newspaper isn’t the big time giant in the news media business anymore. Instead, it is something that is losing steam and has given way to a new era of journalism. With many people finding their news on Facebook in quick glimpses into what is going on, it is difficult to get people to read an article that is usually around 500 words in length. But unlike what many critics say, it isn’t the end of newspapers, though it may be a time to adjust the importance newspapers hold at delivering people the news. Newspapers are able to join other forms of media to communicate to people their daily news. In order to stay profitable, newspaper need to create website so that people can take a look at what is happening in a way that meets their desires.

The main drivers contributing to the high number of people not wanting to read newspapers as much is the availability of news from other sources. These other sources can deliver the news to people much more quickly than what a newspaper could deliver it. Even the top newspapers take at least one day to tell people about what is going on in the world. Small town newspapers are even worse because some of them only deliver their newspapers once per week. But because there is an increasingly technologically savvy population, many people don’t even bother reading their local newspaper. The problem has become even worse because people are able to access the Internet on their phones. So even in the places where newspapers would seem common, like on buses and the skytrain, people can just look at their phone and they’ll get everything they need. The TV has already taken its toll on drawing people away from newspapers. TV news reports on everything in very quick nuggets that people seem to like. The quick and flashy news is a lot more digestible for people and many think it’s a lot more entertaining.

There are people who will always prefer a hardcopy of the newspaper over something that they read off of a screen, or a quicker news report that is broadcast on the TV, but most of those people are a part of an older generation that is dying out. As the general population becomes more aware of what they can do on a smartphone, for example, the less likely they will be to read their newspaper.

It should be pointed out that while newspapers are a niche of media, the niche can be broken into two further categories. These categories are large newspapers and small newspaper. The larger ones would be newspapers like the Globe and Mail, the Province and the Vancouver Sun. Small newspapers would be those that cater to a specific city or town, such as the Abbotsford Times or the Kelowna Courier.  These newspapers are often the only source for people to get news that is specific to their communities.

Clay Shirky, who authored the 2008 book “Here Comes Everybody,” and is the New York University professor of new media, said that the Internet changes everything that we know about the news industry. It provides a new playing field that was never there before, and newspapers will be eaten by the always growing Internet that is more massive than what newspapers can deal with. “The Internet undermines traditional news bundling, forever unstitching the necessity of combining disparate content in a single product,” an article from The Telegraph, sums up about Shirky’s book (Telegraph, 2006). This means basically anyone who can make a blog can report news and this is taking away from credible news sources. It also opens the doors to a lot of competition for newspapers. Even if the newspaper has managed to develop a website, there are many others out there who can just as easily post information on the Internet. An individual newspaper would likely have a wider audience than a blogger, for example, but there are so many bloggers out there that they would eat up the newspaper competition. Shirky refers to the fact that there is no “centre” in Internet news, which means there isn’t a head that can be held accountable for the news they are reporting, unless that source is an online newspaper. Also, the news can’t be controlled by the central power and “It can’t be owned.”

The Telegraph Report goes on to mention Rupert Murdoch, who is News Corp chairman, and his belief that he can own and control the media on the Internet. Unlike Shirky, Murdoch thinks there is a centre to the Internet and media giants can control it. He thinks people will be willing to pay to get the news. So basically he wants to offer news stories to people for a fee, which is already happening. Some news sources will offer some of the article for free, but then only subscribers are allowed to take a look at the full version of the article.

Telegraph writer Andrew Keen seems to disagree with Murdoch and sides more with Shirky. Keen compared the Internet to a movie called “The Blob.” He said the Internet is a “blob, a centreless yet all powerful monster, impossible to destroy and yet able to devour everything in its path.” In other words, he says the Internet can’t be controlled, and individuals throughout the world will have equal ability to post information on it… and a company can’t buy that right away.

Time Magazine points out another deterrent for people looking for a more convenient way to get their news: newspapers are often left outside of doorsteps, wet and in the freezing cold. Computers, however, are inside next to a hot cup of coffee. Why would someone step outside to riffle through their newspaper, when they have what they need on top of their desk? (Time, 2006). A counter argument to this assumption, which was previously mentioned in passing during the introduction, is that many people who have grown up reading the newspaper won’t feel as comfortable reading from a screen. But young people are becoming increasingly good at reading and comprehending information from the Internet. Every update their friends post on Facebook or Twitter is continually training young people how to read on their computer screens. The process is seamless for them, but it could be challenging to those who are used to holding a newspaper and reading the text.

Time Magazine also points out that newspapers are losing their classifieds advertisements to websites like Craigslist and Google (Fox, 2012). Display advertising is also going towards the web. In order to get a piece of this action, newspapers must move online to have display advertisements there. However, it would be difficult to attract people away from the efficient and free Craiglist platform. But, as the Times article points out, it costs money to print a newspaper. Websites cost money too, but placing the news content onto a webpage doesn’t require constant printing of thousands of issues and then paying a paper boy or girl to deliver them to the people’s front doors.

According to The Bivings Group, which released a report in 2007 about whether the Internet is a risk or opportunity, the Internet is both an enemy and a friend to newspapers. While there is increasing competition from the news suppliers on the Internet, the medium allows newspapers to broaden their scope by placing their own content online. It will be the newspapers with the savvy to move online that will survive. The research report stated about 96 of the top 100 United States newspapers included in the study were online in 2007. Ninety-two per cent of the websites provide video. At the time, 29 per cent of the newspapers required people to subscribe; three of them required a paid subscription (Bivings, 2007).

This research indicates that successful newspapers need to be online to be successful. This research is relatively recent, but the reader can assume the stats of newspapers going online are more now than it was in 2007. Even just the 2007 stats indicate that to be a top newspaper, a company needs to move online. Even further, though, a newspaper needs to be consistent with the various features the website could have, such as video, reporter blogs, advertisements and mobile compatibility. “The use of online tools such as video, podcasts, and blogs supplements the information readers can obtain in a printed newspaper and helps publications evolve away from the ‘online repository’ format – where newspaper websites provide regurgitated story content from print editions – and move toward a more full-featured model of news (Bivings, 2007).

An additional point that none of the research turned up is the digestibility of Internet news. Many people aren’t exactly savvy readers, and some might say the reading level of the general  population is decreasing. Newspaper articles use proper English, which is becoming less common. Instead of using acronyms, such as “LOL,” a reporter might write something like, “she said, while laughing.” This is far more straining for a person who is used to reading concise language printed in simple and more conversational form.

Several companies have found their move to the online platform to be a successful move, but there are still some lingering effects of the overall impact the Internet has had on newspapers. While all of the advertising revenue for newspapers in the Postmedia chain was once from newspapers, it was only 63 per cent in 2011. Which means the company has managed to generate 37 per cent of its advertising revenue online. As part of the Postmedia chain, the Vancouver Sun update its website almost immediately after a story breaks. This is the same for the Globe and Mail, which is the most-read newspaper in Canada. Both of these major newspapers follow the same process to have people reading the material. The writing on the websites is slightly different than what is in the newspaper: It is much easier to read for the average person. There is quick glimpses into what the story is about and they don’t go into it too deeply. If people want to keep reading, they can click on the article. The websites also have many videos that people can watch it they don’t want to read. The newspapers have attracted advertisers to the website. These are major advertisers that likely pay a lot of money, such as TD Bank, which has a banner ad on the top of the Vancouver Sun home page. The Vancouver Sun also has flyers for different companies that people can click on, but this is an area where the Globe and Mail could maybe add. The websites also have room for people to comment, which gets the readers involved with the newspaper, and allows them to contribute to the conversations. Only the Vancouver Sun website has a blog. This is something that could likely be added to the Globe and Mail because the blog can help engage people more. A blog eliminates the traditional way newspapers report, which is completely unbiased and can be quite dry for many readers.

Moving online and to smartphones is almost a necessity to larger newspapers that have higher expectations than small newspapers. The companies with the financial resources can move online with little cost. As these newspapers cut sales, editorial and accounting positions, for example, they can concentrate on hiring website designers and people to maintain the sites. It’s also important for businesses to optimize their search results. Many executives say three things need to be considered: big data and analytics, digital marketing, social media tools and cloud computing and mobility (McKinsey, 2012). If a company wants to go online, they only need to pay attention to some of the factors that people want. For example, they should change their style of writing to cater to an online audience that expects more flashy, simple and conversational writing. This will appeal to the growing number of technologically savvy people.

It certainly remains to be seen about whether newspapers are going to stop printing. It is likely a matter of whether they are able to adjust to the pressure put onto them by the Internet. There should be a separation between whether newspapers are going to stop being printed and if newspaper companies are going to cease existing: As this paper has demonstrated, there are companies that have managed to pull their socks up and adjust with the times to an online platform, while others will go bankrupt because they were unable to adjust to the changing times.

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The essay will examine gender inequalities throughout the world and how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a role in gender rights. Various areas of gender rights are affected by NGOs, and it will be the goal of this essay to outline the most pertinent areas of society that are affected by the interaction of NGOs and gender in the nations where the NGOs operate.

One of the areas that I will investigate in the essay relates to the gender balance. It is clear that there is a lack of balance between the rights of women and men in many nations throughout the world. One of the nations that will be investigated is India. More specifically, India is an interesting case study, to which reference will be made throughout the essay. While India is rapidly becoming a force in the global market, and its economy is developing at a staggering pace, there is little being done about gender rights in the country. However, the Constitution in India set out in 1951 a statement that reads, “the State shall endeavour to provide within a period of ten years from the commencement of this Constitution, for free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years,” (Haq, 1999). A focus of this essay will be on how NGOs have either contributed to that goal, or that have been so limited in scope and funding that they haven’t been able to realize that goal. Also, it will be important to include in the essay any inconsistencies with the access to education among boys and girls.

Gender inequalities are evident throughout the world and the NGOs are key in development of gender equality. The NGOs are a critical part of the analysis because they are gender neutral, at least that is a component that makes them useful entities. But it isn’t always the case, according to “Gender and organizations: The (re)production of gender inequalities within Development NGOs,” (Dema, 2008). This is an area of great importance to the essay that I will be writing about.

The essay will also show how NGOs have been successful in the world, at establishing gender rights, and increasing the amount of education that in enjoyed by the country. I will also show the devastation that is caused by some countries’ lack of NGOs to provide a much-needed voice to those who are in need. Finally, the essay will investigate countries where the NGOs aren’t performing their duties, because some of these organizations can become corrupt and let down the people that they are supposed to support. As a case study, I will focus on the Ugandan government and the NGOs that are engaged in the gender rights. This provides just one example where the NGOs are failing, (Nabacwa, 2010). The NGOs in four African countries will also be investigated. In these countries, some NGOs have good intentions, but are facing rebellion from the population, (Wendoh, 2005). But there are also the NGOs that cover the globe that will be investigated, (Betts 2005).


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Dear applicant reviewer,

I wanted to take this opportunity to list several of the reasons why I am a top candidate for the Masters in Business Management at … . Already, I have completed an Associate Degree in Business Administration from the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, West Indies. That achievement is in addition to the credits I have achieved in Teachers Education from the same university, which count towards a BA. Currently, I am completing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management at the College of Staten Island.

While I have already accomplished what many consider to be a high level of education – while also achieving a 3.6 GPA – my career goals demand that I continue my schooling. I also completed an Economics Degree in Russia (4.7/5.0 GPA), an Associate Degree in International Business from CUNY, and a BS in Business with a Management Minor in finace (3.465 GPA). Though I have acquired high grades, I feel it is the personal enrichment I have gained that is the most valuable component of my education. I know that attaining a Master’s in Business Management will not only help to further enrich my life, but will also provide me with the credentials I need to further my career. My last academic step is to achieve my PhD.

But being educated isn’t the only reason I believe I am a top candidate for your program. I also have a long career that has focused on administrative duties. In fact, I believe my time (from 1994 to 2011) as an administrator will help me in my chosen career as a business manager. But my education and experience are just a couple reasons why I believe I am a top candidate at your school.


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I have learned and grown so much throughout my journey in medicine. This past year of clinical rotations has not only sharpened my clinical judgment, but it has also helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Each rotation taught me a different set of clinical skills while at the same time strengthening the skills that I have acquired from previous rotations. Specifically, the diversity in patient population and patient care in Family Medicine is what attracted me to this specialty. I am excited to be trained to manage a spectrum of medicine for adults, children, OB/GYN, and procedural options. I also enjoy the continuity of care and patient education that primary care is built upon in a community setting. I believe that with my determination, work ethic, teamwork and clinical skills, I will be able to thrive in this program.

I strongly believe in the notion that prevention is better than treatment whenever feasible. Patient education plays a significant role in patient management, and it is one of the skills that I paid additional attention to throughout my clinical rotation. Mainly, this is because it thrive in challenging tasks. In addition to my team’s explanations, I often practiced explaining the disorder and the rationale behind our recommendations to the patients during my personal time. Even the steps on how to use the incentive spirometer after surgery requires patient education, though it does come with written instructions. I learned to not assume that patients would intuitively figure things out, because I have seen many patients use it incorrectly by blowing into the spirometer or doing a short, rapid inhalation instead of giving a proper smooth and slow inhalation to prevent atelectasis.

One of the experiences that solidified my desire to pursue Family Medicine actually took place during my Psychiatric rotation. I was sent to see a 27-year-old female who was admitted to the medicine service for gastroparesis. Despite multiple attempts to help her open up to me, the patient was reluctant to offer information about herself. In the past 2 years, she was admitted at least 20 times for the same reason. This raised many questions. More than 2 years ago, her type 1 DM used to be controlled. What changed? With the patient’s consent, I called her mother to investigate. In addition to the illness progression, her mother revealed that the patient’s 2-year-old son had died in a car accident about 2 years ago. The baby’s father was driving under the influence of alcohol and failed to restrain the baby’s car seat. Since the accident, the patient’s health deteriorated; she became depressed and isolated herself at home. This made me realize she needed more attention than just symptomatic treatment for gastroparesis. I discussed the findings with my attending and the team.  As a result, we recommended the primary team order an official psychiatry consult, which would address the source of the patient’s health deterioration more accurately. From this case, I learned that treating patients is not isolated to physical symptoms. A care assessment of the patient relies on communication and discerning a complete history.

The idea of a holistic approach to treating a patient is what draws me to Family Medicine. The skills that I hope to learn in your program will allow me to make more sophisticated assessments of my patients’ needs and provide them with the best possible level of care. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow, not just as a physician, but as a member of your team.


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I am a student who is studying at Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, N.J. Economics is a course that I take particular interest in, mainly because of my father’s influence. My dad is an economics PhD who earned his degree in Japan, and he also founded China Sunny Sky Capital. He worked for 18 years in the investment and stock sector, with most of his investments in China’s agriculture development. He has a great influence in China’s mainland, Taiwan and in Hong Kong, and is the vice-president of China Public Company and the Shanghai Stock Investment Association. He was also elected to be one of the Top 10 investors in Shanghai.

As a child, my dad always brought me to visit the various types of companies to let me know their core values and business models. The main benefit of attending these events was the knowledge I learned about enterprises, and, mainly, that knowledge was about the fact that businesses should have a life cycle. I also learned that a good investment can help an enterprise build its value and bring it onto a stock exchange. My dad’s friends, as well as his own success stories, made me understand the fact that abilities, knowledge and potential are the necessary components to becoming a great investor. My dad is an important component in my interest in finance and investment, and I plan to become an outstanding investor in the future.

The United States has the world’s largest economy, and the stock investment is essential to the economy. China needs people who know about the macro economy and the financial investments in future. Attaining this knowledge is the reason that I chose to study abroad in the United States. I hope this will provide me with the knowledge I need to effectively take over my father’s company. I believe that I can make the company stronger and finally become an international enterprise. In order to be completely prepared for that,I read several books that relate to the economy and investments, and I had an internship in my dad’s company during the summer. I believe I am ready to be a successful economics major.

If you ask my parents, friends or teachers for the most appropriate phrase to describe me, I believe the answer would be “hard working.” This is the point of which my parents are proud. Hard work is important to the mobile nature of my parents’ work. My father’s dedication to his job required me to frequently move throughout my life. I had my kindergarten in Hong Kong and in Shanghai; elementary school was in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; then I moved back to Shanghai to continue middle school. I learned about a variety of cultures and I also made strong friendships with people of many vibrant backgrounds. I feel that it is necessary to get into contact with society and communicate with people of different background in order to become a complete student. This is also the way for me to acquire more development potential and become a world citizen.

I learned to be persistent in my hard work. During elementary school in Taiwan, my overall grade was ranked in the top 10% in school, and I would later learn how hard I needed to work in a new culture to build that kind of achievement again. I had to go to Shanghai after elementary school with my parent, and because the school teaching system was different in Shanghai China, my grades dropped considerably. I changed from a good student, to being an auditor, and I even became the lowest-achieving student in the class. I felt great pressure at that time, but I knew that I could not be knocked down by this temporary difficulty. I needed to find efficient ways to catch up with others. At that time, I decided to stay far away from video games and I reduced my playing time. I put more time into my studies and frequently communicated with my teachers. Besides that, my home was far away from school at that time. I usually woke up at 6 a.m. to catch the bus, and I studied until midnight. Within two years of persistent work, my efforts paid off. My grade ranking jumped from 300th in the school to the top 30. I became a study model in my school, helping to make this experience the treasure of my life.

After I finished Grade 9 in Shanghai, I decided to achieve my goals and ambitions by going to the United States to continue my studies. I completed Grade 10 and 12 at Camden Catholic High School. I was able to again overcome the difficulties caused by the different education system, this time in the United States. My grades throughout high school were nearly all A’s, and I was elected to be the school honor student when I was in Grade 10 and 11. I have confidence in my studying abilities, and I believe that I can finish the future college life with a superb grade-point average.

Besides studying, I am also active in many kinds of club activities and social services. I am a strong basketball player, swimmer and violinist. I plan to form a music band and arrange student activities during my college years. In the past, I led a charitable food delivery club called “Super Kitchen in Camden,” and I helped organize the international festival in school. I helped the incoming international students adapt to American school life and I gave them study advice. I donated my pocket money to a poor student who is living in Guizhou, China. I felt that the happiest thing in a person’s life is to do what they want and to also positively contribute to society.

I would like to apply to this university. I know that it may appear that I am not the best candidate because I was in the United States for only two and a half years. However, I believe my persistent efforts will result in me being an honor student by the time I graduate from university, and I will be admitted to a business graduate school. I want you to give me a chance to achieve my goals by letting me study in this great university. I believe I can be your valuable investment, and I will do my best to bring honor to both the university and myself.


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After a recent move from Washington State with my two children to California, I have been researching the schools that would be the best fit for me to pursue my dream of becoming an accountant. My family moved here after my daughter was accepted into the graduate chemistry program at UCLA, and now this is where I will make my home for the next several years, if not permanently. It is important for me to be here with my children – the other is a 20-year-old who is also a college student. While I have goals of my own, and I was at college in Washington, I know that I have to balance my personal interests with the interests of my family. As far as my own goals of becoming an accountant goes, I have progressed substantially over the last six years after moving here from Uzbekistan.

I have already been an accountant in my home country, but I wanted to move to the United States for a better quality of life for my children. While taking my knowledge base that I gained while living in Uzbekistan, I hope to develop a life here working in the profession that I love. In the last six years in the United States, I have completed an ESL program. Later, I went to Highline Community College for two years in the Associate in Business program. After that, I went on to the Central Washington University, where I completed 40 credits towards an accounting major. I have progressed so much in my time here, and the knowledge that I gained while studying accounting at Central Washington University has put me in a strong position to continue to achieve at your college. Moving to California has certainly been a worthwhile experience, but to further progress in my dream of being an accountant in the United States, I have to continue my studies, which have already brought me so far.

Since arriving, California seems like a place where I’d like to live for a long time. My children like it here and I know that the next step for me is to enrol in a school where I can further my education in accounting. My journey to this point has been such a learning experience, and it has sharpened my skill at figuring out what I need to do – and I now know what I am capable of. The many struggles that one faces when moving to a new country are daunting, but I have accomplished so much and my children are my greatest achievement. I know that my family will all be studying hard under the same roof, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to get started. My family loves to learn and the logical next step for me is to get started in post-secondary education in California. I bring with me such a great impression of schooling in Washington State, and I know that quality education will continue for me in California.